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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Wife Got Married

I think this is the last movie I would watch in 2013 and although I didn't really understand the story at first I have came up with the realization that it actually made sense.
Is it really possible to love two people at the same time? The movie was really not the typical movie and for me I find it realistic. Again for me. Maybe because I have experienced it? Yeah? Its kind of immoral because the main character ju in-nah got married twice and it's kind of upsetting that she didnt really care what would happen next although she wouldnt bother being shared by two men. And I think she was seriously ridiculous! But then again how can you resist her? When the guy was so inlove with her for a very long time...
Dukhun the husband was also ridiculously patient. Yes if I were him I would divorce In nah right away and i dont even care if I love her so much but then again... 😧
One of the lessons I have learned from that movie and yes there were a lot but I'd opt not to say it is that just live life to the fullest. There was a line that although I cannot remember exactly it went on like..
"Do you know what is wrong with Korea  soccer?"
"They just aim to win"
"Exactly..they do not enjoy the game"
Which is true. No matter how ridiculous life can be...we just really have to enjoy the ride. We do not always attack..we also aim to enjoy what has given to us.
A friend told me before that you should not follow you heart when you fall in love because your heart can deceive you. I think I was in that situation before and I couldnt agree more.. it CAN deceive you. But as I grow older and experienced a lot I realized YOU CAN NEVER TEACH YOUR HEART WHERE IT WANTS TO GO.. although you can choose not to follow it but what does it guarantee you?
Ahh so many things I want to say about that. I have to explain why I watched that movie..if you are bothered. was Son Ye of my faves and i dont care about the rest. Lol SYJ received grandslam best actress for the movie..and the love scene was really hot btw and not to mention LOL. I wonder how can they really trick that? I cannot imagine SYJ doing that when she was one of the most innocent faces in Korea. Hehe
Anyway.. so much to say...and before I end this let me greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!😁🎉💥

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas! :)

I knowww.. I haven't been writing for a loooong time already.. I'm sorry!
Been busy with stuff - well, it's Christmas.. When you get older you tend to be busier on Christmas time. Yes, those bread winner duties and bread winner duties..aside from that it was our company's Year-End party so had to cram myself looking for something to wear. 

I have to admit though that it wasn't as busier as last year, well, I am more busy on buying accessories and make up than raiding boutiques just to look for outfit. Lucky me for having a sister who keeps the stuff she used to have when she was younger. LOL

I did take a lot of selfies okay? But I cannot upload it right I will just upload one and will remove it later on..well replace it. 

This was one of group pictures with the President CEO of our company. Yes he took pictures with us. He's such a humble/strict man. 

As for my outfit I decided to wear something white from the Black and White themed party. Because I thought it was too obvious to wear black and although it's plain and simple I have highlighted my look through my hair and bangs! Yes! Bangs! LOL. It's fun but scary to be honest. Fun because it's something unusual and they never saw me having bangs before. And scary because my hair is not nice - at all - okayyy? Thank you straightening iron! LOLs and my cousin's hands. 

I know bangs looks fab with straight hair but now I am contemplating if I have to curl my hair instead and just iron my bangs..what do you think? haay.. #lakingproblema #sakitsabangs!

Good thing I won the 32-inch LED TV! wohoo! My bangs did not go to waste! LOL. Second time I got TV and I get jitters because I didn't really expect it (yeah right!) LOL

As for the Christmas day itself I just slept. LOL I was working 24th evening so I didn't get to celebrate it with my family although it's my mom's birthday also. Anyhow, will make bawi on New Year's :)

Hope you had fun and still continuing to enjoy this season friends! Happy Holidays! <3

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 5 Korean Actresses

I have been a fan of Korean dramas for like over 5 years now and I think it's time to share my Top 5 Korean Actresses (Actors to follow) on my blog since I am so into it and at the same time I have so much things to say. LOL

So here is my bias list:

1.) Of course my girl crush Ha Ji Won!! I am not crushing her for nothing okay? She has been amazing to my eyes more and more I see her. Currently she is starring Empress Qi an MBC drama and of course she's super great at it! She has starred top rating shows before like Damo, Hwang Jini, Secret Garden and King 2 Hearts. What amazes  me about HJW is that she's very versatile and she's very passionate about her craft. Did you know that she actually studied in less than 3months for all the roles she have been to? Example Hwang Jini, she had to practice Geomungo , had to practice dancing korean folk dances with professional trainer and had to cross the wire over 10ft high from the ground. Awesome right? She also had a movie wherein she was a boxer - Miracle on 1st Street - and she was also trained for that. Not only she had to learn but she also fought against a real boxer on the film. She lost of course but she was awesome like a pro in boxing. She also did aerobics on Sex is Zero and competed like a real finalist, she was told that if she could have practiced for 3months then she could be in national finals for real. And then of course horse backriding, sword fighting, sorts of martial arts, scuba diving, and ping pong. Really an amazing yeoja. She's already 35 years old but she does look 25 years old for me. like, joke! Oh I have so much to tell about this lady so I have to stop or else you wont know the rest on the list. LOL

2.) Park Shin Hye this girl is really a tear-jerker. She is awesome on heavy dramas, although I don't really see her as very pretty unlike her characters but other than that I really like this girl. She's very vibrant though and really talented.Among her works that are my favorites are the recently concluded The Heirs (w/ Lee Minho) and Miracle on 7th Cell.

3.) Son Ye Jin - it's funny but this woman really reminds me of my older sister. Must be her nose? LOL but kidding aside, this girl also is great in acting. She's amazing in A Moment to Remember which was one of my favorite movies of all time. I cried so hard! I feel like this girl is really nice personally, I want her to be my sister. Hahah Personal Taste was one of my favorit K-dramas too, it's because of her cute personality.

