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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Procrastination at it's best

For a long time now I have been contemplating if I should quit and transfer somewhere else and it is like an intermittent problem that I have. I still cannot come up with a decision and although my mind keeps on telling me that I should go my body and mind wouldn't follow. I am not even sure if my feelings are right and although I should have a lot of reasons to quit it all boils down to should I go? or not?

This morning before going to bed I saw an FB post from a friend of course, an old video of Regine singing Next in Lone by i dont know who was the original singer and I never understood this song when she sang it before but I really like her rendition. I also never get to sang this song so I didn't bother to know what the meaning is..yes, I understand what it meant but I just realize the whole thought of the song this morning.

What is life to offer me when I grow old? 

That is the first line of the song and for some reason it has been playing on my mind like a broken record. Ano nga ba?

I didn't graduate from college and that is really one my insecurities if not the #1 and I have only been able to realize this about a year now or so. When I started working in BPO I never thought of going back to school because it's tiring, never liked my course, I had to spend for something that I didn't like and hello? you wont get to save if you would go to school. Walang baon. LOL.

But now the table has been turned. I keep on questioning myself why dont I go back to school? I have friends who were able to finish school even if they were working at the same time. I surely can actually but why couldn't I? I still have a lot of time in my hands and I know if  that if I want to I can support myself. But why can't I? Contemplating..

This morning as well I went to pay my phone bill and I was looking at the cashier guy and it seems like his job was just so easy to handle, he would just get money put it in the system and that's it. Of course I don't know how much he is paid for and if it's just lesser than what I am paying for, why wouldn't he apply for call center? Bakit nga ba hindi? 

It's either they weren't lucky enough to pass or they are already settled with their job. How will you be able to settle with your job if you are only being paid less compared to how much you have spent to finish school? People are really different right?  I honestly think I couldn't go to a job with lesser pay than what I am being paid now.. but is it really worth it? 

This job that I have right now is actually easy. You wake up, go to work, answer calls and not even that busy, you eat, and go home, you wont even need to bring your work stuff at home and you can just sleep it over and I get paid way over the minimum wage. But..why am i not happy?

I can support my family, I can go to school if I want to, I can go enjoy with my friends if I want to, and buy stuff that I want but why am i not happy?  In all fairness, when I started working here I actually was so happy and didn't even ask for more. But now every day I keep on asking if I belong here? How can I make myself happy? Why am I even asking these? I am blessed and I will be forever thankful. But what can make me happy?

As I have mentioned I have been contemplating should I quit? But where will I go? Another BPO? Any better? I dont really know. Right now, I just really want something new... a fresh start. I want to know if I still can go beyond my limits? If I still can learn more. How? I want to challenge myself, not that I am not challenged here anymore because as what my manager said I haven't gone into a very challenging situation yet. I dont know, I felt like I have already. So right now I am procrastinating, should I go? or not?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Only in the Philippines

I saw this young lady when I had a little walk this morning after work. She's so little and was carrying her heavy-looking bag that was torn on the sides. She was walking with her slippers on and uniform. Obviously she's on her way to school. I wondered why she had to walk approximately 2km to go to school although it was still early but my heart went out for her because her school is too far and she had to walk a few kms alone. She noticed me when she turned maybe because I was like following her the whole time. I asked her what level in school she is and she said "grade 3" with a shy voice. I asked how old is she and she said "8" she's almost the same as my niece but she was so small! I asked her why she had to walk on her way to school and she said "it's far! It's traffic!" If it was me i could have said i dont have fare or i am saving. Lol. walking from her house to school was even far and it wasnt traffic that time yet. I asked her how much was her fare and she said "1 peso". I asked her why was she alone and if she has siblings to walk with her..she said she has an older brother but havent woken up yet. I asked if i should  carry her bag because i think it was really too heavy for her but she declined. I was so amazed because she had to walk that far without anybody's help. Her parents could have send her to school even if they would just walk but no she was walking alone! Out of pity i gave her 100pesos and told her to make sure to ride a jeepney next time and she said thank you..i joked that since her fare is just 1peso then she can use the 100p for 50days for travelling back and forth and she smiled...

1. I am pretty sure that this does not happen on all countries in the world. I am not saying that all kids in the Philippines are like this but i know some if not most kids in the Philippines are doing like this. Or even worse. I am proud that these struggles wouldnt affect young minds to go to school for whatever reasons they may have. I wish all kids are like this. As what they say "poverty is not a hindrance to success". Although I do not know this kid personally and have only met her once I can feel the sincerity of her voice and her thoughts. I wish she keeps that mentality and gets successful in the future.

