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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Soshi in a relationship

I still cannot get over the hype that Yoona and Seunggi are dating, LOL. I am still imagining things like how was did LSG courted Yoona or if he ever did? What does Yoona feel at this moment? What are the reactions of Soshi members! Ohhh.~~I just cannot wait for them to come back since for sure there will be a lot of questions about it, although I think they wouldn't talk about it really and would be more focus on the new album more!

Now, a new Soshi member has exposed to be in a relationship as well, and this one is jjang because she was able to keep it as a secret for the whole year!!!! Although there have been speculations about Sooyoung being in a relationship~ YES! Choi Sooyoung! LOLs. I actually thought she was in a relationship with Choi Siwon because I think they really look good together.. hehe But No, she's in a relationship with popular actor Jung Kyoung-ho ~ I don't know him kaay! LOL

Choi Sooyoung along with Hyo yeon were actually the members who have been vocal about wanting to get married early..although I am not saying that Sooyoung is going to get married anytime soon, but she was really the hopeless-romatic type, so it wasn't a surprise that she is in a relationship too. They have like almost 10 year age gap with her current boyfriend ~ why am I not surprised? As per Jessica, Sooyoungie has always been attractive to older men LOL (watch Infinity Note) . It looks like Sooyoung and this guy is actually in a good relationship to be able to keep it for that long in secret..although T-ara's Soyeon was I think the idol who was able to keep a longer relationship in secret. But props to Sooyoung for being visible in the industry now and yet was able to hide her relationship well. :)

In line to that I wouldn't be surprise as well if anytime soon Hyo yeon will be exposed to be in a relationship. Although I thought it was already exposed but since it's not Korean they didn't really make a big deal out of it. But I am pretty sure she's also in a relationship. LOL. I also think Jessica is.. hehehe

Now I am waiting for Yonghwa and Seohyun to admit that they be in a relationship since I ship this Goguma couple really hard! LOL

My other OTL?
Hyun Bin  - Ha Ji Won
Minhyuk - Krystal

I think that's it for now. :) I am excited because Dispatch has released a teaser pic of another celebrity that is dating now.. Wonder who would that be?

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