4.) Song Hye Kyo - she was like my first favorite actress before I met HJW LOL. It's already given that she is very pretty. One of the prettiest in the world! Her Endless Love and Full House were like my favorites eversince. I'd have to say she's like Park Shin Hye for me, although I kinda relate to PSH more because of age? But this girl is also a tear-jerker on her works.

5.) I am not even sure why she is the last but looking at the list she may be is my least favorite from the 4 above hahah but I love her anyways. Yoon Eun Hye. Man she was perfect for Coffee Prince also one of my favorites. Although I think that was really the remarkable story she had ever made, I still think she is an awesome artist even if originally she was on an idol group (Baby Vox). 

Sorry but I don't think I can stop there LOL. I have to put my runners up. LOL
Among the runners up list I also like Han Hyo Joo from Shining Inheritance, and then Moon Chae Won also from Shining Inheritance and Innocent Man. Park Bo Yong is cute from Wolf Boy, and Song Ji Hyo because she's totally different when portraying her roles from Jumong, A frozen flower to Runnng Man! LOL not to mention but I think she's the sexiest on the list aside from Park Shin Hye. But I prefer Ha Ji Won's more :) <3

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nega 101

What is more annoying from a friend who would ask for you advice and but then wont follow it?
It's funny how someone asks you for an advice but then would go the opposite from what was advised. Really funny. Not.
Like really? what was that for? after all cursing and crying you'd still go the other way from what was advised. argh! i cant.. hjshdjahe pft!

I'd rather you not say anything instead than making me feel stupid as if I was giving all the right things to advise and then..nada!


I hate people who would just close the elevator even if they know someone is about to go inside pa! asarrr!!! lami kaayo sunugon!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

REACTION: Anne Curtis Issue

So I have read it in pep this morning about a certain incident happened on nov. 22nd that Anne Curtis slapped 3 people including John lloyd Cruz in a luxury pub. I just wanna share my reaction about it not that it mattered but just saying.
Anne Curtis is one of the most admired artist not only because she is beautiful, talented but mostly she is also know because of her crazy personality that people really loved about her.

The story
According to she slapped those 3 people for the reason that she heard someone banging at the private room she acquired for friends. She allegedly pointed those people including phoemela barranda and saying she can buy the whole place and even pay those people. Wow!

Is this the downfall of Anne Curtis' career?

Anne curtis is one of the biggest stars of this generation. Box office queen, platinum record singer and in demand endorser! With this it actually reminded me about Marian Rivera's incident when she actually confronted a man who was recording a video of her show and she nagged at that man because she felt humiliated. After that incident there was indeed a decline on her career too. Would this happen with Anne curtis too?

Possibly. Well for sure die-hard fans of Anne Curtis would defend her. Well, i say those fans shouldnt and just let the people decide. Anyway, Anne Curtis already said her piece about what happened and obviously she admitted that it eas her mistake so why defend her anyway?

But why should we not bash her?
1. We are all humans and we make either silly, dumb, and super stupid mistake. Who doesnt? If you're hypocrite!
2. She apologized and was accepted. That was what mattered.
3. Celebrity or not we should not be touching someone else's business especially if you are not included on their business and you are not there to witness what really happened. Who are u to judge?
4. I remembered one article about her when she said that she didn't ask to be a role model and she doesnt want to be a role model but was just tagged to be one because she is a public property. She said she have made mistakes in her life enough not to be called a role model but people still look up to her as a role model. 
When Anne Curtis started out she was never the likes of Sarah Geronimo..she had relationships and even video scandals here and there. She has been open about how she parties and all that social stuff. But she got to where she is now not because of her social life but because of her talent and because of how she is as an artist. We do not get to see her other side not because she's acting plastic or trying to hide it but just because why should she let everyone see it anyway? And in line to that we all have that kind of side too.
5. One mistake does not define a person. Some things happen and even if we wouldnt want that to happen but it happens even if its not intentional.
6. Get a life! Life is too short to hate okay?

So yeah. I say give her a break! I am sad that I wasnt able to post something like this in defense to Marian Rivera's issue before. Some people just want to hate and love spreading out bad things to the society. Its easier to acquire negative vibes but its so hard to get out from it. I pray people would stop this kind of mentality. Because it rots you inside. And if only people would stop this crab mentality the world could be a better place.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Top 5 Songs of the Week

On my way home yesterday I have decided to do the Top 5 songs of the week because I realized there are so many nice songs I get to listen to for the past week. So today, I am sharing to you my top 5 favorite songs of the week!

1.) Ringa Linga by Taeyang - I am so addicted to the chorus of the song! LOL I always find myself LSS'ing wherever I go. Of course I don't understand the lyrics but the video is really awesome. I never followed Taeyang before on his solo perf/debut but the dance routine of this song and his performances are really Ama to the zing! :) Okay, as mentioned before this song was composed by GDragon, but I am not choosing this song because I am a GD bias okay? This song really has a good range from Pop to RnB and HipHop. 

2.) Perfume by Britney Spears - I have followed Britney since I was a toddler - joke! - since Elementary days, and I can see how much she have grown as an artist/singer. Of course I just realized that now from her old -previous releases. There is really something different about this song, in tagalog pa..walang tugma, walang sukat, malayang taludturan. deep huh? Yeah, this song is really not just a song, it's just like she was just telling a story about a love triangle and woman instinct. Her voice has also matured, not the weak tone anymore. There were people who said that it doesn't sound like Britney but it really is BS. I know she can sing seriously like this and I hope she gets to release these kind of songs. Something serious, something that would show what she can do as a singer.