2. I had my fair share of struggles while I was studying. I was still lucky enough that even if I came from a public school most times of my life as a student were carefree. I am thankful because in times of troubles like if we dont have money and had to walk home my siblings would take care of me atleast.  Im thankful for those struggles as well because it surely made me a better person that I am today.

3. Modesty aside I wish that like me people would learn to see whoever is in need and would extend a little help. I do not wish for that kid to remember me but I wish in the future she would care the same as I cared to those people who would be in the same situation that she have experienced when she was younger.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What keeps me busy?

I have been overly engrossed with Hallyu lately that I was no longer able to update my blog. LOL. It really mainly was because of Yoona and Seunggi coming out of the open and then Sooyoung and her boyfriend. LOL.
And then the Daesang award for Ha Ji won on Empress Qi and then a friend who is now into K-dramas that I think more addicted than me. LOL 

I have never been satisfied (or maybe not) with what I saw over the weekend. LOL I am still bitin though because 
1st.) Why does MBC only showed 2 episodes for Empress Qi when there was no release for December 30 and 31st? Geez! The story has been thrilling me already that Seung Nyang and Wanyoo have kissed and shared the night together..oohheee!!! I actually thought my heart would break because I feel like I do not want HJW to have a kiss scene, well, I guess it wont happen. LOL
So we look forward as to how it goes with the new couple Wangyo and Seung Nyang while they are still in Yuan with a loooot of obstacles. How will they endure it? Or will they be able to?

2nd) Prime Minister and I is also getting exciting! Nam Da Jeong is slowly realizing how she is falling for the Prime Minister..but got a confession from Secretary Kang, and now Kwon Yul is also realizing he's falling for Da Jeong! waaah! it's getting more more exciting! 

It's too bad that these two shows are counterpart on their timeslot. Yoona and Bumsoo is one of kind tandem and if they were shown separately they could have rated decently. But of course, Empres Qi is really daebak. The writers really know what the people wants! LOL 

And speaking of Empress Qi, here is a teaser image for tonight's episode:
as in OMG!!!! Like really?  The Emperor is making his moves now. Like WOW! That was one hot kiss scene. LOL

Although they actually said it was a CPR, but you know why on earth the Emperor have to do a CPR when he could just get her out of the water and then do the CPR? And why was he naked? WHHHHYYYY!!!??!?!? 

Well, the image itself is pretty nice, I find it hot and romantic. Red-colored water with petals. Daebak~! I can just imagine how romantic it would be and I wish Seung Nyang will gain her consciousness while the Emperor is kissing - CPR-ing her. LOL 

Surely the writers know how people wants it to be.. Of course there are Wangyo - Seung Nyang shipper who just got their dose of excitement because of that proposal and that night and a lot of people didn't really seem to like it..BUT this Taehwan - Seung Nyang shippers were like crayyy!! LOL

I cannot wait for tonight.. hahah

I found out today that Jo Jin Mo and Hyun Bin are really good friends.. ehhhhh...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Soshi in a relationship

I still cannot get over the hype that Yoona and Seunggi are dating, LOL. I am still imagining things like how was did LSG courted Yoona or if he ever did? What does Yoona feel at this moment? What are the reactions of Soshi members! Ohhh.~~I just cannot wait for them to come back since for sure there will be a lot of questions about it, although I think they wouldn't talk about it really and would be more focus on the new album more!

Now, a new Soshi member has exposed to be in a relationship as well, and this one is jjang because she was able to keep it as a secret for the whole year!!!! Although there have been speculations about Sooyoung being in a relationship~ YES! Choi Sooyoung! LOLs. I actually thought she was in a relationship with Choi Siwon because I think they really look good together.. hehe But No, she's in a relationship with popular actor Jung Kyoung-ho ~ I don't know him kaay! LOL

Choi Sooyoung along with Hyo yeon were actually the members who have been vocal about wanting to get married early..although I am not saying that Sooyoung is going to get married anytime soon, but she was really the hopeless-romatic type, so it wasn't a surprise that she is in a relationship too. They have like almost 10 year age gap with her current boyfriend ~ why am I not surprised? As per Jessica, Sooyoungie has always been attractive to older men LOL (watch Infinity Note) . It looks like Sooyoung and this guy is actually in a good relationship to be able to keep it for that long in secret..although T-ara's Soyeon was I think the idol who was able to keep a longer relationship in secret. But props to Sooyoung for being visible in the industry now and yet was able to hide her relationship well. :)

