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Sunday, December 1, 2013

REACTION: Anne Curtis Issue

So I have read it in pep this morning about a certain incident happened on nov. 22nd that Anne Curtis slapped 3 people including John lloyd Cruz in a luxury pub. I just wanna share my reaction about it not that it mattered but just saying.
Anne Curtis is one of the most admired artist not only because she is beautiful, talented but mostly she is also know because of her crazy personality that people really loved about her.

The story
According to she slapped those 3 people for the reason that she heard someone banging at the private room she acquired for friends. She allegedly pointed those people including phoemela barranda and saying she can buy the whole place and even pay those people. Wow!

Is this the downfall of Anne Curtis' career?

Anne curtis is one of the biggest stars of this generation. Box office queen, platinum record singer and in demand endorser! With this it actually reminded me about Marian Rivera's incident when she actually confronted a man who was recording a video of her show and she nagged at that man because she felt humiliated. After that incident there was indeed a decline on her career too. Would this happen with Anne curtis too?

Possibly. Well for sure die-hard fans of Anne Curtis would defend her. Well, i say those fans shouldnt and just let the people decide. Anyway, Anne Curtis already said her piece about what happened and obviously she admitted that it eas her mistake so why defend her anyway?

But why should we not bash her?
1. We are all humans and we make either silly, dumb, and super stupid mistake. Who doesnt? If you're hypocrite!
2. She apologized and was accepted. That was what mattered.
3. Celebrity or not we should not be touching someone else's business especially if you are not included on their business and you are not there to witness what really happened. Who are u to judge?
4. I remembered one article about her when she said that she didn't ask to be a role model and she doesnt want to be a role model but was just tagged to be one because she is a public property. She said she have made mistakes in her life enough not to be called a role model but people still look up to her as a role model. 
When Anne Curtis started out she was never the likes of Sarah Geronimo..she had relationships and even video scandals here and there. She has been open about how she parties and all that social stuff. But she got to where she is now not because of her social life but because of her talent and because of how she is as an artist. We do not get to see her other side not because she's acting plastic or trying to hide it but just because why should she let everyone see it anyway? And in line to that we all have that kind of side too.
5. One mistake does not define a person. Some things happen and even if we wouldnt want that to happen but it happens even if its not intentional.
6. Get a life! Life is too short to hate okay?

So yeah. I say give her a break! I am sad that I wasnt able to post something like this in defense to Marian Rivera's issue before. Some people just want to hate and love spreading out bad things to the society. Its easier to acquire negative vibes but its so hard to get out from it. I pray people would stop this kind of mentality. Because it rots you inside. And if only people would stop this crab mentality the world could be a better place.

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