3.) Arthur's Theme (Best that you Can do ) by Christopher Cross - remember those rainy nights from High School/College when you couldn't sleep or you have to study and you feel like turning on the radio just to sooth yourself  until you could fall asleep? This. This is one of the go-to songs I could listen to. I never knew the title of the song really until I decided to search for the lyrics. Who would have thought the title is Arthur's theme? lol. So yeah, a feel good song. I could listen to it over and over on silent night. I hope to find and realize these kind of songs so I could download it and grow old with it. Classic.

4.) Adore You by Miley Cyrus - no judging please! I aint fan of Miley yet. But you have to admit, and I have to admit that this girl has grown too! Forget about Hannah Montana okay! Miley is making her own name be known through her music. If you have been following my top#5 song picks you'd know that I have been selecting her songs. From We Cant Stop, 23, SMS , Wrecking Ball and then this. She really got me with these songs, of course you wont have to agree with me. This song is really something, it's also the type that would grow on you, the lyrics is simple but deep. Although I do not really like Miley Cyrus live performances, I think I could listen to this song without getting tired of it. 

5.) Alone by Sistar - This is a KPOP song. And although I never liked SISTAR I have to give them props to this song for giving perfect justice in terms of vocals, rapping and choreography. No wonder it was a big hit! and yes, past tense - because this was released on 2012. I think this was also one of their rise to fame songs alongside Loving You. As for Vocals we have to admit that Hyorin is one of the best voices in KPOP ( I am not a fan of her voice really, it's sometimes hurt my ears!) Soyou is also a decent singer that is a good support to Hyorin's. And then Bora - although this girl is not a great rapper like CL but her voice is just perfect when rapping. And of course the choreo - it's just sexy I couldn't help my self but dance - inside my mind LOL. 

That wraps up my top 5 for this week. Hopefully I get to discover new songs for next week so I wont get bored! LOL . I hope you could listen to the songs above too ! ;) Hanggang sa muli.. paalam! :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why I love KPOP!

If you haven't noticed yet, but I am super fan of KPOP - Korean POP (music). Well, actually just a few artists. Today I am going to list the top 5 reasons why I love KPOP!!! Well, it hasn't been that long that I have been a fan.. maybe around 4 years when Gee era started. So here it goes:

1.) SNSD - while I was trying to explain that they are not my first bias, or they were not the reason why I got into KPOP but actually, they were the reasons. LOL. I have known SNSD since 2009 and although I wasn't that much of fanatic then they were the one who pushed me to get into KPOP. This is a group of 9-angels.. no goddesses! These girls are really amazing individually so what do we expect? I actually have a lot of reasons why I love them I could post a separare blog for that! LOL

2.) Music - Catchy is the word. Although you do not understand the lyrics but it's either the chorus is in english, or the chorus is repeating, or the melody is just easy to remember!

3.) KPOP Fans - I haven't seen fans like the KPOP has. Geez, they're crazy! LOL. When their biases perform you can hear the loud fanchants! glowsticks that would light up venues like domes! They have a huge support from YT viewing and votes online! And for foreigners, even if we have different time zones, fans know how to work it in Korean time! Adik dbha? They are very passionate!

4.) Dedication of Idols - you can really see the dedication of these so-called Idols... Although the word Idol is something really low in their world .. but they all deserve to be called Artists. The hierarchy is from idols -> actresses -> artists. But mind you all of KPOP idols were trained not less than 1-2 years! They were trained and working their butts off like forever! They have to do their best on their training just to debut. That is why most of the KPOP idols really are good in terms of performing live! There are always discrimination about not performing live, but you would understand because they mostly dance like crayy!!

5.) The industry itself. This is actually something to be envy about.  KPOP idols can guest wherever they want, which channels, which music station, shows, variety shows. Although they have channel rivalries but the idols are allowed to guest anywhere unlike in the Philippines when artists/idols can only stay and do shows on their home networks. Kpop doesn't have like that. That may be is the reason why KPOP is known because all channels can view/use/expose them. I get sad because Philippines have amazing artists too but they are isolated on their home networks because of network war. It really sound silly to me.

Anyway, So yeah.. there goes my top 5. Maybe next time I get to post again the reasons why I love SNSD because I haven't posted anything about them yet. :))

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Same

Holding hand in hand and while my head is lying on your chest I can feel your heartbeat
And you keep on whispering in my ear that I am the only one that your heart will love.

These are just the sweetest moments in every bit of time
It always feel so good to feel the warmth of your love
I couldn't stop my lips from smiling
I couldn't even notice the tear on my cheek
And I just cant help on telling myself
I wish we will just remain as what we are now

What I want is to embrace you right now
I want to make you feel how much I love you
And I just wish we will remain forever be, and will never change
The love that we have for each other

Thursday, November 21, 2013

MAMA 2013: Fearless Forecast

I have a very interesting post for today!! :)) Tomorrow November 22nd is the MAMA 2013 - MAMA - Mnet Asian Music Awards is one  of the most prestigious award giving bodies in Korea for music that is. This year it will still be held in Hongkong same as last year and what I am posting is my fearless forecast on who will win which awards. Check it out below:

1. Best New Male Artist
Roy Kim is my bet to win this award. Why? After winning Superstar K4 last year his music/songs really charted well. Right now Jung Joon-young is leading on MAMA 2013 poll but I am still rooting for Roy Kim to win the award. Let's see.

2. Best New Female Artist
Lee Hi should win this. Although Crayon Pop is really a good contender and now leading the poll Lee Hi really deserves this award because she released two hit songs for this year - Rose and 1,2,3,4 which was my favorite. I know Lee Hi still have so many things to work on especially her stage presence and shyness, but this girl is really making it big! Of course with the help of YG family.

3. Best Male Artist
Of course GDragon! Although Lee Seunggi was awesome last year (late November - early December) we have to admit that this year is GDragon's year! All his releases were sure hits and they're freaking awesome! He was the only artist who have won Inkigayo with 3 different songs in one whole month. So??

