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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 5 Korean Actresses

I have been a fan of Korean dramas for like over 5 years now and I think it's time to share my Top 5 Korean Actresses (Actors to follow) on my blog since I am so into it and at the same time I have so much things to say. LOL

So here is my bias list:

1.) Of course my girl crush Ha Ji Won!! I am not crushing her for nothing okay? She has been amazing to my eyes more and more I see her. Currently she is starring Empress Qi an MBC drama and of course she's super great at it! She has starred top rating shows before like Damo, Hwang Jini, Secret Garden and King 2 Hearts. What amazes  me about HJW is that she's very versatile and she's very passionate about her craft. Did you know that she actually studied in less than 3months for all the roles she have been to? Example Hwang Jini, she had to practice Geomungo , had to practice dancing korean folk dances with professional trainer and had to cross the wire over 10ft high from the ground. Awesome right? She also had a movie wherein she was a boxer - Miracle on 1st Street - and she was also trained for that. Not only she had to learn but she also fought against a real boxer on the film. She lost of course but she was awesome like a pro in boxing. She also did aerobics on Sex is Zero and competed like a real finalist, she was told that if she could have practiced for 3months then she could be in national finals for real. And then of course horse backriding, sword fighting, sorts of martial arts, scuba diving, and ping pong. Really an amazing yeoja. She's already 35 years old but she does look 25 years old for me. like, joke! Oh I have so much to tell about this lady so I have to stop or else you wont know the rest on the list. LOL

2.) Park Shin Hye this girl is really a tear-jerker. She is awesome on heavy dramas, although I don't really see her as very pretty unlike her characters but other than that I really like this girl. She's very vibrant though and really talented.Among her works that are my favorites are the recently concluded The Heirs (w/ Lee Minho) and Miracle on 7th Cell.

3.) Son Ye Jin - it's funny but this woman really reminds me of my older sister. Must be her nose? LOL but kidding aside, this girl also is great in acting. She's amazing in A Moment to Remember which was one of my favorite movies of all time. I cried so hard! I feel like this girl is really nice personally, I want her to be my sister. Hahah Personal Taste was one of my favorit K-dramas too, it's because of her cute personality.

4.) Song Hye Kyo - she was like my first favorite actress before I met HJW LOL. It's already given that she is very pretty. One of the prettiest in the world! Her Endless Love and Full House were like my favorites eversince. I'd have to say she's like Park Shin Hye for me, although I kinda relate to PSH more because of age? But this girl is also a tear-jerker on her works.

5.) I am not even sure why she is the last but looking at the list she may be is my least favorite from the 4 above hahah but I love her anyways. Yoon Eun Hye. Man she was perfect for Coffee Prince also one of my favorites. Although I think that was really the remarkable story she had ever made, I still think she is an awesome artist even if originally she was on an idol group (Baby Vox). 

Sorry but I don't think I can stop there LOL. I have to put my runners up. LOL
Among the runners up list I also like Han Hyo Joo from Shining Inheritance, and then Moon Chae Won also from Shining Inheritance and Innocent Man. Park Bo Yong is cute from Wolf Boy, and Song Ji Hyo because she's totally different when portraying her roles from Jumong, A frozen flower to Runnng Man! LOL not to mention but I think she's the sexiest on the list aside from Park Shin Hye. But I prefer Ha Ji Won's more :) <3

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