In line to that I wouldn't be surprise as well if anytime soon Hyo yeon will be exposed to be in a relationship. Although I thought it was already exposed but since it's not Korean they didn't really make a big deal out of it. But I am pretty sure she's also in a relationship. LOL. I also think Jessica is.. hehehe

Now I am waiting for Yonghwa and Seohyun to admit that they be in a relationship since I ship this Goguma couple really hard! LOL

My other OTL?
Hyun Bin  - Ha Ji Won
Minhyuk - Krystal

I think that's it for now. :) I am excited because Dispatch has released a teaser pic of another celebrity that is dating now.. Wonder who would that be?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lee Seunggi and YoonA

My first blog for this year..for some reason I feel double excited seems like everything so far is great. Apparently, it is not about me but my biases LOL.

Today, January 1st, 2014. Dispatch has reported that Im YoonA of Girls Generation and Lee Seunggi are dating - for four months! I-WAS-SO-SHOCKED-LIKE-YEAH!!!!!

Source 1
Source 2

Why am I happy?

1st. They are in a relationship! Two of the biggest and influential stars in Korean Pop/Drama are dating!! OMG!!! And they have been dating since September so that makes it four freaking months already!!! OMOOO!!

2nd. Lee Seunggi and Yoona! waaaah! I have been shipping them for a long time eversince Lee Seunggi admitted that his ideal type was YoonA. 
Although that actually stopped when Seunggi said that after working with Ha Jiwon, he started to like her and LSG and HJW's chemistry was really undeniable but I just couldn't ship them both because of YoonA. 

3rd. SM admitted it in a few hours only! That was a big WOW for me too! Like how can they just confirm it like that? When most of SM artist's scandals were denied most of the time. They would say it's a hoobae-sunbae relationship or friends, or just oppa-dongseng relationship. If I remembered it right they have only confirmed Shinee's Jonghyun and Shin Shi Kyung's relationship but Sulli - Gaeko and Onew -Jung Ah were denied. Even Victoria and Changmin! ses!

Although if I would be SM's manager it wouldn't really make any sense in denying it. First, it's LEE SEUNGGI!!! Seunggi is one of the most popular if not the biggest star in Korea at this time, having a good reputation like him is admirable. He has been known as a gentleman and genuine person. He has won a lot of surveys because a lot of people like him and he is very much respected too. In terms of music, he even went up against SNSD before although he lost but his awards are also daebak! As an actor? He has always had top rating dramas and awarded host in variety shows too! And on the top of that..being the #1 CF endorser in Korea! That is Lee why would SM deny?

Of course Yoona is not just an idol, she's also something. Being one of the prettiest faces in Korea and in Asia, an awarded actress even if she's just new. She's also a top CF endorser, and of course the center of the #1 Girl Group in Asia -if not the World (now). Our Im Choding is also something you know!

We can already put them in an A-List couple! SM for sure would be happy because it will be a boost of their market and of course people will anticipate SNSD's comeback this first half of the year. Whatever the outcome maybe it would surely be an effect of the publicized relationship of Yoona and Seunggi.

4th. The reaction of the netizens and Korean people were awesome! And to be honest I haven't heard of any bad comments reading on different articles so far. Even reviews on blogs were great too and it has also risen us the #1 search item on different portals in Korea! Like whoooaa!! They're really something! Recently LSG did the Gu Family Book with Bae Suzy and the hot kissing scene they had in the forest was really shocking..shocked everyone! It was LSG and Suzy's first real kissing I think. But because of that a lot of people have been shipping them already. They even won the Best Couple on the recently held 2013 MBC Drama Award. But after the news broke, it seems like LSG and Suzy couple has also turned their admiration to the now couple LSG and Yoona! Awesome right? :) 

5th. This is the first scandal of Lee Seunggi. Meaning, he's very clean and true. While Yoona although she has been linked before (with not to mention PSY, and that was ridiculous) but YoonA is also known to be very good natured woman. I am pretty sure that they would make up a good couple. I am so excited for both of them and hopefully they would last or even get married. 

I really wish they could last forever, because they are just both awesome people. I bet Soshi's are envy now. LOL if they are not dating too. But I doubt if they dont. I am pretty sure that all Soshi members agreed with Seunggi especially these cams below. They approve! :) 

Now that Seunggi is almost up for military enlistment, he wouldn't be that sad anymore because he would have someone who will wait for him when he gets out. And our dear Yoong for sure is pretty loyal <3 omg!!

i am so happy i cannot contain it. wahahha

I hope this is just the beginning, cannot wait for the rest of them to be exposed too. I totally support! :) 

credits to the owners of the videos and images. :)