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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


As I tried to post something to blog about I always end up not able to finish it. Before I created this new blogsite  I told my self I have to write it from notepad first and then read it again and again make sure there are no grammatical errors and spellings are correct and paste it here. But after I write a whole lot in a notepad I ALWAYS lose my momentum and decide not to finish it at the time and will never get to finish it at all. I am lazy like that.
Why I lose my momentum?
I have this innate personality that I always think ahead or advance. I want to impress and yet I get insecure on some other’s blog posts. I am a fan of bloggers especially fashion blogs, and most of them are same ages as mine but they are already so good on what they are doing (salute them). In defense, I am still starting. But to be honest, I am not. I have been blogging..secretly. LOL. But I think I never improved.
My insecurities.
NO. 1 is always about the language. I am kinda confused if I have to blog in plain english, taglish, or perhaps add all the languages that I know (languages daw o?). My concern is that of course, I cannot really express myself and emotions would not get out from me if it’s not in my 1st language. And sometimes, it’s kinda cute to express it in bisaya or hangul. LOL. As if I really know Hangul? LOL. I have to consider those who are reading if they would be able to understand me. Otherwise, it would be less entertaining.
Entertaining. In line to that, as much as possible I want this blog to be entertaining. I aim to please my readers as much as I can, but how?  Readers now are really smart, they spot the wrongs right away. I admit I also do that but I couldn’t seem to correct my own mistakes. tsssh! You know, sighting something wrong especially grammatical errors are kinda major off when I am reading, so I assume some others are also the same. I admit on my old blogs when I read it and realize there were grammatical errors, I’d just close that window because I feel so ashamed.
Grammatical Errors and vocabulary. I lack at this. As much as I want to improve by reading someone else’s blogs, I am kinda slow-learner. I have to get help from Google, Merriam’s dictionary and someone else’s blogs. This is also one of the reasons why I wanted to go back to school and start basic. But that’s gonna take a long process right?
Oh well, I guess time is the answer for all. I will just keep on blogging and blogging. Even at this moment I have so many things in my mind that I wanted to blog, but I couldn’t let it out. They say, keep it short and simple. The shorter the lesser the mistakes. Is that right? LOL.

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