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Friday, November 29, 2013

Top 5 Songs of the Week

On my way home yesterday I have decided to do the Top 5 songs of the week because I realized there are so many nice songs I get to listen to for the past week. So today, I am sharing to you my top 5 favorite songs of the week!

1.) Ringa Linga by Taeyang - I am so addicted to the chorus of the song! LOL I always find myself LSS'ing wherever I go. Of course I don't understand the lyrics but the video is really awesome. I never followed Taeyang before on his solo perf/debut but the dance routine of this song and his performances are really Ama to the zing! :) Okay, as mentioned before this song was composed by GDragon, but I am not choosing this song because I am a GD bias okay? This song really has a good range from Pop to RnB and HipHop. 

2.) Perfume by Britney Spears - I have followed Britney since I was a toddler - joke! - since Elementary days, and I can see how much she have grown as an artist/singer. Of course I just realized that now from her old -previous releases. There is really something different about this song, in tagalog pa..walang tugma, walang sukat, malayang taludturan. deep huh? Yeah, this song is really not just a song, it's just like she was just telling a story about a love triangle and woman instinct. Her voice has also matured, not the weak tone anymore. There were people who said that it doesn't sound like Britney but it really is BS. I know she can sing seriously like this and I hope she gets to release these kind of songs. Something serious, something that would show what she can do as a singer.

3.) Arthur's Theme (Best that you Can do ) by Christopher Cross - remember those rainy nights from High School/College when you couldn't sleep or you have to study and you feel like turning on the radio just to sooth yourself  until you could fall asleep? This. This is one of the go-to songs I could listen to. I never knew the title of the song really until I decided to search for the lyrics. Who would have thought the title is Arthur's theme? lol. So yeah, a feel good song. I could listen to it over and over on silent night. I hope to find and realize these kind of songs so I could download it and grow old with it. Classic.

4.) Adore You by Miley Cyrus - no judging please! I aint fan of Miley yet. But you have to admit, and I have to admit that this girl has grown too! Forget about Hannah Montana okay! Miley is making her own name be known through her music. If you have been following my top#5 song picks you'd know that I have been selecting her songs. From We Cant Stop, 23, SMS , Wrecking Ball and then this. She really got me with these songs, of course you wont have to agree with me. This song is really something, it's also the type that would grow on you, the lyrics is simple but deep. Although I do not really like Miley Cyrus live performances, I think I could listen to this song without getting tired of it. 

5.) Alone by Sistar - This is a KPOP song. And although I never liked SISTAR I have to give them props to this song for giving perfect justice in terms of vocals, rapping and choreography. No wonder it was a big hit! and yes, past tense - because this was released on 2012. I think this was also one of their rise to fame songs alongside Loving You. As for Vocals we have to admit that Hyorin is one of the best voices in KPOP ( I am not a fan of her voice really, it's sometimes hurt my ears!) Soyou is also a decent singer that is a good support to Hyorin's. And then Bora - although this girl is not a great rapper like CL but her voice is just perfect when rapping. And of course the choreo - it's just sexy I couldn't help my self but dance - inside my mind LOL. 

That wraps up my top 5 for this week. Hopefully I get to discover new songs for next week so I wont get bored! LOL . I hope you could listen to the songs above too ! ;) Hanggang sa muli.. paalam! :)

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