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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some 10 Things about me

1.) I'm a huge fan of Regine Velasquez, SNSD, G-dragon (Bigbang) and Ha Ji Won :) 

2.) Yes, I am a fanatic. I admire people with so much talent, passion and dedication towards their craft. I like people that does really good on their field. It inspires me to be the same. :) 

3.) I'm very chismosa, talkative, but I could say I am also a good listener because sometimes I don't like talking. LOL. 

4.) I loooove Music! I go from love songs, jazz, pop rock, slow rock, RnB, pop to indie. Depending on the mood but I can listen to anything.

5.) More than the scar I have on my forehead I am more insecure with my skin. Believe it or not I had a very nice skin until high school. 

6.) I like fun people, I can live the day with just laughing my ass off with funny people.

7.) Few of my pet peeves are flying insects (except butterflies) especially cockroaches, I don't like seeing un-flushed toilet bowls and dirty dishes with a lot of flies flying around it.

8.) I am a feminist, I believe in girl-powers. 

9.) I certainly hate cocky men, like those who thinks highly of themselves. Those un-gentleman bastards who doesn't even know how to offer their seats to older people and girls who they think are not attractive enough. And those who would borrow money from girls when they know how to earn.

10.) I am perfectly imperfect. But that doesn't mean I do not have the right to complain about what I have posted on #9. :P

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week

This is going to be an unusual list of Top 5 songs for this week. I apparently saw one blog that I followed and it kinda inspired me to post this. Since I got back to school I have realized the wide age-gap I have with my classmates (almost 10 years) and it made me feel that 1.) I am old, 2.) I am at an advantage 3.) the music they like really is corny! LOL. Don't hate me. It's not like I do not enjoy today's music but more like old music are classic. I am pretty sure that if those kids would be able to live in my time they would love the 90's and 20's music more. :)

Perhaps that was the reason why I got into KPOP. I mean it's a different genre and it really shows how passionate their songs can be even if their engrish can make you laugh your ass off. Their melodies are really good, but even KPOP new songs now cannot be considered classic unlike the first years I got into KPOP. Lies by BigBang, Tell Me by Wondergirls and of course Gee by SNSD. :) Now, everything's just meh.

As for local music scene, I grew tired of listening to new songs unlike the old ones I would keep on coming back to. Let's put aside Regine Velasquez's songs because you might say I am a bias. LOL Here are my top 5 go-to songs when I feel like I want to jump back 10years ago.

1.) Parting Time by Rockstar - released on 1993. Okay I was born on 1989 so that made me four years old then. But as I grew up this was like one of my favorite songs when I don't even know the word favorite yet. Although I can barely understand the meaning of the song but I know that until I went to elementary to high school I still like hearing it over and over again. It got revived by Erik Santos and Kyla and although I like this two singers the original performer could still nail the songs for miles. 

2.) Elesi by Eraserheads - released on 1997. I wasn't a boy band junkie but certainly this is a classic by Eraserheads. Who loves E-heads? Me! Me! Me! I dont think anyone would miss out Eheads from my generation. This band was a genius before they got disbanded. My brother keeps on playing this song especially every weekend that our baby boy Noah already know how to sing it...lesi.... :)

3.)  Kisapmata by Rivermaya - released on 1996. Bamboo. <3 If you have Eheads then it's impossible not to have Rivermaya. One of the most influential band of the history of OPM. I really love this song that I practiced this song with the guitar. Bamboo's voice was hella smexy! Especially when he did the narration. dayum! 

4.) So Slow by Freestyle - released on 1999 . Although this got released on 1999 I think I knew this song around 2004 on my high school years. Very nice song especially the bridge part. I can totally remember dedicating it to my ex-boyfriend. LOL

5.) Hinahanap-hanap Kita by Rivermaya - released on 1997. Another smexy hit from Bamboo. Well, actually I have learned that it was Rico Blanco who wrote these songs for Rivermaya and then it was interpreted by Bamboo. One of the most romantic songs and I couldn't even enumerate anymore how many times it has been revived. From Regine V. to Daniel Padilla. :) 

So,what do you think of my list? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 5 Songs of the Week

I'll just do a quick list for my top 5 songs that I listen to lately 30minutes before I log out. 

1.) Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj 
"as expected with Jessie J vocals didn't disappoint. How can she keeps on singing high notes like that? And then there's a perf combination with Ariana Grande the mini-Mariah C. IMHO, her high notes are just so natural for her. Of course MC is better on whistle register but this little girl has a long way to go if she wont go wrong that is. And of course Nicki Minaj, always a fan of her rapping. Nvm mind the visuals but she be rockin' it Nicki cockin' it".

2.) The Way by Ariana Grande
"love the song. love that there's a nostalgic feel of MC hit. Ariana grande put her own color though by having a youthful feel for the song. It has been my LSS for a couple of weeks now (month I guess) and I never get tired because it really has a singable and light vibe"

3.) Fancy by Iggy Azalea
" I honestly doubted the way she raps because it's totally not like as fluid as Nicki Minaj, and I don't like 2nd rate and I thought she was a second rate but she actually aint. This song and this girl has it's unique way and that is why it's loved by many like me. I like that the song that it doesn't rhyme but the vibe is so upbeat and you cant just stop singing the chorus. (She didn't do the chorus though)"

4.) Empty by Winner 
"As I have mentioned I do not like 2nd rate, and I felt like this group is copying Bigbang. When I downloaded the song a part of me feels like I was a hater but I gave it a try (benefit of the doubt) and yes I was right, I can certainly imagine BigBang singing it. However, this song just grew on me to the point that this is like the greatest KPOP song I have ever heard this year. Non-bias category. LOL. Goodbye by SNSD is still the best for me :)"

5.) Blow by Beyonce'
"yeah this song does have a double meaning and certainly not for kids. After Partition, here comes Queen Bey doing her thing again. It ain't like Rihanna okay, but this is sexier! Love the video for real! I love the sexiness of the song that makes you choke. LOL. Although I like Beyonce's songs lately I wish she wouldn't be too much racy on her next singles, album or release. I am so looking forward with her collab with Nicki Minaj though" :)

Surprisingly, there is only one KPOP song I have been into lately. Atleast "new". I have to give credits to Forever and Complete by SNSD, really inspires me. So, that wraps up my playlist for this week (for the past two weeks or so).

Time check: 5:44AM
that was like almost 15minutes. quick!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Okay, it's love

I don't know if I have mentioned here before that I am currently watching It's Okay, That's Love K-drama with the lead Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin right now and I am very hooked by it. And it's so sad they are only running up to 16 episodes only!


I was kind of skeptical on JIS and GHJ tandem at first because I was very judgmental of GHJ's beauty from SHK's TWTWB. I wasn't even impressed with her acting on Master's Sun to be honest but this have changed 360 degrees. I can see GHJ's hotness on this K-drama. She is really attractive from what she wears, how she talks and delivers. She's jjang~! definitely climbing my bias list up to 2.. not until Park Shin Hye gets back from hiatus. LOL 

Of course Jo In Sung, for me he looks best on TWTWB days but he's very attractive on this K-drama. This another side of him, not the bad boy, totally jerk role he played before on TV. He's very passionate here,very smart, he's touching and very romantic! I could fall for him in an instant! and man~!! he kisses so hot!!! squeeee!!!

One of the deciding factors for me to watch this Kdrama is because of D.O (from EXO). He's really one of the cutest thing on earth that I have ever seen! LOL but he was also really cute on this drama. He's face when he cries..such a baby! I think he will win as breakthrough artist for this drama. 

