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Friday, August 30, 2013

Emotional Days 1.0

I wasn't with myself yesterday or..... I may be am with my real self yesterday.

Most of the people would describe as a happy-go-lucky, smiley girl, noisy, enthusiastic, comedian, and everything positive you can think of. I think it's true and that's what I usually project ( I think?!). That is because I get energized when I am with friends, I love poking jokes out of anybody and I just love to laugh and that;s what they see in me everyday. So for some other people they would say I am not in my usual self...

Because yesterday was so emotional. I could not even talk well, I don't know if I was saying the right thing, I get pissed easily, I wasn't smiling the whole time and I don't wanna talk to anybody. There's some kind of depression, sadness and stress from somewhere I do not know and I cannot figure out. I get teary-eyed when someone would ask me if I am okay? Silly? Yes? NO. Because I really am not okay and you cant expect me to say that I am okay when it's written all over my face that I am not. I had a bad time with my LDR-boyfriend as well that day ( yes, i have a boyfriend, and NO it's not because of him) so I couldn't help but cry. But then I realized, no one really knows the real me except my boyfriend I think. I asked God why am I like this? Why do I always  think ahead? Why do I always think too much? Why am I too hard on myself?

So that day passed and God allowed me to move on and not deal with that feeling for a long time. Just that after I cried. Though it's kind of a weird feeling you get when you do not know where it is coming from, it's also good to feel like that once in a while. I mean, that's for me, I don't know if it does for you. I am saying this because at that point in your life you get to know who the real people around you, who matters most, who cares about you and most importantly when you have no one to turn to, you get to be alone with God.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Favorite Websites

I have made mention that I am really a fan of blogsites/websites, whenever I am bored, whenever I'm depressed, or feel like stalking I would just open a new window and then start spazzing from there. I'd like to share to you the websites I usually go to.

1.) FashionPulis - ( ) When midnight strikes I would always open this site for fresh showbiz news, blind items, and everything. This website amazes me really on how IT gets to screencap the updates from celebrities and how IT creates a very mind-effin' blind items. This is one if not my favorite sites that I go to, aside from being entertaining because of the posts and spazzer's comments  the vocabulary you get here would make you nga-nga! LOL

2.) DailyMail/Mail Online - ( ) Yes, this is a UK-based site that I open when I start my shift and every once in a while when I have time. I like this site because aside from awesome stories about Hollywood Celebrities and news around the globe, everything and anything I click here is accessible in the office. LOL. Unlike FashionPulis that when it detects the word "tweet", "instagram", "facebook" on the subject it would block me from viewing it's content. heheh. 

3.) Kryz Uy's Thirstythought - ( ) This is a fashion blog that I open everyday. I get amazed on how this native Cebuana gets to post daily blog inspite of having a busy schedule (close?) LOL. I just happen to stalk her in twitter and instagram so I know. hehe. She's just 23 years old (or 24?) but she does blogging really good. I have to say one of my models in terms of blogging.

4.) AllKpop - ( ) Yes, KPOP it is. I love KPOP (well, actually just a few :) ) This is also the first website I open when I open my should I put it on my #1 list? hahah I also have an account here so I get to comment whenever I want to. But the reason why I cannot put this to my #1 list is because the buttons here doesn't seem to work for me. Even on mobile :( but this is where I get to see updated news about KPOP and K-dramas that I think I am so not tired to read. 

5.) Soompi - ( ) Another KPOP website. Well, this doesn't really gets the freshest feed about KPOP but I freakin' love - Ha Ji Won thread which is of course my Ultimate Female Crush! :) This is where I lurk a lot!

6.) Soshified Style ( ) - Yes, Soshi! :) This website is amazing for researching where the outfits of SNSD members are from. SNSD-style, outfits from head to toe and accessories. Awesome site! 

and hopefully, my blogsite would also be on the list soon when I get to update it everyday. :) 


If you have noticed the posts I have before this, you would notice that the dates were like the first half of the year. I actually created a Wordpress account and created a blog from there however I wasn't able to keep it up to date since 1.) I have a limitation on my laptop to create and modify using Wordpress like fonts, designs and posting media, 2.) it was kinda boring there, nakaka-walang gana. 3.) my busy sched (chos!)

There were so many things I wanted to blog about though and then lost my "gana" and then I ran over a blog account recently that made me realize that there was someone even worse than me. LOL. (Disclaimer: I'M NOT A BLOGGER ) However, she had a lot of nice pictures and her webpage is way over nicer than mine. (Okay?) LOL. 