4. Best Female Artist
I am really torn between IU and Ailee. I wondered why CL was not nominated though but I know she wouldn't really match IU's and Ailee's. If we base it on broadcasts which is also a deciding factor of winning MAMA I think IU would win, but Ailee is really not something to ignore she might steal it from IU who is the leading now. However, either one of them wins then I am fine with it.

5. Best Male Group
It's a battle between EXO and Shinee! Bias-wise I would choose Shinee! LOL They won the Disk Daesang this year competing with big artists too, even beating GDragon! LOL they have released four singles/album this year (Dream Girl, Why So Serious?, Boys Meet U and Everybody) Dream Girl and Why so Serious were good songs that I also like personally. However, EXO is a dark horse. They are newbies but they have almost hit  a million in album sales for their first album..either of these groups would win is fine with me (SM family fighttingg!! :P #SMstan)

6. Best Female Group
Of course SNSD!! Currently Fx is leading the poll. But SNSD has Sones we cannot belittle SONES they/we have been tested through time *cough* Youtube Music Awards *cough*. Not only that, although IGAB did not do well on chart for a long time the songs on IGAB album were all in the charts as soon as it was released! Although it's really not bad for F(x) to win, they also deserve it and hopefully SM would be able to take care of them properly if they win it. I think SNSD will still be the Best female group -- as long as they exist!

7. Best Dance Performance - Male Solo
I couldn't really tell who should win this. Although Seungri is leading the poll I dont think Gdragon would nab this award because Crooked was not a dance song anyway, there was no dance performance really. LOL PSY who is an international-acclaimed singer also did not really promote Gentleman in Korea, it was just a follow up of the famous Gangnam Style so I don't think he deserves it. So, yeah Seungri should be fine.

8. Best Dance Performance - Female Solo
Okay, I wish SunMi would win this but.. but.. but my bias is really CL! She's the female version of Gdragon okay! I love her stage performances on Baddest Female and I wish she can also do a lot next time . But I pity SunMi :) I so love the Wondergirls while she was still there and she has always been good in terms of performing. Although I think CL would win it, I still hope SunMi would win otherwise.

9. Best Dance Performance - Male Group
When you say dance routine of Male Group that defines Shinee. All of them are not the best dancers okay but there choreography are always the jjang!. While EXO and Infinite are trailing behind, I think Shinee should win this award.

10. Best Dance Performance - Female Group
This is really a good match but the leading on the poll now is SNSD. I haven't get to watch 4minute's performance who is behind SNSD on the poll and I am quite surprise that SISTAR is behind Crayon POP (LOL to that) when they said that they're very popular. With performance wise and the award itself we have to admit that IGAB (I Got A Boy) was one of the hardest choreography that SNSD had/have. 4Minute are good I know but I also think SNSD's IGAB will win this award. So, this would be the 2nd award for SNSD if ever. Although there's still a big chance for 4Minute to win it winning 3 consecutive times for every award shows with What's your name? I wouldn't mind who would win it but not Crayon POP please!

11. Best Vocal Performance - Male
This is a hard choice TBH! KWill is leading the poll now and damn this guy really has an awesome voice! Like seriously! I never even thought a Korean guy would sound like what KWill sounds like! So I wouldn't really disagree if he wins it. But the rest of the nominees are pretty awesome too! Especially Lee Seunggi and 2AM! I think KWill would win this but I hope and pray it's Seunggi! LOLOLOL #fantardalert

12. Best Vocal Performance - Female
This one is hard too. IU, Ailee, Lee Hi and Davichi (there's Lyn BTW that I am not familiar with). By popularity I think IU would win but me personally.. hmmm I think Davichi would win, but I want Ailee to win too! LOL.
Popularity Vote: IU
Strong Contender: Davichi
WANT: Ailee

13. Best Band Performance
It's between CNBlue and Busker Busker! I want CNBlue although Busker Busker has released chart topping songs this year. I am pretty bias here but Minhyuk!!! :)) CNBLUE!!!!

14. Best Rap Performance
I am surprise that GDragon is not nominated here. Black could have been a strong contender. For this it's between Baechigi and Dynamic Duo. I think Baechigi will win this award even if Dynamic Duo is leading the poll but I do not really care.

15. NISSAN Best Music Video
I am not sure about this but I think Gdragon would win by poll or PSY.

16. Best Original Soundtrack
I am also not sure about this, leading the poll is Suzy but I think That Winter, the wind blows will win since they won OST award in Golden Disk Awards which is another major award giving body in Korea. (edit: currently leading is the Master's SUN OST)

17. Artist of The year
Of course the hardest choice: But I think the Artist of the Year would be GDragon. One of Gdragon's year. LOL Although of course Shinee might get the Daesang not impossible for the 4 song releases but Dragon released 5 hits this year! Coup d'Etat, Black, Niliria, Crooked, Who You?. Winning awards here and there too. Still..still.. We cannot belittle Shinee's achievement this year especially that they won the Daesang this year like I said from Golden Disk, both deserves the award but I think GDragon would win.

BC - UnionPay Song of The year
If GDragon is the artist of the year then he should win the song of the year right? So yeah, I guess Crooked will win it. Okay, Dream Girl was a nice song too by Shinee but it wasn't as nice as Lucifer, Replay or even RingDingDong. Crooked on the other hand was a massive hit and aside from that it's quality is the same as the other GDragon hits.

Again, this is just my thought and whoever I have followed. You may see it as bias but I think these artists deserve these awards too. The award show will be Friday 11/22 and I am looking forward whoever wins! So it's YG vs. SM again (except for Ailee and others) They say MAMA is an no show = no award giving body which is kind of not good because it wouldn't be fair ? I have heard a lot of idols who would attend though so who knows even if they are not winning on the poll they would still win on the show itself right?