Of course Kwangsoo. LOL. I have seen him acting on Innocent Man before but his role as Soo Kwang was really challenging and fun. And So Nyeo his girlfriend is also the same, they came as natural for their respective roles. So Nyeo looks like Suzy and Gong Hyo Jin combined! 

Reasons why I like this drama:

1.) The actors themselves. Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung are just natural actors. They played their roles really well I feel like I have schizo myself and I am playing them on my mind. How can they be so perfect looking as a couple when they have their own love lives in real life? Can I ship them both? Argghh! They have all reached beyond my expectations and I am really enjoying all of their characters.

2.) The plot. It isn't the usual love story like the guy being a jerk and the girl being hopeless romantic, infact it's the other way around. The guy is damn so romantic while the girl has phobia with kiss and sex. Hae Soo is poor but it's not like rich-poor issue, there's actually no issue to be honest except for their diseases. There is no bully leading man but just a hot gorgeous one. LOL #given. So it's really more on accepting your flaws and all, and it's okay to fall in love kind of thing. That is just one of the angles of the story of course but there's really more into it.

3.) The supporting casts. I think I have never enjoyed the supporting casts from previous dramas maybe because there is really no villain on this drama, they all have roles to play that make sense. They interact so naturally with each other as well as if they're also friends off-cam, well, I am sure they are now. They are always fun to watch especially the bickering.

4.) The soundtrack. Really. Most of the songs I have heard are like english songs, there are barely Korean songs played. I've googled and apparently there were couple of Korean songs. But when those english songs are played, it's very easy to hear, very light and heart-hitting for some reason. And it's not common for a korean drama. 

5.) Gong Hyo Jin's outfit. She look really good with whatever she is wearing. And her height really matches with Jo In Sung.

I hope this drama has a satisfying ending. I mean, I'd be really disappointed if they have a so-so ending. I mean the writing and directing is really good okay, never failed me so far so I wish it will be the same till the end. There are two episodes left and I am so looking forward for it. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Break Up? No.

It's really upsetting if someone would seek for your advise, or someone would send you feelers that they need someone to talk to, advice, or someone to listen or consultation about their live loves because something went wrong and they don't have anyone to talk to about it and you were like all ears, attention and provide what you think about it but ends up not taking your advise. 
Most of the love cases are actually ikot-ikot lang. That's why there is a song for it. So far from what I've seen, witness, know it has always been like that. There's this thing called "on-off relationship" or yeah if you know the song Ikot -ikot lang by Sarah G. <ikot ikot lang playing in the background>
As a friend who listens to friend's issues about their lovelives, it would really get annoying if you keep on hearing them say the same issue over an over again, right? and mostly we would recommend to "break up!" because that's the easiest word we could say if you know that your friend is already hurting and issues has been on-going . However,while it's true that "madaling sabihin, mahirap gawin" on the other party's end I think that friends shouldn't suggest the words "break up!" right away.

I understand you are annoyed on hearing issues of your friends, okay? But actually come to think about it the first thing you have actually need to think is that if you are on their shoes, what would you do? Would you want to give up, break up with your  boyfriend/girlfriend right away? NO. right? Unless if you are Beyonce, "I can have another you in a minute" then fine. But even Beyonce wouldn't give up on relationship right away right? 
Secondly, always understand your friends if they are going through something. That's what friend is for. If you don't like hearing about issues over and over again then you are not a true friend. JOKE. Of course that is not the only measure. But for me, it's basically a friend's responsibility to atleast listen, you don't really have to give an advice if you don't have anything to say or suggest. You can just be there and listen, be an absorber and then let it out later. But never talk about their issues behind their backs, it's really a bad thing and you don't want that to happen to you either.
Thirdly, as years go by I have learned that it's not really good to blurt out Break UP right away. I am watching a korean drama right now "It's okay, That's Love" and I am so hook into it but that would be another story. So there's this mention on the 12th episode that says..for every couple, even if they keep on arguing and maybe they don't love each other as before, they decided to keep each other because of the memories they have shared that cannot be replaced. It really made sense to me. I remembered the movie "The Vow" when the mom's leading lady said that "she decided to stay not because of love but because she chose to" because he made her happy that no one would be able to give. Especially for couples who have been together in a long time, memories are built and it's not just on the pictures that you have on your phone that you can delete but it's all on your mind. You cannot take it out. 

Then on, I understand that you cannot really advice to break up with their uyab because that is not very easy. Now I understand why my friends keep on coming back to their ex's, why Selena always get back to Justin  even if he is so much scandalous and .. argh?! Why Angel Locsin had to get back with Lucky, and why your friend couldn't get back to you and tell you they have fixed the issues already. LOL for one, you cannot judge with just one story, unless your are on their shoes. 

Lastly, as a friend do not get upset on whatever decisions they would do. At the end of the day it's always up for them to decide and not yours. You should only understand and not ask why, it's their heart not yours. Yes, you might be hurting for your friend but again it's not  about your feelings but theirs. Same goes for you, anyone can talk to you about your life but most of the time you actually just want someone to listen to you and shrug off anyone's advice right? LOL. no sarcasm intended there. But seriously, my point is. Just be a friend that listens, sometimes that's all what people needs. :)  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

25/5 realizations

So, as you know I just turned 26 (whoa~!!) (Korean age) 25 international age! trollololol XD

And I don't want to be emotional and good thing I wasn't emotional however, I think God gave me this gift...I consider it as a gift.. LOL of really thinking a lot. I think it's wisdom. Although I blame it sometimes for being so sensitive and overreacting but it actually has a lot of more good side.

The past year I realized that I have learned so many things not just from my personal experience but mostly from others and that would basically serves as highlights of my 24th year in the world and hopefully continues to guide me all through my years while I am living.


1.) Just like the Bible verse "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference" is exactly what I am, feel and what it is for the last year. I have been thinking really hard, couldn't really decide right off of the bat because I want to understand, I want to know the pros and cons of every situation and I am glad I did and doing it. Although yeah it's me procrastinating but it's better than making mistakes. I am not saying I have never made any mistake for the past year but more like minimized and I knew how I had to attack to every situation like a matured / thinking person.

2.) It's okay to be alone. Although I have a boyfriend that I can call anytime, I still have these moments when I can be alone #MeTime. To be honest  my boyfriend and I are not the usual boyfriend-girlfriend that would text a lot or call a lot. Whenever I am busy he understands that I cannot communicate and same goes with me (not completely). I really appreciate being alone at times, I get to again think a lot, remember the people I care about, my school and priorities and how I can make it better. I also always believe that whenever I am alone I have time with God, this is different from going to church on Sundays but mostly being able to realize what God has made me and what  he also wants me to be. 

3.) Family. Family is already given that plays a big role in my life be it sadness or happiness. My nieces and nephews inspire me a lot. I feel like I do not have to get married or to have kids because I am very much happy with them. I really enjoy my time being with them and I really appreciate that my boyfriend is also the same so he understands pretty well. I always thought that I do not have a perfect life but I can say my life is happy especially for the past year. I had a lot of troubles instead and it could be more than the happy times but still gets overridden by happy moments with my family. When I was younger I always thought that my parents have owed me a lot and I always blame them for the mishaps that I had, but I realized I would still have to be thankful because I am not what I am now if something was different in the past. I stopped blaming. I have forgiven them but it's still natural that I wont be able to forget. My siblings especially are very close to me, I am glad to have them around because we share the same things most of time. They make me laugh hard and I can tell them anything. As I view it we are still a typical family and I am contented about it.

