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Friday, June 27, 2014

My stand - BaekYeon Couple

Apparently I did not blog anything about SNSD's Taeyeon being in a relationship with EXO's Baekhyun for 4 months already. Jeez, Kim Taeyeon is like my second bias in SNSD and I am left out blogging about it. Actually there is a reason to blog and say something about it after the scandal, the hiss and buzz from netizens and backlash of Korean people. I have said it before after Yoona's admission of being in a relationship with Seunggi that when SNSD's Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany admit their relationship then there will be a lot of flipping tables and chairs. Although Tiffany's admission to in a relationship with Nichkhun of 2pm (that I didn't blog about too) didn't really have negative buzz because really they have been friends for a long time and people even thought they have always been in a relationship for 4 years lol! But then it is true that SNSD's Taeyeon's admission really had a lot of hates. Not only because Taeyeon is like the most popular female idol of this generation, she is in a relationship with a member of the most popular boy band in Korea right now - EXO that has been into controversy after Kris left (blogged about it :P) Baekhyun. Baekhyun has always been a self-confessed fan of SNSD's Taeyeon even before and a lot of fans were even shipping them but right now that it came true it looks like the reaction has been reversed. Crazy fans!

Let's just no talk about their age difference. Like seriously, even teenagers can date okay! Although I understand that some fans might not accept the relationship but I don't understand why they have to call Baekhyun a traitor on a live show! And then this... For real?! What the hell is happening with the world? 
Do I sound upset?
Because I really am upset about it! It's ridiculous really, why? Can they not date? 

I understand that they are public property because being called celebrities and their popularity are owed to the fans but they actually became idols because of their talents and not because of their personal lives that is supposedly ought to be kept and it's not ought to be meddled by the public! You love them fine, you hate them fine! But these fans (haters) should not go down to this level hurting people who just happened to fell in love. What's HUMANITY? Just at least respect them as people who have feelings too and  they are not even perfect! If they chose to be silent about their relationship then it is their life and it's also because they don't want their relationship to be pressured by the public so they can last. Being called names with no basis is extremely unacceptable. How Baekhyun could have been humiliated about being called a traitor? 
How Taeyeon could have cried in the airport and apologizing when there is no reason to be?
I have mentioned before that Taeyeon is a very sentimental and emotional idol. She has always loved fans as well even created an Instagram account for the fans to see what she is doing, heck! Fans should have even be thankful for sharing a piece of her when she doesn't really have to. I remembered the time that she have written a message to J-Sone in concert to say how thankful she is "being loved and how to be loved" by people and she was like half crying. 

This could also threaten the lives of other idols who wanted to date. And might also lead to separation of Baekyeon-couple and to other idols that are dating secretly right now. Maybe depending on who dates with who. But this new scandal right now of Taeyeon and Baekyun is really getting out of hand. I hope SM would do something to protect their artists. sigh.

really sad and feel sorry for Taeyeon :(

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