P.S. I am sad that GG will not be there as nine because only Seohyun and Hyo yeon will attend. I wish they get to bring the award still :) I am kind of excited. Are you? :))

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday BestGieh!

Today, November the 25th birthday of my best friend since birth Regina! :))

As I have mentioned on my previous post, this girl - girl - has always been my favorite person in the whole wide world. Although yeah I have a couple of favorite people now but she is really one of them. We may have not been able communicating much, or see each other often, she will always have a place in my heart. I think she is also one of the few - and when I say few really few - like 3 people who knows everything about me. Although we do not really have  much updates from each other she will always be my little sister even if she's older than me. LOL.

She has always been one of the people I want to protect in this world, I always see her as a fragile woman. Although she's a smart woman I still see her as clumsy kiddo. You can see this girl who has  an outgoing personality because she loves to laugh, but actually she also likes crying. LOL she's very sensitive and emotional. She's also moody. So she's really like a kid still kekeke. 

We aren't best friends for nothing by the way, we learned from each other too! Funny because I am the kind of person who thinks too much that I am not able to think the inner core of life, she's kind of the other way around. She's very simple and very shallow, she would see things as what it is. Yes, I think we are Yin&Yang, south & north pole all basta opposite sides of the board. But still at the end of the day we're like boyfriend-girlfriend we still agree to each other if one is making a point or the other needs to understand. 

She may think that I do not care or think about her anymore, but the truth is I still think of her like everyday! Why? She taught me that before we cross the street we have to wait for the "walk" signal before we can cross and I see that everyday! She also taught me to love truthfully, no bounds, no judgment. I've seen her fell in love twice - or thrice! LOL and she doesn't have any restrictions, she gives everything (almost) and she told me to just let it go (LOL). And she also taught me to eat first before you drink especially softdrinks, she would tell me to drink it after meal so that you wont get full right away and you get to eat a lot! LOL

Speaking of eating a lot, I know she loves to eat. So my birthday wish for her is to reduce her intake! LOL because we promised to each other that we would go to the beach wearing two piece if she have reduced weight. :( I don't know if she's still planning to fulfill that! :((

Kidding aside, whether we go or not... my wish for her is really to be happy. Happy in all aspects of life, I know she has so many plans and for some reason it's like she's still in a shell wanting to get out so she couldn't enjoy everything freely. I hope she can be happy because she deserves it more than anyone, she has a very loving heart. And I say that is the best part of her. She's very loving that also makes her lovable. 

So for my Best friend Bestgieh, Gieh, Regina, Reggie,
You will always be my best friend. I will never call anyone else as that. Like I said you will always have a space in my heart that no one can fill. I love you so much that I am not even kidding! I miss your face! I miss everything we used to do. But I understand if time wont let us meet. Just remember like alwaaays~! You are still and always my number 1 friend till the end.. <3

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello World

I am testing blogging using e-mail right now. Due to restrictions from the office I couldn't really upload an image file on my blog. So I am finding another means like doing it on my phone. But I found an alternative for the mean time by blogging through e-mail, let see if it works :)

I am attaching my girl-crush Ha Ji Won LOL
Let's see where the image file is attached. :))

okay, not bad.. :))

Monday, November 18, 2013

Girl Crush

Girl crush - feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level. 

Girl crush - I can confidently say that I am not the insecure-type of girl. Okay we have to draw the line there. Insecure can be towards the other party or insecure about yourself. I can say I am insecure with myself in terms of "i wish i am this/that" , I am kind of more on not having enough confidence. Although I am slowly coming out of my shell and learned the thought of "i dont care what other people say about me" I still am trying hard to be someone I want to be. That is why I have girl crushes before.. yes! crushes! LOL they serve as my inspiration, physically, emotionally, spiritually, ethically, and all else in between.

I was supposed to post a blog before about my girl crushes but I wasn't able to spare some time. LOL. Actually,  I didn't bother at all because maybe you would laugh at me, but who cares? it's my blog okaaay! So here they are:

1.) My best friend LOL Regina Armi Arnado - she was my first girl crush ---  like my favorite person in the whole wide world when I was young. She was witty, smart and hilarious. I wish I could get her sense of humor and just get to entertain the people I am with. I just dont have that. I also think she was the most favorite kid when we were younger. I think she was my first girl-crush. She's awesome and I am so happy we became friends.

2.) Regine Velasquez - she's  supposed to be #1.  But I cannot really say she is my girl crush but she's more like my idol. She really has the big influence in my life since I was younger. However, she's someone that I cant get enough off even until now. I am so amazed by her character, talent and life so she's like my #1 role model of everything! There were so many things I have learned from her even if she doesn't know me. LOL

3.) Julita Belchez  she was my first year high school Science teacher. I do not know why I like her but I really like how she taught us before? LOL But really, she was selfless, she only has good words for everybody. She's like a mom to us and I really really want to be like her. I would even look for her in school because I just wanna see her everyday and be inspired. She's very religious as well and she would push us on praying every day in her prayer room, so she's also an inspiration.

4.) Gina Malait - she was my communication/customer service trainer. LOL she knows that I really like her okaay! But this woman really has a huge knowledge and taller than her height! kekeke She's very cool and she knows how to live life to the fullest! Actually, I didn't realize that I like her until I got out from training. I think she was one of the pillars of my CTC-life that I can lean on. And I don't know why? LOL kidding. But I really like this woman. Her statements were always pasok sa banga for me, I feel like I was understanding things that my shallow mind wont understand. She's also very pretty and I so love her english accent! haha she was a natural speaker and I want to be like that too. Like my previous teacher Julita Belchez I would also often look for her so I can be inspired working. She's like my crush - like really! wahaha and I don't know why? 