Anyhow, so hopefully on this blog I would be able to keep up, otherwise, I am so gonna be a loser. Kidding. It's not like blogging is a necessity right? I really wanted to try blogging especially that I have so many things on my mind lately. Hopefully, I get to post images too but there are restrictions in the office so will edit and upload it when I am at home :) 

So yeah, wish me luck! :)

That Wind, The Winter Blows (review)

That Wind, The Winter Blows (review)

It was finally the conclusion of the K-drama I have been watching for the last month – March 2013. I am kinda sad for now since I do not have anything to look forward to. I am so trying my hardest to be excited about ” The Book Gu” with Lee Seunggi and Bae Suzy (Miss A) but I cant yet.. :P
Let me give you my thoughts about the ending of the That Wind, The Winter Blows. Just the ending, otherwise, I will get tired of typing if it’s from the very top :)
1.) There is really no doubt that both Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung are wonderful actors. They are indeed a good match up for the series! Their acting was beyond my expectations. I thought SHY wouldn’t go for heavy drama anymore after Full House, though I didn’t really watch the last K-drama she had with Hyun Bin. But man! SHY really was an amazing actress for the role! Not to mention she is really a beauty, her expressions, her eyes and her acting were awesome! She played as a blind heir of her father’s company and was in search for his departed brother. She put the right emotions I hated it that she’s too perfect for the role when I wished it was Ha Ji Won! Hahah kidding. I have to give 9/10 for SHY performance in this Kdrama.
2.) Jo Insung is already good with dramas. I think he is the only actor who was suited for the role – Oh Soo. Looks aside which is already given, he has this mannerism that you can really imagine the character as him in real life. It’s like he was not acting at all and just played his part naturally. However, there’s also this mannerism of him when he grinds his teeth, clench his jaw which I find weird and disturbing although I know it added something on the character’s persona. But still.. kekeke. I rate him 9/10 for his acting. hehe
3.) Kim Bum – I can hardly imagine he would ever do this role. I mean, I know him as a boy-next-door-type and good for romcom or feel-good or light drama and some kinda goody-goody stuff like Boys Next Door and how i really see him since he has this angelic and baby face. Must be with the hair that made him suited for the role, and he really played the role well. Well is an understatement. I hope he makes more of something like that so they boy-next-door-aura in him would be gone and people would stop typecasting him like that since he can act well.
4.) As for Kim Bum’s love interest – Jung Eunji – I have to say she was my favorite character. I know there are a lot of idols who are into acting right now but I have to put this gal on the top of my list. Simply because she was so good I adore her, she really is a born actress. I know Eunji as a member of Apink who has an outgoing and bubbly personality. She is not as beautiful as Suzy but I think (I THINK) she acts better than Suzy. :)
So about the ending, it was a so-so for me, it didn’t really leave a mark on my end and was okay. I didn’t like that it skipped from *spoiler alert* stabbing Oh Soo and then a year later he was alive. I was more wondering what happened in the middle of that “one year later”. I was expecting Oh Young’s surgery was successful and be able to gain her eyesight I understood that part later on but I wish they were able to talk about (answers) Oh Young’s questions to Oh Soo before they parted. I understand that they wont extend the series because the story will be ruined already but then the ending was not good enough for me and the ending was kinda like Nice Guy (Song Joongki), you know they ended up together but there were questions needs an answer.
But but but chicken butt.. That’s just me, my opinion != relevant to the show and the writers. It is still 7/10 drama for me because I like the actors and then the story. :) I am looking forward for awards that will be given to the actors by the end of the year.