4.) KPOP and Kdrama's. I take this as a blessing in disguise because I have learned so much about life by seeing characters in Kdrama or the lives of KPOP idols that I admire the most. For the longest time that I have been following Korean goodies, never I have regretted spending my time with those, instead I feel satisfied by watching 2-episodes of Kdramas lately, that's like 2hrs just watching. If it was the old me I would probably say I was spending my time, but these days, I say no... because I always try to be able to learn something out of nothingness of the story. LOL. I think I will be a fan of Korean's entertainment for a long time, maybe when I wont really get to be really busy!

5.) One of the blessings that I have received for the last year would be my boyfriend. Rimond. He doesn't know, and I wont tell him (not until he reads this blog post). But for the past year I have felt how I could fall for him over and over. My heart is filled with gladness everytime I think about it..and I think about him everytime. I wouldn't say that I have never felt this way but I could say that this one's better because I am taking it maturely or level-headed. I feel like my love is growing every day. Well, there were those times that I get disappointed on how he acts, how he says things, and how he respond, I cannot deny that I get annoyed of him maybe every day but every day I realize how much he means to me. I've finally accepted that you cannot really change a person however, you can accept him for whatever he is and it takes a lot of practice. Ours is very special, ours is unique, ours is something worth keeping. I feel like if ever we would break up then I'd be single for the rest of my life. I feel like if it wouldn't be him then I wouldn't want anybody else. What do you actually call this? I am not trying to be hypocrite because I think my friends know how much I didn't like him before but now is really different. With him. Right now. I feel like I can settle down already minus the kids. LOL. I have to admit there were temptations sometimes, there's Gdragon and Zac Efron but at the end of the day.. it's just HIM. Him and me. I don't know how it came up with this but it's really a good one. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

creepy story

I don't think I would be able to write my dream in detail but what just happened tonight was some kind of a nightmare or false awakening or probably real.

I took my meal break earlier around 1:31AM and as usual I would barge in to our sleeping lounge and sleep for not more than 20minutes (but has been over lately since I started going back to school) . I normally set my alarm for 15minutes so when I wake up I would still have time to eat or make myself some coffee which is by the way not affecting me anymore. 

My phone alarmed at exactly 15minutes and I prefer not to wake up and set it up to snooze after 5minutes more which I normally do. However, I couldn't sleep right although I was still sleepy (more sleepy). And I noticed that the bed I was lying to was moving like someone was trying to climb up the 2nd deck of the bed. Atleast that was what I thought. However, you would know that someone is trying to climb up the 2nd deck because after a couple of seconds most likely that person should have been settled and sleep, but it wasn't the case. The bed was still moving after about 4minutes as per my time on phone. My sleeping position was in prone position while hands both in my chest because it's cold, so basically i couldn't move it. I forcibly turn my head from right to left side so I could view the other bed but then my mind told me that there was a woman that was watching over me. It was just my thinking, I was half-awake I guess but my body froze when I heard myself saying that there was this lady wearing white looking at me.


I wonder if I will not fight that feeling will I die?
If I will not force my hands to get off my chest so I can reach for my phone just at least that as a sign of movement. Will I die?
I know I was awake but not fully for sure. 
I tried hard and faced the fright no matter if that lady would come across me while I was standing up. But nothing happened while I was turning my back against the bed. I glanced once and I knew it there was no one sleeping on the second deck.

I do not know if was just my imagination, nightmare or it was real.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello Agosto!

I was thinking of what to blogged today because I am kinda bored, and then I remembered that this is actually something to blog about. It's officially August! My birth-month! Last month before Christmas season. LOL

I actually have so many exciting plans within this month and I must say my weekends are fully packed already but not because I will be sleeping all throughout but there are things that I am looking forward to. :)

1.) August 3rd, I am planning to treat my nieces and nephews out to play. Including my dongsengs of course. I'd like to go to La Vie Parissienne with Rimond for a date and I want to take a picture with him on that pink-lit tree! We haven't really been on formal dates because of the expenses and the time, we just go out for church and then dinner at our favorite barbecue place which I might be missing this weekend.

I'd like to go jogging in the morning though of Sunday though to start the August right. I feel really fat and bloated lately and it makes me sad :( 

2.) August 8th - 10th will be busy days 8th is our first ever Acquaintance Party on the 8th, the 9th would probably my day because I had to do something with my hair and then 10th I would be probably cooking at home for my birthday. 

3.) Following week the 15th is the most exciting! I'd be seeing Regine Velasquez!!! Yes, she will have a grand fans day in SM City Cebu on the 15th 3PM. This could be the greatest gift if ever I'd get a picture with her or atleast an autograph! My feels! :) Been a fan for over 10years and this might be the first and last chance I get to see her upclose if ever I get a chance to really stay in front along with Reginian friends. Really crossing my fingers for that. 

The 17th would probably spent with the team for Team Socialization, if I get to see Regine on Friday prior I'd be high while attending the meeting. LOL

4.) I think we will have our midterm on the third week of August but I could be wrong.

5.) The 24th will surely be spent with Rimond, it's his birthday! :)

So yeah, I am not sure if I will be able to attend birthdays here and there because I have a lot of people who's celebrating birthdays this month.

What do you think? ;)

August..please be good to me I beg of you! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

SNSD members

I was thinking of something to blog about today since it's not busy. LOL but i realized that this is gotta be one of the interesting topics I could post. I am not sure if you know that I am a big fan of SNSD - Girls Generation. Now that most of the girls are dating right now, one can say that someone is ready to settle down considering their age, you know they cannot be an idol member forever. Nearing their 7th year anniversary I would like to explain why I like GG than any other girl groups by stating what I like about them. (to be edited with pictures)

1.) Kim Taeyeon - I want to be Kim Taeyeon or SNSD's kid leader. Known to be a dorky leader and nicknamed as Byuntae or pervert in english, but it's not because of that why I wanted to be like her. LOL. Taeyeon has one of the best voices in KPop. Although I still consider her as the best. She is one of the most popular member of SNSD because of her personality. This girl is really unselfish. She is never an attention-whore. As a leader, she is that kind who just stay on the side and let other members shine and do whatever they do and support them. She has been humble to say how much she needed the other members because she can stand in her own feet when apparently she is actually doing good doing solo being the idol labeled as OST queen. I want to possess her abilities, although she is kind of emotional but that only means she is sensitive on someone else's feelings because she also feels the same. 

2.) Lee Sunny - Sunny stands by her name Sunny. She's very sunny and bright, she's the aegyo queen. Although she's like the center in the sense that she isn't the best singer nor the best dancer in the group she excels well in variety shows and radio. However, what I like about her although she is the niece of Lee Sooman, SM's founder, she never put that in her head. She has always been humble too. She's even being bullied by Hyo yeon sometimes and no complaints. She's also very brave. Remember how she went over to Taeyeon who was dragged by a stalker on stage? She's like super-sunny! She protects the member well and tell them that it's okay..

3.) Jung Jessica - Jessica is really one of the interesting members of SNSD. She looks really chic and cold-looking that is why she is called "ice-princess". However, seeing her on "Krystal and Jessica" show she is actually opposite from her facial expressions. She looks really warm, friendly, she is very caring to her sister that I find really sweet! She is also childish, she laughs easily and she eats a lot! LOL. I want me to be like her. Also aside from that she really has a great fashion, yes I'd say greater than Tiffany. 

4.) Hwang Tiffany - She could be one of my favorite members however she can sometimes be annoying camera-whoring or sometimes attention-whore. She talks a lot and really loud for sure, however, no one can deny that this girl is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! She looks matured but she's really cute, adorable and attractive for me. But it's not that I like about her, this girl is very sweet and thoughtful. She is being called Manager Hwang because she is very protective with all other  Soshi members. She is also possessive and she gets jealous when one members gets too sweet with other people which I find really cute. I think she's a very honest person and caring per se' that is why I like her.