5.) Jennifer Aniston and Lawrence - yes! these two gals are really awesome! I dont know but everytime I see these two on articles/online I would really smile. I feel like they're both good women from the inside and it really reflects their physical appearance and aura.

6.) Daghana na!! whahaha but I think this has gotta be my ultimate girl crush. Someone that I can question my sexuality! wahaha (i hope my boyfriend doesn't get to read this LOL). I love everything about her, he face, body, intelligence, attitude, passion, like everrrryyyytttthhhhiiiinggg!! (LOL NOT REALLY.) I'd give everything just to meet her and see her and be friends with her!!!Yeah I am like that.. she's my ultimate girl crush! everything she does is very amazing..amazing yeoja! LOL you know who she is? it's Ha Ji Won-ssi! :)) She's one of the top actresses in S. Korea, at first glance you wont really see her as very drop dead gorgeous (maybe on some pics ) but once you get to know her or her character you'd surely fall in love with her like I do.. like gaaa! I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I see her. I have this really kilig inside and there are so many things that is just amazing about her :) <3 

to be continued..

Friday, November 15, 2013

Gravity By Sara Bareilles

Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.
No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 
'till the moment I'm gone.

You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains.
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love 
And not feel your rain.

Set me free, leave me be. 
I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile.
When I thought that I was strong.
But you touch me for a little while 
And all my fragile strength is gone.

Set me free, leave me be. 
I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

I live here on my knees as I try to make you see 
That you're everything I think I need here on the ground.
But you're neither friend nor foe though I can't seem to let you go.
The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down,
You're keeping me down
Something always brings me back to you, 
It never takes too long

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

Haven't been able to post my new list of most-played music lately. There were just so many problems in our country that I couldn't take and it also affected my mood. Well, for the past few weeks there hasn't been any changes until I have realized that last week and maybe this week included these are my top 5 on playlists.

1.) SMS by Miley Cyrus feat. Britney Spears - okay, I never really get to understand the lyrics first but the melody is something that grew on me. I do not know if I am liking Miley's songs now or just the innate fan of Britney inside of me. I love Britney's collaborations really..from S&M of Rihanna and then this. :) Although there are so many scandals about Britney not singing her tracks I still believe that this girl knows how to sing..okaaay!! and she sings really well.

2.) Enough by Julie Ann San Jose - this song really reminds me of Leave by Jojo which was my favorite song when I was in 4th year High School. LOL. The melody and the thought really are the same. I know I am getting sick of it but it just keeps on playing on my player and I couldn't even skip it. LOL

3.) Dear Mom by SNSD - I have always love SNSD's RnB songs. There harmony is really perfect although they have different tones individually. And then there's this song, this was actually released on 2009 during Genie-era. Even if I do not understand the meaning of the song but I can really feel the sincerity of the song and just really touching.

4.) Ringa Linga by Taeyang - as soon as I have heard of this song I already knew that it has a Gdragon-like song on it. And then guess what? It was really Gdragon who wrote this song. Although this is very mellow that what Gdragon sings, I like this song because it was written by Gdragon! Kidding. I like this song because I didn't really think Taeyang can do something like this...and seriously! Taeyang is hot when I saw it's dance video. The lyrics is also very addicting so it's easy to sing with.

5.) Forever by SNSD - this also keeps on getting on the my playlist. Not that I don't like it because as I have mentioned I love SNSD's slow songs. This is like a song for friendship and love, it's very heart-warming and even if I cannot sing it perfectly I can still find myself humming to it's melody :) #LSSalways

Friday, November 8, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 - tonight!!!!

I have so many drafts to post for blog but I couldn't finish it because it's either it's not the hype anymore or I just get tired because posting a blog without any pictures really is disappointing and nakaka-walang gana. LOL
I know I could have done it at home but I would rather watch K-drama or Movies when I get to watch it at home than posting blogs because I have so many things to do. LOL

So yesterday we really had a big storm. It hit most part of Visayas from East to West! They said it's the strongest cyclone that hit the world this year, and my mom said it was the first after almost 25years. So.. that was really very strong. I will try to post pics..

But, but, but on a lighter note and totally different topic. Tonight is actually the Miss Universe 2013 pageant that will be held in Mosco Russia. This is got to be the most prestigious pageant and most looked-forward to competition.

Philippines' representative Ariella Arida has been making noise here and there for being selected in most benefit shows for MUO (Miss Universe Organization). She has recently been selected as a winner for the Ice Princess and got a kudos for the fierce performance during the pictorial. Although during the Preliminary show on November 4th they say her performance was mediocre, she was still the one of the most applauded candidate. Now, will she be able to to bring home the crown after Margie Moran (Ms. Universe 1973)?

To be honest, even if she is getting high praised I still couldn't see her as the next Miss Universe. I don't know but I do not see it in her. Of course I am no expert, but I just don't see her as the likes of Ximena Navarette (Miss Universe 2010 my fave) and Leila Lopes (Miss Universe 2011) and etc. To be honest I also do not understand her hype, or maybe it's because candidates from Philippines has always been in TOP 5 for the said competition for the past three years and just recently Megan Young just won Miss World 2013 and Mutya Datul winning Miss Supranatural 2013 too. It's not that I do not like her or I have a different bet,  as a matter of fact I am still voting for her (hope it helps) to win the crown. I am still proud filipino after all. :)  But again I still don't see her winning the title. Here are my other bets:

1.) Miss USA - Erin Brady - she's really my number one bet to win the crown. She's just so gorgeous! Her body is to die for and she has a good background too. She has been one of the candidates that is really vying for the crown but just recently she got a lot of bad comments because of her attitude and her rift between Ms. Puerto Rico and Ms. Australia, so it was a bad sign. Aside from that her performance has been inconsistent and of course, Russia doesn't like USA #fact! So, I am kinda lie-lowing on her, although I still admire her beauty.

