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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Only in the Philippines

I saw this young lady when I had a little walk this morning after work. She's so little and was carrying her heavy-looking bag that was torn on the sides. She was walking with her slippers on and uniform. Obviously she's on her way to school. I wondered why she had to walk approximately 2km to go to school although it was still early but my heart went out for her because her school is too far and she had to walk a few kms alone. She noticed me when she turned maybe because I was like following her the whole time. I asked her what level in school she is and she said "grade 3" with a shy voice. I asked how old is she and she said "8" she's almost the same as my niece but she was so small! I asked her why she had to walk on her way to school and she said "it's far! It's traffic!" If it was me i could have said i dont have fare or i am saving. Lol. walking from her house to school was even far and it wasnt traffic that time yet. I asked her how much was her fare and she said "1 peso". I asked her why was she alone and if she has siblings to walk with her..she said she has an older brother but havent woken up yet. I asked if i should  carry her bag because i think it was really too heavy for her but she declined. I was so amazed because she had to walk that far without anybody's help. Her parents could have send her to school even if they would just walk but no she was walking alone! Out of pity i gave her 100pesos and told her to make sure to ride a jeepney next time and she said thank you..i joked that since her fare is just 1peso then she can use the 100p for 50days for travelling back and forth and she smiled...

1. I am pretty sure that this does not happen on all countries in the world. I am not saying that all kids in the Philippines are like this but i know some if not most kids in the Philippines are doing like this. Or even worse. I am proud that these struggles wouldnt affect young minds to go to school for whatever reasons they may have. I wish all kids are like this. As what they say "poverty is not a hindrance to success". Although I do not know this kid personally and have only met her once I can feel the sincerity of her voice and her thoughts. I wish she keeps that mentality and gets successful in the future.

2. I had my fair share of struggles while I was studying. I was still lucky enough that even if I came from a public school most times of my life as a student were carefree. I am thankful because in times of troubles like if we dont have money and had to walk home my siblings would take care of me atleast.  Im thankful for those struggles as well because it surely made me a better person that I am today.

3. Modesty aside I wish that like me people would learn to see whoever is in need and would extend a little help. I do not wish for that kid to remember me but I wish in the future she would care the same as I cared to those people who would be in the same situation that she have experienced when she was younger.

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