5.) Kim Hyo yeon - as you know she's favorite member. Aside from her dancing skills I totally admire her personality. After being called "ugly" by other people long time ago, after being underrated member, after having few lines on every song, she never gave up on being an SNSD member. Although she cheats whenever Soshi members whenever they are playing and sometimes can be a bully (but really funny) she loves her members very much. I can sight a lot of examples how 1. would be when she said in Strong Heart before that she was thinking of quitting the group because she felt like she's different from SNSD but she didn't because she loved her members and she likes performing with them. 2.) when she was asked if she was every jealous of other members popularity and she said No, and that she's happy with the member's success and so much more. Thing is although she is lacking in many ways, she was never insecure. She also knows how to  live her life, I think she's the most outgoing member. She's also the mood maker, no way SNSD will be bored with her. I wish she could be given more lines on their songs coz she really sounds fine.

6.) Kwon Yuri - aside from being sexy as hell without even trying, this girl is very talented. She dances well, she used to be an MC on Music Core before along with Tiffany, she wrote My Mistake which was one of my favorite ballad songs from SNSD, she sings well too although sometimes it needs control but her tone is good, and recently been into acting. Tell me what else she couldn't do? She's like jack of all trades although she's best in being sexy. I also like her for being tomboyish and having 4-D personality which is kinda like me. I talk to myself often and would just go crazy out of the blue and Yuri is also like this that is why I like her above a lot of things :)

7.) Choi Soo Young - I find SY unattractive when I started watching GG. Although she really looked Filipino to me but never liked her before. Until The Boys era where she flips her hair on her part, was really chic! Above all that what I like about her is that she's very outspoken, she talks really well. I think she never ran out of words, I think she's the spokesperson in SNSD that is why she became a host. She also is very funny and witty that I like. SNSD should be proud of her :)

8.) Im Yoona - of course! Our Yoong dear! No one can deny how pretty Yoona is. She is cute and adorable personality. Although she is the center of the group she was never pretentious. Yeah she act all pretty on stage which is of course what it should be but on variety shows you would see a different side of her, super funny, tomboyish, never conscious about how she looks like..probably because she knows she's pretty. Although she is the center she is also not selfish or attention seeker. She was the first member who got exposed and became popular but she had a big role on making SNSD what they are today. She's never selfish. 

9.) Seo Joo-hyun or Seohyun - our maknae! This young lady is totally different from any other kids these days. She has consistently pretty since debut and very talented. She plays intruments, she is also an MC, she acts a bit and she dances well apart from being one of the main vocals of the group. What I like about her the most is being by the book. She follows rules, she lives her life modesty, with all honesty, on the right path and she influences her unnies on doing so. She talks well although she admitted she is also stubborn at times. But she's really someone to look up to from teens and young adult nowadays. If all people would be like her then this world could be probably a better place..or boring. LOL

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week/Month

Instead of posting something emotional today because I am so tired, family issues, insecurities and more I will be posting my top 5 songs of this week instead. This basically makes me pump-up from being sleepy when I am at work or travelling. These songs are not new but can be seasonal and something really different from my norm. LOL

1.) Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop - yes, I know it's weird. LOL I didn't like this group neither found it cute the first time I have heard it. However, the song is really singable and could play in your mind because of the repeated lyrics and easy choreography. My brother said that it was cute, okay.. So when I get sleepy in my cube I would just play this song and participate like doing the fanchant and jump at the same time. You should try it also, although you don't understand the lyrics, it's chorus would basically get you in to your foot and just start jumping :) 

2.) The Way by Ariana Grande - I first heard/known this song when Tiffany of SNSD sang this live on Fashion King and it was okaay~ Recently when I went to Manila my friend's friend sang this song and I realized it was also an easy song and basically makes you feel the love - in love. What also got me hook up to this song aside from it's message was Ariana Grande's voice/music. So much remind me of Mariah Carey's classic songs. Although of course MC's better because it's clean and clear, AG's more like youthful sound into it. 

3.)  Partition by Beyonce' - I think I have said this before but I want to memorize it's challenging lyrics that is why I keep playing it. LOL. This song is very sexy, racy-perhaps. Beyonce is dayum sexy with this song. I even had to read through the lyrics and meaning of the song because I really like it :P. So yeah, I think this has been on for like a month now. 

4.) My Boy by Sistar 19 - I am kind of bitter with SISTAR before and not that I like them now but when they were starting I seriously didn't like them for bringing sexy concept in KPOP. I'd prefer cute than sexy concept in KPOP, I don't know I think KPOP for me will always be wholesome for me. Aside from that, hate that Hyorin is not pretty and overrated with her singing, fine she sings well but sometimes it's hard to listen to it. I also don't get why people like Bora, she doesn't have amazing body like Hyorin okaay. But then you cannot deny.. this song is really nice. I cannot deny that also even if I don't like them. LOL. Although I kinda like Bora already, she's sexy and cute and her rapping skills is nice too. Thing is most of their songs (SISTAR) are nice too. I like Alone the most and then this Ma Boy, it sort of grew on me. So although didn't really change my preference of liking them (I am not a hater kaay!) then I would still keep it on my playlist.

5.) Growl by EXO - yes, this has been on for a long time. I am still not sick of it, yeah! I still watch their live performances (where Kris was still a member). I frikin love this song that I even made it as my ring tone on my phone. LOL. I really like it's upbeat, hippy, RnB melody and vocals. Their choreography is <3

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 5: Male Korean Crush

Today even if it's our Prelim-week I will be posting my Super Korean celebrity crushiee! LOL for that. Do I have time? I am honestly not sure so let's see if I can complete this post or will just be sitting on drafts. LOL

As you know I have been a fan of Korean POP, dramas and variety shows so I have discovered men who gives butterflies in my tummy every time I see them, or I get kilig, or makalaglag-panty men. LOL and yes, my boyfriend does not mind it. :)

1.) Kwon Ji Yong aka G-dragon - need I say more? Like seriously, even this guy is not all hunky and boy-next-door aura/looks he still got every bit of me. He is just my ideal guy ever! :P he looks like a bad boy friends call him adik, or gay but me 'dun care! I friggin love him even if he's post in IG are weird and I cannot relate. He's just so talented , smart, witty and smexy without even trying! I would  rape him joke...not! :P

2.) Junho of 2PM - I liked him first before Gdragon, but changed after discovering Gdragon of course! LOL. He's also not gwapo but he is really talented, he sings so well, he dances so well, he compose songs, plays the piano and he has good body..not to mention well-defined butt! LOL He's one of the maknae in 2PM but they say after Jay Park left he was worthy or next deserving to be 2PM's leader which has never been confirmed who is.. anyhoo, this guy wont be missing on my list.