2.) Miss Venezuela - of course! If you talk about beauty pageants first thing in mind is always Venezuela (like for real) so because of that she's always on the list.

3.) Miss Puerto Rico - she rocked the Long gown competition.

4.) Miss Ukraine - she doesn't really look Miss Universe to me but I find her an attraction, a head-turner, someone something you cannot just ignore. So yeah

5.) Miss Spain - she's next to Miss Philippines being invited with most/major events during MUO activities. So like Miss Philippines, she's also hyped.

I have runner-ups like Miss Australia, Miss Domican Republic, Miss France and Miss Japan too. I kinda like their faces.

I still wish Miss Philippines could be atleast in the top 5 really. But I cannot tell of course. I pray that inspite of the pressure, she would withstand and just enjoy the competition. She really did a good job for the past few days and I am still proud of her. Wishing her best of luck and success!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I couldn't pull my self up to be better for this whole week. I do not know if I have waken up in a wrong side of the bed because it seems to be impossible to be like this everyday. This week has been so stressful from the earthquake started on October 15th and then aftershocks every day, from the Account I am working with and the people. I cannot help but ask God if I did anything wrong for me to be punished like this.... think think think.. yes, I think I did. Until when will I bare it?

I really want to quit my job because of all these going on, I think everything is getting worse than they seem but still I asked my self if am I really that busy to complain? I am not sure. How busy can I get? Is this the worse? Definitely not.

I even thought of quitting before the year ends but I do not have the heart to leave like this, as an old friend said "If you must quit, do it for the right reasons". There are no guarantees even that I can be better on a different company, maybe the thought of it is exciting but who knows when the excitement would end? I know , I know, I think too much. But I have to think really hard. I AM NOT HAPPY.

Will I be happy when I transfer? I swear it is not the pay, I don't even think I can be paid the same as I am being paid now on a different company.

Why I am not happy? Everything is not the same as what they seem - again. The environment is not a home as it was, I feel uncomfortable in my own home. The people were not the same, the mentality is different. I don't think it's because we were busy lately because I have been from worse, but this feeling is different now.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Confessions 102: First Few Steps.. Inspiration..

I have to say Regine Velasquez has inspired me a lot during those times when I wanted to be a singer. Her "rags to riches" story really hit me hard aside from her amazing voice that really captivated me. I would often watch her every Sunday and never missed any episode just to watch her, listen to her and learn her ways on singing. By that time they would tell me that I was a copy-cat. I do not know or maybe I was in-denial if I really sounded like Regine V. before, and those scrutiny really made my self-esteem down.

When I was in Freshman back in high school I knew  that my goal was to become a singer, but unfortunately I didn't get any support anymore from my family. I didn't get a boost or encouragement from them...not anymore..maybe. My siblings would really put me down most of the time saying, I cannot do it, I shouldn't do it, I would be a humiliation if ever. Though I know I wasn't sintunado and I know I can sing, I know how to listen and because I listen so hard.. I always hear them telling me I cannot do it. LOL

It was different in school though. LOL my teachers would ask me to sing the National Anthem during flag ceremony and retreat. They would always ask me for this and that everything that were related to my voice. And I wasn't even from a pilot class! But I always got boost from my classmates, especially from a good friend Danily who even told me to go with my dreams and I should hire her to be my manager ( LOL). But always, always, when I get home it was different. Although I would still sing when there were family occasions, but it wasn't the same pride that they saw in me when I was younger, when I was in my teenage years. But I didn't back down! LOL

I tried, I prayed for it..and there were so many chances, but I lack from support. There was a singing contest before that was hosted by Regine Velasquez where Sarah Geronimo won - Star for a Night - when I really wanted to join but when I asked permission from parents because I was below 18yo, they wouldn't allow me because they said I couldn't make it. I was inexperienced. My voice wasn't good enough. And then a year after I was like 15yo still underage but I again was declined by my parents but my classmate's parent made me a letter of consent to join(LOL) but then since I didn't know we should have a whole body picture so I wasn't able to join. So I said, next time.. See? I had a very good fighting spirit then...

And then I think it was 2006, I was 16yo I joined singing contest in school. I thought I was really good already (LoL) , I know perfect timing, and my pitch, I listen to my voice and I know the things that I can do. I know my voice really well and I was so determined that I can win it. But then again, I have learned one thing that time ... yes I did not win, but I have learned that even if you know yourself really well, you sing because you communicate, do not sing just because you are singing and singing for yourself. Sing for the people. Sing like sharing your voice to the other people, which was really important right? Actually, that was the statement from one of the judges who happened to be my teacher. lol

That experienced pushed me more and inspired me on how to do it next time...

Confessions 101: I was a singer

I have a little confession to make. LOL and I think this is going to be my first time to tell a story. LOL 
I think there are only a few people who knows that I sing, well "I can sing" is even an understatement because to be honest I am a singer - I was a singer - I think LOL.

I can easily remember when I was so young, about 4 years-old, the first song I got to memorize was Bawal na Gamot.(LOL) My parents would let me stand on the table and then let me sing in front of their friends (another LOL) for real! I am not even kidding and you can ask my parents about it :P
And then when I was in 4th or 5th grade I started singing ABBA songs, it was Multiplex before and my parents would let me sing those with microphone. You can ask me any ABBA songs and I think I can sing with it well. LOL. Going back from my elementary years, my neighbors would really hear me in the morning till noon singing those ABBA songs but I have yet to realize that I wanted to be a was just like a past time to me although my neighbors would encourage me to join amateur singing contests already. But I was just clueless about it.