Engagement Plans

Engagement Plans

Since the second quarter of 2012 I have been hearing different chatters about engagements, pre-nups and weddings. Last year I had like three people who are kinda close to me that told me they will get married this year. So yes it all ended – thank God! LOL
I really never thought about Weddings and such, I mean as a woman everyone wants to be wearing that bridal gowns right? But then again, I am too realistic of life that I’d rather be single for a long time or living-in with a partner. After these close people I am with at work told me they are going to get married I got a different kind of excitement..not for myself but for them. And on the preparation I realized it’s kinda hard thing to do and difficult to plan and achieve those but it was all worth it because when that big day came, all the definitions of HAPPINESS were actually written all over their faces and it made me so happy, touched and overwhelmed. I realized then, so that is the feeling and I have to have that feeling soon. Maybe not now, but soon! :D :P
Given that you are already in a relationship and wanted to settle with that person, the first step should be engagement. Most of my friends who got married really doesn’t have long engagement. Usually, after getting engaged for a few months they get married after all the preparations. And I feel like that fact is already given so I would like to change my course.
  • Engagement Plan
So I was thinking of having a long term engagement. It doesn’t matter if I have been in a relationship with that guy for like less than a year or so but the engagement must be longer than a year. Say, 2-3 years of being engaged would be fine. Like I have mentioned I wouldn’t really mind that living-in stage as part of engagement plan. Why? This usually applies if you have been in a relationship with someone for a couple of months of less than 2years only. You know, it’s important to get to know who you’ll be marrying to, his habits, his attitude when you are together from the moment he wakes up and before he sleeps and everything in between. I want to know them before I settle and live in a house with them after the wedding.
Of course, not everyone would understand my excuse about living-in right? They would usually say that ” what’s the sense of getting married when you are already living-in?’ Because MARRIAGE/MATRIMONY is a Sacrament as a Catholic wherein you face God and ask permission to live with that partner for the rest of your life until death do you part. Of course I honor and respect that. But lemme ask you otherwise, would marriage really be a guarantee of everything? NO.
Although YES you get married because you love each other, you PROMISE to each other to be faithful and all but it’s not a guarantee that one of the parties would be LOYAL.
What if you do not like the habits of your partner after getting married and live with them in the same roof? Either you will bare it and get used to it OR you will keep on arguing about it.  For me, that is what engagement is for. That is why as much as possible it should be a long-term engagement.
Puhlease, do not ever tell me that you will ONLY get laid after marriage. For all I know even before engagement when you were still “In A Relationship” you have already did it  *cough* MORALITY *cough*.
Say you never did IT even before in a relationship, or during being engaged and you will do IT after marriage. Aside from the partner who would really want to do it with you before the wedding  unless if you would have a boyfriend like Edward Cullen or something, I think it would really be normal for a guy to ask you to do it together before marriage….and sooo much for that I don’t even wanna explain further. But anyway, say you want to do it AFTER the wedding, how will you know you are compatible? How will you know you will like it? How will you know that he would like it? What if one of you either is not satisfied with IT or doesn’t like IT? Would one of you be passive, or patient enough to accept it or bare with it? After-effects on that would either be boring marriage life, or one would look for someone else who can give them satisfaction. And so much for that.
So going back to living in, I am not closing my doors for that… We can travel together wherever, I can certainly do that already since I am engaged to marry him anyway. We would be able to discover each other flaws and all, learn to accept the difference and treasure the similarities. Should there be a problem along the way atleast we can either cool it off or break it up while we aren’t married yet. :)
We have to have a house of our own while we are engaged. Certainly no babies while engaged since that will really dispute the purpose of marriage. I don’t even think engagement ring is necessary (though I’d like to have it) but then, if not then it’s fine still :)
But again, this is MY Engagement Plan, and I cant do anything if you wont agree with it. You have to make your own and I promise I wouldn’t care what would it be. Next up would be Pre-nup! :)


As I tried to post something to blog about I always end up not able to finish it. Before I created this new blogsite  I told my self I have to write it from notepad first and then read it again and again make sure there are no grammatical errors and spellings are correct and paste it here. But after I write a whole lot in a notepad I ALWAYS lose my momentum and decide not to finish it at the time and will never get to finish it at all. I am lazy like that.
Why I lose my momentum?
I have this innate personality that I always think ahead or advance. I want to impress and yet I get insecure on some other’s blog posts. I am a fan of bloggers especially fashion blogs, and most of them are same ages as mine but they are already so good on what they are doing (salute them). In defense, I am still starting. But to be honest, I am not. I have been blogging..secretly. LOL. But I think I never improved.
My insecurities.
NO. 1 is always about the language. I am kinda confused if I have to blog in plain english, taglish, or perhaps add all the languages that I know (languages daw o?). My concern is that of course, I cannot really express myself and emotions would not get out from me if it’s not in my 1st language. And sometimes, it’s kinda cute to express it in bisaya or hangul. LOL. As if I really know Hangul? LOL. I have to consider those who are reading if they would be able to understand me. Otherwise, it would be less entertaining.
Entertaining. In line to that, as much as possible I want this blog to be entertaining. I aim to please my readers as much as I can, but how?  Readers now are really smart, they spot the wrongs right away. I admit I also do that but I couldn’t seem to correct my own mistakes. tsssh! You know, sighting something wrong especially grammatical errors are kinda major off when I am reading, so I assume some others are also the same. I admit on my old blogs when I read it and realize there were grammatical errors, I’d just close that window because I feel so ashamed.
Grammatical Errors and vocabulary. I lack at this. As much as I want to improve by reading someone else’s blogs, I am kinda slow-learner. I have to get help from Google, Merriam’s dictionary and someone else’s blogs. This is also one of the reasons why I wanted to go back to school and start basic. But that’s gonna take a long process right?
Oh well, I guess time is the answer for all. I will just keep on blogging and blogging. Even at this moment I have so many things in my mind that I wanted to blog, but I couldn’t let it out. They say, keep it short and simple. The shorter the lesser the mistakes. Is that right? LOL.