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Thursday, November 21, 2013

MAMA 2013: Fearless Forecast

I have a very interesting post for today!! :)) Tomorrow November 22nd is the MAMA 2013 - MAMA - Mnet Asian Music Awards is one  of the most prestigious award giving bodies in Korea for music that is. This year it will still be held in Hongkong same as last year and what I am posting is my fearless forecast on who will win which awards. Check it out below:

1. Best New Male Artist
Roy Kim is my bet to win this award. Why? After winning Superstar K4 last year his music/songs really charted well. Right now Jung Joon-young is leading on MAMA 2013 poll but I am still rooting for Roy Kim to win the award. Let's see.

2. Best New Female Artist
Lee Hi should win this. Although Crayon Pop is really a good contender and now leading the poll Lee Hi really deserves this award because she released two hit songs for this year - Rose and 1,2,3,4 which was my favorite. I know Lee Hi still have so many things to work on especially her stage presence and shyness, but this girl is really making it big! Of course with the help of YG family.

3. Best Male Artist
Of course GDragon! Although Lee Seunggi was awesome last year (late November - early December) we have to admit that this year is GDragon's year! All his releases were sure hits and they're freaking awesome! He was the only artist who have won Inkigayo with 3 different songs in one whole month. So??

4. Best Female Artist
I am really torn between IU and Ailee. I wondered why CL was not nominated though but I know she wouldn't really match IU's and Ailee's. If we base it on broadcasts which is also a deciding factor of winning MAMA I think IU would win, but Ailee is really not something to ignore she might steal it from IU who is the leading now. However, either one of them wins then I am fine with it.

5. Best Male Group
It's a battle between EXO and Shinee! Bias-wise I would choose Shinee! LOL They won the Disk Daesang this year competing with big artists too, even beating GDragon! LOL they have released four singles/album this year (Dream Girl, Why So Serious?, Boys Meet U and Everybody) Dream Girl and Why so Serious were good songs that I also like personally. However, EXO is a dark horse. They are newbies but they have almost hit  a million in album sales for their first album..either of these groups would win is fine with me (SM family fighttingg!! :P #SMstan)

6. Best Female Group
Of course SNSD!! Currently Fx is leading the poll. But SNSD has Sones we cannot belittle SONES they/we have been tested through time *cough* Youtube Music Awards *cough*. Not only that, although IGAB did not do well on chart for a long time the songs on IGAB album were all in the charts as soon as it was released! Although it's really not bad for F(x) to win, they also deserve it and hopefully SM would be able to take care of them properly if they win it. I think SNSD will still be the Best female group -- as long as they exist!

7. Best Dance Performance - Male Solo
I couldn't really tell who should win this. Although Seungri is leading the poll I dont think Gdragon would nab this award because Crooked was not a dance song anyway, there was no dance performance really. LOL PSY who is an international-acclaimed singer also did not really promote Gentleman in Korea, it was just a follow up of the famous Gangnam Style so I don't think he deserves it. So, yeah Seungri should be fine.

8. Best Dance Performance - Female Solo
Okay, I wish SunMi would win this but.. but.. but my bias is really CL! She's the female version of Gdragon okay! I love her stage performances on Baddest Female and I wish she can also do a lot next time . But I pity SunMi :) I so love the Wondergirls while she was still there and she has always been good in terms of performing. Although I think CL would win it, I still hope SunMi would win otherwise.

9. Best Dance Performance - Male Group
When you say dance routine of Male Group that defines Shinee. All of them are not the best dancers okay but there choreography are always the jjang!. While EXO and Infinite are trailing behind, I think Shinee should win this award.

10. Best Dance Performance - Female Group
This is really a good match but the leading on the poll now is SNSD. I haven't get to watch 4minute's performance who is behind SNSD on the poll and I am quite surprise that SISTAR is behind Crayon POP (LOL to that) when they said that they're very popular. With performance wise and the award itself we have to admit that IGAB (I Got A Boy) was one of the hardest choreography that SNSD had/have. 4Minute are good I know but I also think SNSD's IGAB will win this award. So, this would be the 2nd award for SNSD if ever. Although there's still a big chance for 4Minute to win it winning 3 consecutive times for every award shows with What's your name? I wouldn't mind who would win it but not Crayon POP please!

11. Best Vocal Performance - Male
This is a hard choice TBH! KWill is leading the poll now and damn this guy really has an awesome voice! Like seriously! I never even thought a Korean guy would sound like what KWill sounds like! So I wouldn't really disagree if he wins it. But the rest of the nominees are pretty awesome too! Especially Lee Seunggi and 2AM! I think KWill would win this but I hope and pray it's Seunggi! LOLOLOL #fantardalert

12. Best Vocal Performance - Female
This one is hard too. IU, Ailee, Lee Hi and Davichi (there's Lyn BTW that I am not familiar with). By popularity I think IU would win but me personally.. hmmm I think Davichi would win, but I want Ailee to win too! LOL.
Popularity Vote: IU
Strong Contender: Davichi
WANT: Ailee

13. Best Band Performance
It's between CNBlue and Busker Busker! I want CNBlue although Busker Busker has released chart topping songs this year. I am pretty bias here but Minhyuk!!! :)) CNBLUE!!!!

14. Best Rap Performance
I am surprise that GDragon is not nominated here. Black could have been a strong contender. For this it's between Baechigi and Dynamic Duo. I think Baechigi will win this award even if Dynamic Duo is leading the poll but I do not really care.

15. NISSAN Best Music Video
I am not sure about this but I think Gdragon would win by poll or PSY.

16. Best Original Soundtrack
I am also not sure about this, leading the poll is Suzy but I think That Winter, the wind blows will win since they won OST award in Golden Disk Awards which is another major award giving body in Korea. (edit: currently leading is the Master's SUN OST)

17. Artist of The year
Of course the hardest choice: But I think the Artist of the Year would be GDragon. One of Gdragon's year. LOL Although of course Shinee might get the Daesang not impossible for the 4 song releases but Dragon released 5 hits this year! Coup d'Etat, Black, Niliria, Crooked, Who You?. Winning awards here and there too. Still..still.. We cannot belittle Shinee's achievement this year especially that they won the Daesang this year like I said from Golden Disk, both deserves the award but I think GDragon would win.

BC - UnionPay Song of The year
If GDragon is the artist of the year then he should win the song of the year right? So yeah, I guess Crooked will win it. Okay, Dream Girl was a nice song too by Shinee but it wasn't as nice as Lucifer, Replay or even RingDingDong. Crooked on the other hand was a massive hit and aside from that it's quality is the same as the other GDragon hits.

Again, this is just my thought and whoever I have followed. You may see it as bias but I think these artists deserve these awards too. The award show will be Friday 11/22 and I am looking forward whoever wins! So it's YG vs. SM again (except for Ailee and others) They say MAMA is an no show = no award giving body which is kind of not good because it wouldn't be fair ? I have heard a lot of idols who would attend though so who knows even if they are not winning on the poll they would still win on the show itself right?

P.S. I am sad that GG will not be there as nine because only Seohyun and Hyo yeon will attend. I wish they get to bring the award still :) I am kind of excited. Are you? :))

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