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Monday, January 13, 2014

What keeps me busy?

I have been overly engrossed with Hallyu lately that I was no longer able to update my blog. LOL. It really mainly was because of Yoona and Seunggi coming out of the open and then Sooyoung and her boyfriend. LOL.
And then the Daesang award for Ha Ji won on Empress Qi and then a friend who is now into K-dramas that I think more addicted than me. LOL 

I have never been satisfied (or maybe not) with what I saw over the weekend. LOL I am still bitin though because 
1st.) Why does MBC only showed 2 episodes for Empress Qi when there was no release for December 30 and 31st? Geez! The story has been thrilling me already that Seung Nyang and Wanyoo have kissed and shared the night together..oohheee!!! I actually thought my heart would break because I feel like I do not want HJW to have a kiss scene, well, I guess it wont happen. LOL
So we look forward as to how it goes with the new couple Wangyo and Seung Nyang while they are still in Yuan with a loooot of obstacles. How will they endure it? Or will they be able to?

2nd) Prime Minister and I is also getting exciting! Nam Da Jeong is slowly realizing how she is falling for the Prime Minister..but got a confession from Secretary Kang, and now Kwon Yul is also realizing he's falling for Da Jeong! waaah! it's getting more more exciting! 

It's too bad that these two shows are counterpart on their timeslot. Yoona and Bumsoo is one of kind tandem and if they were shown separately they could have rated decently. But of course, Empres Qi is really daebak. The writers really know what the people wants! LOL 

And speaking of Empress Qi, here is a teaser image for tonight's episode:
as in OMG!!!! Like really?  The Emperor is making his moves now. Like WOW! That was one hot kiss scene. LOL

Although they actually said it was a CPR, but you know why on earth the Emperor have to do a CPR when he could just get her out of the water and then do the CPR? And why was he naked? WHHHHYYYY!!!??!?!? 

Well, the image itself is pretty nice, I find it hot and romantic. Red-colored water with petals. Daebak~! I can just imagine how romantic it would be and I wish Seung Nyang will gain her consciousness while the Emperor is kissing - CPR-ing her. LOL 

Surely the writers know how people wants it to be.. Of course there are Wangyo - Seung Nyang shipper who just got their dose of excitement because of that proposal and that night and a lot of people didn't really seem to like it..BUT this Taehwan - Seung Nyang shippers were like crayyy!! LOL

I cannot wait for tonight.. hahah

I found out today that Jo Jin Mo and Hyun Bin are really good friends.. ehhhhh...

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