3.) Kris of EXO - yes, I still consider him as a member of EXO, he will always be our Galaxy Fan Fan. This guy's a chic that I rarely see. He doesn't have to do anything to be noticed. He is seriously drop-dead-gorgeous! He wasn't the best dancer nor best singer in EXO but he was like the first guy I noticed and remembered from the 12-member group of EXO (except for Kai who always in the center and D.O as the smallest member hehe). He's makalaglag-panty as well. LOL 

4.) Hyun Bin and Lee Seunggi - both tied on my #4 spot. That is because I really cannot choose between the two. LOL Hyun Bin because I really like him on anything especially on Secret Garden and of course my ideal man...for Ha Ji Won. LOL I like that he's very charismatic with people and yet private in real life makes him mysterious. He really has a manly face, manly aura but cannot help but be adorable with his dimple. :) awww.. Same goes with Seunggi. Seunggi is the kind of guy who have grown on me. The more I see him the more I like him. He's also talented and although I didn't like him because of him singing but I like him as a person. He's really an ideal guy for many. He's calm-natured, he's funny, smart/witty, he's respectful and all the good qualities/attitude a guy can have. That is why I was so happy that he is in a relationship with Yoona,they match really well. Aside from that he kinda reminds me of my boyfriend. LOL. Maybe because of the eyes and nose and lips? LOL 

5.) Last on my list is Yoo Jaesuk. LOL you surprised? LOL. Yes, it's Yoo Jaesuk the Nations MC of Korea. It's not because of his looks but this can really feel his sincerity and it overflows so much that all people doesn't have any bad things to say about him. He hosted a lot of shows and you know how much he takes care of people, he isn't an attention whore though. Like Seunggi, I can feel he's also a good-natured man. He is very good on what he does and I am pretty sure he inspires a lot. He's of course funny and smart, pretty sure you wont get bored when you are with him which is also an ideal for me. 

Runners up: 
D.O of EXO because he's cute and he has nice voice.
Won Bin because he is an angel on earth
So Ji Sub because he looks manly and he's personality is also nice, he's still living with his mom and is a mama's boy. LOL

That wraps up my list. If you notice I like a guy who doesn't really have to look perfect but more on personality. He must also be good on what he does and kind, warm guy.. Therefore, my boyfriend is like this. LOL kidding.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Broke-n hearted.

I feel like I have not been tardy for a long time until today :( 
Makes me sad because I really needed that money for my schooling and for my Korean trip(hopefully!), but it's now gone to ashes :( 
I couldn't blame anyone right now but myself, if only I woke up early and even just come here a little early so that I could sleep or not be late, ses! 
I should have followed my instinct on taking the cab than being 2-freakin'-minutes-late!
I did not log in on DTR which means that aside from having no 6,200 perfect attendance bonus I will also have a deduction. heart-breaking.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week

I haven't been able to post my playlist, top 5 for a while now because I am kind of confuse what should I post. I have so many things in my mind right now that might be worthy of sharing but ended up not sharing it anymore because I get tired of tiring too. Anyhow, just a little break from serious issues posted recently here are my top 5 picks for the song of the week :) 

1.) Partition by Beyonce - No this is not something new anymore. LOL. I was just kind of interested with it's lyrics and the beat. I like it fast and bass down low , lol that was a different song. hehe. SO yeah I have found out the lyrics of the song and was and provocative. I got even curious what happened to Monica Lewinsky because of that song. LOL. So it was like that. The song and the beat is actually nice to hear dont know if it's just me, because it's Beyonce. I honestly think that Beyonce will always be nailing them sexy songs but she doesn't really have to do this anymore. She has proven to be the best solo performer (as for me) so far, so this racy song is really something. LOL

2.) I also like hearing Ha Ji Won's Now In This Place - bias aside the song is really emotional.  I feel like Ha Ji Won was half crying recording the song. The depth of the song and it's lyrics really required a lot of feelings/emotions and I guess that is where HJW is good at. Her alto voice nailed it and although her falsetto (she's not a professional singer okaay~) is really not bad and again it was very emotional. She shared this song as Seung Nyang per se, and though fans were like debating for whom? If it was for the Emperor or the King of Goryeo although I could say from the lyrics it is for Emperor Taehwan. #nohating. I mean it was really meant for him after he died in Empress Ki's arms and confessing to him that she loved him but died right after. </3

3.) All of Me by John Legend - probably one of the romantic songs I have been hearing these days. I feel like that song was meant for me. LOL. That is why I had Rimond listened to it so he could sing it to me in the future LOL. whatever! I didn't really like the song at first but after hearing it a lot of times it kinda grew in me and especially I have learned that this was composed especially for his wife. awww.. really sweet song. :) 

4.) Growl by EXO - just when I have learned / knew all the members of favorite member - Kris got separated from the group. Now I am finally feeling the sadness that he left. Although he's jack of all trades but he is actually an edge of the group as well, he's tall, friggin good looking and can speak different languages - especially english. But I am not going to talk about that. I really like this song. Just the beat and I don't care about the meaning really. LOL. I just feel like it's a feel-good song. Good vocals and good choreography hehe

5.) Surprisingly the last would be Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop. Yeah, really silly. I was planning to do this as an energizer in one of my subjects (Math LOL) but unfortunately was late. :( I just though the song was really catchy and fun. Choreography is hilarious but cute. It's like an LSS to me already. LOL

Well, that's for the song of the week! :) Will you recommend new songs for me to listen? :) 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Haetnim~!

So, before the day ends I'd like to officially blog about our Amazing Yeoja's birthday!!

It is Ha Ji Won's birthday today!

She's celebrating it in Japan with a fanmeet. >how envy I am?< you have no idea!
I wish she could promote EK here in the Philippines, but yeah, GMA is not that rich to bring such a big star from Korea! pft!

Anyhow..June 28th, 2014.
I am a satisfied fan today and I will always remember it. She selected Hyun Bin as his most ideal man through Ideal Man Worldcup. Yes, Koreans have this game wherein one person is compared to one person and you select who you like better until narrowing down to your ideal man. Before,l she chose him as her guy-best-friend! and now she said she likes manly guys and she selected Hyun Bin because he is very manly. LOL.

I wish they could just date already.. okay fine, not date but can they get married already? Like for real!

Am I blogging about her fanmeet? NO. But her birthday okay! LOL

Ha Ji Won unnie! I am your big fan from the Philippines! I wish I could meet you atleast before you get married. I wish I could shake your hand and get a selca (selfie) together! That would be a dream come true like I am reaching a star in my hands. Wait what? Why am I wishing for myself when it is not my birthday? LOL.

Kidding aside, I know Ha Ji Won has inspired thousands of people already and hopefully millions more. She's one of the celebrities I have seen with a sincere heart. Although she'd brag and boast sometimes, but she is actually makes it funny, I think it's not bragging or boasting but more like being naive. She is 36 years old okay, but she looks more like 26! She's 36 already but she acts like a kid behind camera. She giggles a lot, she likes laughing, she likes carefree atmosphere, she loves her fans very much that she created an Instagram account! She lives like a youth on her teens, she is very corny, she doesn't know how to cook, she's single. Okay now, that was very random I know.

I am not sure if guys are blind or they are just really intimidated by you. I would like you to date already unnie! Like after over 10years you should date again and experience being loved by an amazing namja. no pun intended LOL.

But more than anything else I wish you happiness in your heart and mind. The same happiness that you give to your fans when you are around. That is why I wish That Man can make you happy also..lololol. I wish you could also rest well while doing what you love best. Thank you for inspiring us and being there to give us an innocent and wholesome joy! LOL

I don't know until when I will be crushing on you.. but I love you uri Jeon Hae Rim~!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

My stand - BaekYeon Couple

Apparently I did not blog anything about SNSD's Taeyeon being in a relationship with EXO's Baekhyun for 4 months already. Jeez, Kim Taeyeon is like my second bias in SNSD and I am left out blogging about it. Actually there is a reason to blog and say something about it after the scandal, the hiss and buzz from netizens and backlash of Korean people. I have said it before after Yoona's admission of being in a relationship with Seunggi that when SNSD's Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany admit their relationship then there will be a lot of flipping tables and chairs. Although Tiffany's admission to in a relationship with Nichkhun of 2pm (that I didn't blog about too) didn't really have negative buzz because really they have been friends for a long time and people even thought they have always been in a relationship for 4 years lol! But then it is true that SNSD's Taeyeon's admission really had a lot of hates. Not only because Taeyeon is like the most popular female idol of this generation, she is in a relationship with a member of the most popular boy band in Korea right now - EXO that has been into controversy after Kris left (blogged about it :P) Baekhyun. Baekhyun has always been a self-confessed fan of SNSD's Taeyeon even before and a lot of fans were even shipping them but right now that it came true it looks like the reaction has been reversed. Crazy fans!