I was a member of school choir from 4th to 6th grade and we used to compete with other schools as well for any occasions. I still didn't think of myself to become a singer on those early years although I was being serious with being a choir member before and I could remember my classmates would get envy when I would be called out to practice because I was exempted from class. LOL

At the latter part of my primary years, one of my cousins who knew I could sing but didn't take it seriously, asked me to sing On The Wings of Love by Regine Velasquez and he thought I could hit those notes very well (sorry for not-so being humble :P). That was  when I started being serious about singing because he kept on pushing me. I couldn't even remember how I knew the song, I just knew the melody of the song and didn't even know how to read the word "inseparable". And then this cousin would even pushed me to guest on a baranggay program but did not materialize because I didn't have Minus-one tape and the Karaoke CD we were using wouldn't work. I was really fine with it but at that time I knew I had the aim to buy my first minus-one album. I  bought the R2K album - cassette tape version first . If you do not know R2K was one of Regine Velasquez's best selling albums of all time - if not the best. I would sing with it until I came to love Regine Velasquez which was actually the beginning of my addiction, frustration and aim to be a singer. 
I knew I could sing, and the encouragement from my cousins were really overwhelming, they would let me sing in family events and occasions, they call me "pambato" in singing. So I was like maybe that was my destiny..maybe being singing was for me...

To be Continued....

Monday, October 7, 2013

Let You Be by Regine Velasquez

Exactly what I feel now..

Time goes by after sad goodbye-s. 
So many changes meeting new faces
Different places with different cases. 
For other concerns your heart now burns

Can we still be together I ask. 
On my shy face I put on a mask

Am I a block to your destiny?  Or maybe I should just let you be

Maybe im just imagining things. 
Thinking you don't need someone like me
Maybe I should learn to call on you. 
Like what you used to do when you're blue

Bring back yesterday I sing. 
When friendship was a spontaneous thing
Am I part of your destiny?
Or maybe I should just let you be

Time moves in circles. 
Here I hope for miracles. 
Lost in confusion. 
I don't know how to move on

Am I too selfish on my part? 
Thinking you left me. 
Now we're apart. 
But it's unfair of you to leave me here. 
Living your dreams while I weep here in tears

Bring back yesterday I sing. 
When friendship was a spontaneous thing
Am I part of your destiny? 
Or maybe I should just let you be

Time moves in circles. 
Here I hope for miracles. 
Lost in confusion. 
I don't know how to move on?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

Top 5 songs for this week. Woot Woot!

1.) Im Out by Ciara ft. Nicki Minaj - well, yes this has been a favorite for a couple of weeks. I just saw it's video and it was really hot! lol Nicki Minaj goin for the kill! I love that girl rapping. And because of that this song has been on my "favorites" on my playlist because I wanted to memorize the rap part of the song :)

2.) Good Times by Cassadee Pope - a feel good song, it's so easy to listen and innocently sexy for me :) It reminded me so much of Game of Love by Michelle Branch ft Santana which was my favorite from High School <3. This song has the same vibe so you won't really get sick of hearing it again and again. I can imagine myself hearing this music while on a road trip somewhere. (Iwish!)

Third and fourth would be Black and Crooked by Gdragon. Yes, can't get enough! LOL

5.) A.D.T.O.Y - All Day i Think Of You by 2PM. I just want to be fair with Junho-ssi haha. To be honest this is the first thing that I see when I open my player. Because obviously it starts with "A". So since it's the first thing on my list I often start it there. Lame? Haha But this is really not a bad song..I friggin' love it's chorus. hehe

Sometimes I think if these are my kind of songs although I have mentioned before that these are my kinda-songs. But these songs were totally not my style when I was younger. Oh well, it looks like while the world is revolving, music does and tastes does too :) 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bad Girl.

When I created this blog, I was expecting that I would have a lot of negative things, rants, complaints and emotional problems to be posted but it was different from what I have been doing for the past few days. Maybe because there were always reasons for me to be happy. Well, I am very mababaw kind of person getting a corny message from my boyfriend would make me feel happy, seeing my mama cooking for me/us already makes me happy, making someone happy makes me feel happy and seeing Gdragon smiling would make me smile and heart flutters LOL.

I am like that.

I am very patient with my family, friends, work and less for my boyfriend. LOL. I always think of other people before I would think for myself. That may be is the reason why I am so sensitive because I always think what they think and what makes them happy. It seems as if I am trying to please them or making them think that I am always kind.

But to be honest I am not at all that goody-good girl, although I can also say that I am a good girl because I am really conscious on the things that I do and act. But the bad side of me is that getting annoyed for the wrong reasons, getting upset over nonsense things, get jealous without any reasons to be, pretend that I do when I don't and being too much of a good girl which is very annoying!

But let me make it clear that I am not like that all the time, I came to understand things, people and situation and I can adjust, I even talk to myself telling me that I shouldn't do that. But sometimes, you just really want to explode and wants to nag, rant, and do all the bad stuff that I have in my head but at the end I still keep it. I think I rarely complain nowadays and I am sad that most of the time I tell it to my boyfriend who also has his own issues. :(

Today, I just feel so un-happy. I am so annoyed. And I do not know if it's because I have been keeping this feeling for a long time that every little things that happen would just get into my nerve and would make me mad. Imagine? Just seeing that old friend's nuisance annoys me. Someone just took my swivel chair and I was already  annoyed. We get a lot of calls when it is my job to take calls I get annoyed. Although I try my very best not to be obvious when talking to my callers but when I am not, it is already written all over my face. BACK OFF!

That's me. I am not all that good. Maybe at times or most of the times, I am mean, irrational, upsetting.