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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why I love KPOP!

If you haven't noticed yet, but I am super fan of KPOP - Korean POP (music). Well, actually just a few artists. Today I am going to list the top 5 reasons why I love KPOP!!! Well, it hasn't been that long that I have been a fan.. maybe around 4 years when Gee era started. So here it goes:

1.) SNSD - while I was trying to explain that they are not my first bias, or they were not the reason why I got into KPOP but actually, they were the reasons. LOL. I have known SNSD since 2009 and although I wasn't that much of fanatic then they were the one who pushed me to get into KPOP. This is a group of 9-angels.. no goddesses! These girls are really amazing individually so what do we expect? I actually have a lot of reasons why I love them I could post a separare blog for that! LOL

2.) Music - Catchy is the word. Although you do not understand the lyrics but it's either the chorus is in english, or the chorus is repeating, or the melody is just easy to remember!

3.) KPOP Fans - I haven't seen fans like the KPOP has. Geez, they're crazy! LOL. When their biases perform you can hear the loud fanchants! glowsticks that would light up venues like domes! They have a huge support from YT viewing and votes online! And for foreigners, even if we have different time zones, fans know how to work it in Korean time! Adik dbha? They are very passionate!

4.) Dedication of Idols - you can really see the dedication of these so-called Idols... Although the word Idol is something really low in their world .. but they all deserve to be called Artists. The hierarchy is from idols -> actresses -> artists. But mind you all of KPOP idols were trained not less than 1-2 years! They were trained and working their butts off like forever! They have to do their best on their training just to debut. That is why most of the KPOP idols really are good in terms of performing live! There are always discrimination about not performing live, but you would understand because they mostly dance like crayy!!

5.) The industry itself. This is actually something to be envy about.  KPOP idols can guest wherever they want, which channels, which music station, shows, variety shows. Although they have channel rivalries but the idols are allowed to guest anywhere unlike in the Philippines when artists/idols can only stay and do shows on their home networks. Kpop doesn't have like that. That may be is the reason why KPOP is known because all channels can view/use/expose them. I get sad because Philippines have amazing artists too but they are isolated on their home networks because of network war. It really sound silly to me.

Anyway, So yeah.. there goes my top 5. Maybe next time I get to post again the reasons why I love SNSD because I haven't posted anything about them yet. :))

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