Let's just no talk about their age difference. Like seriously, even teenagers can date okay! Although I understand that some fans might not accept the relationship but I don't understand why they have to call Baekhyun a traitor on a live show! And then this... For real?! What the hell is happening with the world? 
Do I sound upset?
Because I really am upset about it! It's ridiculous really, why? Can they not date? 

I understand that they are public property because being called celebrities and their popularity are owed to the fans but they actually became idols because of their talents and not because of their personal lives that is supposedly ought to be kept and it's not ought to be meddled by the public! You love them fine, you hate them fine! But these fans (haters) should not go down to this level hurting people who just happened to fell in love. What's HUMANITY? Just at least respect them as people who have feelings too and  they are not even perfect! If they chose to be silent about their relationship then it is their life and it's also because they don't want their relationship to be pressured by the public so they can last. Being called names with no basis is extremely unacceptable. How Baekhyun could have been humiliated about being called a traitor? 
How Taeyeon could have cried in the airport and apologizing when there is no reason to be?
I have mentioned before that Taeyeon is a very sentimental and emotional idol. She has always loved fans as well even created an Instagram account for the fans to see what she is doing, heck! Fans should have even be thankful for sharing a piece of her when she doesn't really have to. I remembered the time that she have written a message to J-Sone in concert to say how thankful she is "being loved and how to be loved" by people and she was like half crying. 

This could also threaten the lives of other idols who wanted to date. And might also lead to separation of Baekyeon-couple and to other idols that are dating secretly right now. Maybe depending on who dates with who. But this new scandal right now of Taeyeon and Baekyun is really getting out of hand. I hope SM would do something to protect their artists. sigh.

really sad and feel sorry for Taeyeon :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am..


I hope this will be the last time I will be "complaining" or ranting about my sleeping habit. Last week was a really tiring week for me that I even had to sleep the whole time on Saturday afternoon - Sunday morning, and then Sunday morning till evening. If Rimond has not gone home to pick me up so we can get to church then I wouldn't get up on my bed at all!

How stupid of me to get into this kind of schedule? Here's the breakdown of the time I have every day!

5AM - must get up and prepare for school. 
6AM or earlier I should be leaving for school already (good luck with the rush hour!)
7:30 AM - 1:30 PM - School
by 1:45PM or so I should be on the PUJ on my way home.
I get home around 2:30PM - 3PM 
I try to sleep right away after of course my ritual before hitting the sack.

I wake up at 8:45PM at night to prepare for work.
I should have left home around 9:45PM - 10PM and be at work before 11pm.

11PM - 8AM in the office

by 8:30AM I should leave the office already (righ away~!) 
I get home around 9:30AM - 10AM and sleep
Wake up at 3PM to prepare for school
travel time 3:45PM - 5PM to school and then 5PM - 8PM school
8PM - I should hurry for work since I am scheduled on a 9PM shift (pre my request)
and then 9PM - 6AM -work

6AM - prepare for school from the office and then leave for school around 6:45AM - 7AM
7:30 AM - 1:30 PM - School
by 1:45PM or so I should be on the PUJ on my way home.
I get home around 2:30PM - 3PM 
I try to sleep right away after of course my ritual before hitting the sack.

And then on and on.
If you notice Tuesday - Wednesday and Thursday - Friday are my crucial days because I am awake for 24hrs and will only get to sleep a couple of hours to sleep (6hrs max). I didn't realize this when I was picking my schedule and I was thinking it will be easier but it really isn't especially that I don't live within the city. ugh! it's not new to me or anything but it is really tiring...seriously!

Although I can steal naps when I am in the office or in school during my vacant on MWF class, it wouldn't be enough to suffice my hunger of sleeping. So I need to make bawi on weekends when unfortunately sometimes I have a split rest days in every other week. I will be away for like 3days next week and I doubt it if I can even sleep well. LOL.

Will I be able to make it?
Can I really do this for another four months?
That doesn't include the stress in school and work even.
My schedule really sucks! :'(

Friday, June 20, 2014

Love Story Part 2

I was about to look for an image of a broken heart in Google so I can post it on my Love Story part 2, but when I saw the results I was like...NO! I am not as emotional as I was before and it's maybe because I have gone through a lot that I have gotten used to it. LOL. From family dramas, friendship issues and broken lovelife that everytime I see emotional/problematic posts in Facebook and "emo" pictures make me really cringe! So much for that.. here's my 2nd part of love story.

I can say that I have my fair-share of broken heart and mending it. I was too mind over heart though that it doesn't show but too hard to get over because I would conceal it. No, I don't cry and I cant even remember when was the last time I cried because of it. I have experienced two types of heart breaks so far..hurting someone, and being hurt by someone/situation.

1.) Hurting someone I'd say is also a heart breaking thing to do, as the song goes "there's no easy way to break somebody's heart". Truth to be told, especially if that person is a close friend there is just not easy way. You have to either get hurt by yourself because you are forcing something that you do not feel, or get hurt because you know that the person is hurting. Rimond was originally a friend - only. About 10 years ago he started courting me but I only see him as a friend that time, although he never put pressure on me before but since he was really a nice guy, very kind, generous, gentleman and too good to be true I just said yes to him after about 3 years of waiting. I loved him as a friend but never a boyfriend. I had my expectations and ideals that time and Rimond was certainly not a fit. I didn't know why. There were so many times that I have mistreated him, abused his patience, totally disregarded him and chose my friends over him. I was mean and I admitted it before and I knew I was hurting him but I didn't hear any complaints instead he would keep on apologizing if we get into a misunderstanding when actually it was just an act so that he could have a reason to break up with me but didn't happen. But since he didn't complain even for a bit and I keep scolding him to get mad at me and he never did/was so I was like "argh~ im such an evil!" I didn't even know what to do with him anymore. It lasted for about 9months and I was hurting in the sense that I was hurting myself because I was with a man I didn't love, tied into something when he was not even possessive and I was hurting because he was such a good man, friend and I know he was hurting too. I was so bad but not that I didn't try. I tried, I had this mindset before that it's him, it should be him. I was so used to him being around, I was so dependent on him when I needed help with everything. But at the end of the day, something was empty. After a year together I have decided to break it up with him because I couldn't take it anymore. And guess what? He didn't give me a hard time. He was like okay...and I was like, seriously? I wasn't sure if he understood me that time, or maybe he found someone else already to easily let me go or maybe he wasn't really that into me. LOL so I didn't ask further, I told him to delete my number (which apparently he memorized), not to communicate with me in any way possible so that it would be easier for both of us to move on when to be honest I thought it was just him that needs to move on. Bad girl!

So that was it, it's not that we didn't communicate at all. We would text each other but rarely but we still call each other with our endearment even if we have broken a part. Wow, that was like a year like that and after a year we were back like lovers. Well, friends with benefits? But NO! NO! NO Sex involved. Geez! What I meant was he was still there when I needed help, when I need someone to talk to, when it rains on my way to work and he would provide me umbrella and borrow money if needed. LOL

I would also talk to him about my 2nd heartbreak. A guy that I really liked, don't you think he was also hurting then?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

love story part 1

Something has inspired me to tell the story about my love life history and I know that it would be pretty long but interesting to reminisce. Not that I am thinking about them with something in mind okay, it's some sort of "I remember the boy, but I don't remember the feeling anymore" LOL. cliche, i remember the feeling but I don't feel it anymore. There. LOL

I can say I was a late bloomer when it comes to love or attraction. I am not the love-at-first-sight-kinda-girl, I have to discover that person's attitude before I get to appreciate their existence. So yes, I am not judgmental either :)

My first crush was way back 4th grade. I know that I like him and I liked him for a verrrry long time LOL. I liked him because he was so smart and he speaks very well. It's funny because whenever we meet in the morning at school, or would talk or even if he answers a question from our teacher I get nervous! My heart would beat really really fast! LOL silly thing I did for him was I talked to someone who also have a crush on him and told that girl that I have a crush on the kid and we we're like "may the best girl win~!" LOL. crazy!

My second crush was my first boyfriend. I was a junior student in high school and we were classmates. I liked him because he was so smart and he speaks very well. LOL spot the similarity from the previous? He was very opinionated, smart in Mathematics that I was and am having a problem with and he was such a sweet talker. I liked him because he was also strict and I think he was the type that would be able to control me when I would throw my tantrums. LOL. He would send me to the jeepney stop and we talked a lot, that I really really like. He would randomly winked at me which was kilig before and awkward now thinking about it. LOL but he was very expressive on what he felt before but he was never emotional/sensitive which apparently the reason why we broke up. We were boyfriend-girlfriend but we never held hands nor kiss, I did hug him once but in a very wholesome way and there was also a reason for it (LSS seminar). I could say he was my first love,yes..and it died. LOL

My second boyfriend was not my crush and not my friend. He was a friend of a friend. He was totally opposite from my 1st boyfriend. He was silent, shy, not that good academically but he was really good in sports, drawings and very sweet. Sweetness in the sense that he wouldn't say it but would do it. He was a gentleman and very caring. He would initiate holding hands (but we never kissed BTW LOL). I can say that even if he was very gentleman I didn't give in to that, I was hard to get ever since. LOL. He was the first victim of my tantrums, this didn't happen on my first because I really liked that boy from the first. I didn't like this guy at first and just slowly developed in a mature love? Because we had to keep the relationship a secret for a long time while we were away from each other, we had to find means to meet. We never failed on those, somehow, I forgot how we broke up? It may have not ended well really, but we didn't get back because... he is already married now. OKaaay! It was love but no classification. Perhaps I was just really young then and if only we we lasted longer he could have been the one I would end up with. Because he really took well of me. But yeah..

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ha Ji Won - Now In This Place

I am really overwhelmed hearing Ha Ji Won's single right now - Now In This Place.

She actually dedicated the song to those who supported Empress Ki, it was a surprise for the fans since we have not heard Ha Ji Won singing for the longest time. It was 11 years they say and I wasn't a fan then obviously. She sang Oppa before and Home Run as an OST. It is amazing that now she is releasing a single that I am a fan already. 

Here is the english translation:

That flickering shadow, is that you?
Is it too late?
That low voice, I hope it's you breathing
I hope once more

I miss you so much that I look for you
But you stay in my dreams for a bit and go away
I love you
Please, if only I can put your image inside my heart
Your eyes are as cold as the starlight
Now I am finally hurting

The beckoning gesture, is that you?
I put my hopes up high
The voice that looks for me, I hope it's you breathing
I pray

I miss you so much that I look for you
But you stay in my dreams for a bit and go away
I love you
Please, if only I can put your image inside my heart
Your eyes are as cold as the starlight
Now I am finally hurting

If you come into my thorn pierced heart
If we go back to that place once again
I will hold you in my embrace even if it hurts
I will confess with my last sincere heart
I love you
Please, if only I can put your image inside my heart

I won't regret if we go back
I love you, I love you

Now in this place
This place where your love lingers

It was released on the 13th and I am so amazed that it is charting well. Hmm.. I don't want to say this but compared to Park Shin Hye's My Dear that was released days before HJW's it actually debuted at #59 and not moving on Mnet alone and considering she's more popular than HJW since it's PSH's generation now. (She even defeated HJW on Most Popular in Baeksang this year)

yes I am bragging, im sorry for the comparison but I love them both nonetheless. :)#peace

I am just a proud fan of HJW. This new single is really awesome. It pierced in my heart and playing on my mind all day long! Not that I am LSS-ing since I cannot sing Korean, but really playing well.

Unfortunately I cannot append a media on my blog to save some space and I don't wanna have a copyright issue. LOL. I hope you get a chance to hear the song, it's really nice and would just naturally grow in you. No bias really. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back to School~!


kya~! 3 days more to go and I am back in school! Yes~! I enrolled again for school, different school, different course, different environment and hopefully it will be a start of something good for me. Do I feel nervous? I really don't know, it hasn't sank in yet.

Some people asked why I chose University of Cebu from San Jose-Recoletos (previous school). Actually, if only SJ is nearer from work then I could have gone and continue there. But then, their BSED is in Basak Campus so it's too far for me. And I have spent so many years travelling far already and I think it's the most strenuous and frustrating thing that I do everyday. Not to mention the fare, but most of all the traffic. Something we really do not have a control over. When I was still in SJ-R I almost always came late in school especially 7AM shift and I didn't have work then, what more now that I work at night? LOL.

Some people also asked why BSED. Why not? I get tired of answering so I'd say Why not? LOL . It's not because this is the easiest and fastest course and cheap probably as my cousin would say..but it's more than that. 

Supposedly, back in High School I thought I would take Education for my college course. I was already seeing myself to be a teacher back then. But I thought it was too mainstream. I'd like to try something new so I picked BS IT, so I would look cool (#notcool). So originally it was BSED and if only I chose BSED then be it in a different school or same, I could have graduated 3years ago. know what happened. (not really :P) 

Aside from that, I have actually came up with a plan of what I want to be in the next 5years or so. No, it's not about marriage okaay! Although I want that marriage to be somewhere on that 4-5years! hehe but I really want to finish school first before settling down. God-willing, if He lets me graduate from BSED I would also want to study a crash-course for ECE (Early Childhood Education, most likely 6months - 2years after 4years of BSED on that way, I am allowed to teach both Prep and High School that I think I like. Hopefully, I can go out of the country and stay there for 1-2years and teach. South Korea seems nice since I am into K-dramas and KPOP for 6years now! But of course it's fine if it's not SKorea. Do you think I can do it? Is it too high?

I am not putting my hopes up but it's better to have a plan than nothing. And I am also taking it one step at a time. Right now, I will have to make sure to be able to complete my studies especially that I know a lot of people are supporting me. Now, that is a different thing to blog about. :) Aja! Fighting!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Introspection (Introspective) New Word

in·tro·spec·tion noun \ˌin-trə-ˈspek-shən\
: the process of examining your own thoughts or feelings

I have learned this new word for today. And made me realize that I am then an introspective person. LOL. I tend to think more of my actions, before and after. I often reflect a lot as well if a person would talk to me about something or if I see something that I can think about. The positive thing about being introspective is we get to be sensitive with someone's feelings, not to hurt or if we know we have hurt someone. The negative thing about it? hmm.. I think....thinking a lot. If we think a lot..we worry a lot even if it's not something we should be worried of. amazeballs!

May - June Kdramas

As you know I have been a fan of K-dramas for a couple of years now - maybe over 6 years now. And I'd have to say my life would be really boring without these K-dramas that I am following.

Right now, I am watching Doctor Stranger and You're All Surrounded.Both in SBS and it has a touch of romantic-comedy-thriller. Doctor Stranger is shown every Monday and Tuesday whole You're All Surrounded every Wednesday and Thursday. I get to watch it during my rest days (Saturday and Sunday) so that I can get great english subs of the drama. 

Doctor Stranger is a story of Park Hoon a genius Doctor from North Korea who accidentally became a doctor in Myuwoo University to save money and get his first love - Jae Hee. Jae Hee a North Korean woman whom Park Hoon thought died but found out alive and became a North korean spy. This star Lee Jong Suk from I Hear Your Voice, No Breathing that I actually first saw in Secret Garden. Never thought he would be able to act like Park Hoon. He is really awesome. Doctor Stranger is also casted along with Park Hae Jin as Doctor Han Jae Joon as his rival doctor, Kang Sora as Doctor Oh Sohyun (love triangle, square actually) and Doctor Han/Jae Hee played by Jin Seyeon. This drama really get my blood excited because of the thrill and the loveline. I love the actors playing here and the story itself. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of twists and turns on this drama. I doubt on watching this drama before because I didn't really like Lee Jong Suk's acting but this drama changed what I thought of him before. I like Kang Sora in Sunny though and Park Hae Jin in My Love from Another Star but have yet to see Jin Seyeon before.

You're All Surrounded is then again another action-thriller-romance-comedy drama in SBS. This one I'd be bias because it stars Lee Seunggi that we have all missed for 2 years. 2years skipping Gu Family Book counting from King 2 Hearts. LOL 
YAS(You're All Surrounded) is a story of a rookie police Kim Ji Yong aka Eun Dae Gu and his revenge to Detective Seo. Eun Dae Gu's mom was killed when he was 15years old to save him. Eun Dae Gu blamed Detective Seo because of it, and you should watch to find out why. 

I am really excited as to where the drama is leading. I have high expectation about these drama, I just wish it wouldn't go downhill on the latter part of the story. Oh well, looks like SBS has been doing a lot of thriller drama these year from God's Gift - 14days. So let's see how it goes.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Cabilao Summer Vacay

Second outing we've had was Naomi's birthday in Cabilao, Loon Bohol. Although Naomi is my niece, that was just my second time on the island after like 4years I guess. Time flies so fast because Naomi is already 10 years old now, i know!!! But this place actually looks the same as the last time we went. This year's visit is somewhat emotional and memorable for us and Naomi especially. But you know if you are going through something the more you should push yourself to just enjoy and relax. Spent 3days - 2 nights I think on their place.


This was one of the pictorials we did for Naomi's birthday. Actually, most of the pictures are on my phone. However, this has no filter and looks fine right?

They have their own pool and a beach. 

I couldn't really get a decent picture from our digital camera so hopefully I can upload some from facebook or from my phone. This us 3.. Noah''s not looking though :)

And my ever first underwater picture. Actually no, I had one from Movenpick but wasn't clear and decent enough. LOL 

I am not sure if I could go back to this place to be honest. 80% is saying yes because I think I will have all opportunity if I have time but 20% no because I do not want to. Voluntarily saying no. Maybe I can go there again with good company but for now I couldn't think of anyone else to go there (except for family of course) .

Thursday, May 15, 2014

EXO - Kris

Okay, I was about to blog about something else but here comes a very interesting one.

I have just recently been a fan of EXO (gosh! I love Growl!) and I spotted this really good looking alien from guy and automatically I liked him because of his cold aura and really good looking. KRIS. 

KRIS is a Chinese-Canadian leader of EXO-M (China group) known as Galaxy FanFan, he is the main rapper of EXO. His striking good looks, tall and cold aura is really something that stand-out. And although he barely has lines on their songs, he still stands out. 

Isn't he effin' good looking?

News broke yesterday that he sued SM (which is the #1 entertainment industry that manages SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, F(x), and Shinee.. and then most recent which is EXO).

Kris allegedly filed a case to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment because of inhumane treatment and having no right to which activity they can do. EXO actually just came back last two weeks ago with "Overdose" and as expected they are doing well, and they even have an upcoming concert. They are in promotion right now. They even have their own reality program "EXO, Showtime!" 

As per AKP the reason of the nullification of the contract is:
"According to several reports, Kris's side has cited that the idol is being treated as if he is an object rather than being respected as an artist. They also mention that SM one-sidedly decided on the schedules, not giving thought to Kris' opinion or his health condition. As they believe that SM is restricting Kris from his basic human right to freedom and his choices career wise, the contract should be nullified."

It is indeed shocking. Not. 
This is not the first time that this happened because last 2009 Hangeng which is from Super Junior also complained about the same thing that Kris is complaining. Apparently, Suju members did not say anything about the incident instead SM dealt with and lost. 

However, now is a different case, apparently,some EXO members have said their opinion about it. The leader of EXO-K commented when they won today: 
"All the members had a conversation. We don't understand Kris' actions at all. Everyone was caught off-guard and have mixed feelings."
Suho continued, "I think Kris' actions are irresponsible and show that he's not thinking about EXO at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company."

Sehun and Chanyeol also posted something to think about post in Instagram and just a few hours ago EXO Tao posted being betrayed in IG. Apparently, EXO's Tao is the one that is closest to Kris and Tao expressed how disappointed he is. 

Some Netizen is saying that those posts are not from EXO members but from the staff of SM. And that it is true that SM have this "slave contract" thing. Some Netizens are cursing SM from left to right now because it is happening again and not to mention on their rising group - EXO. 

Which side do you think is telling the truth?
Which side should I take?
Kris who is my bias on EXO? OR SM?
What do you think?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movenpick Resort Cebu

I was looking for something to blog about because I was so bored already, while reading any body's blog I realized I have not shared anything about my summer getaways even if summer is almost over. I have my fair-share of summer and soaking under the sun and waters this year so I am very much satisfied! :P

First off, this was actually over the Holy Week when our client told us that our business is closed every Good Friday. So we were all forced to file a leave that day and not bad enough I got to spend three days without work  and with pay(since my rest days are always Saturdays and Sundays). Although  some companies have it longer but still thankful because for a BPO they work non-stop and doesn't even honor holidays. #disadvantage.

My sister's in-laws suggested to stay at their condo unit in Movenpick. It wasn't my first time but never thought about blogging it because there were a loot of blogs about it already. However, this holy week is kind of special because I got to spend it with my closest sibs..ahm..that's a lie. LOL. I just feel that this year's was fun! :) 

Movenpick is now one of the most visited resorts in Cebu - well, in the Philippines. Eversince they have changed it from Hilton to Movenpick Cebu they have been a sight in Cebu (lost for words there). So my sibs and I went there and spent 3 days, since we are occupying the residence we were only asked to pay 300Php for the pool and beach. (posting pics later, let me just finish this before I would lose my liking to post hehe)

 They are boasting about their Ibiza which is pretty much...pretty at night! LOL


I only took these photos available on my lappy, but will upload more laters.

Their pool which is also pretty at night.
Their food which is pretty much yummy throughout but we do not spend her since we bought our own food which is fine because we were like "residence".

But actually what I like about the place is there good customer service. They are very accommodating (atleast for us). There are resorts that would follow and stare at you as if you do not belong there or would ask why are you there? The guard is already a friend to us since he would notice us more so often. Customer service is really a big factor for any business - would really matter. Even if the place is not that nice, if you get there with warm greetings and accommodating staff then it will be a worthy place to stay. 

That's all for the first part of my summer getaway. Ciao!