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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Wife Got Married

I think this is the last movie I would watch in 2013 and although I didn't really understand the story at first I have came up with the realization that it actually made sense.
Is it really possible to love two people at the same time? The movie was really not the typical movie and for me I find it realistic. Again for me. Maybe because I have experienced it? Yeah? Its kind of immoral because the main character ju in-nah got married twice and it's kind of upsetting that she didnt really care what would happen next although she wouldnt bother being shared by two men. And I think she was seriously ridiculous! But then again how can you resist her? When the guy was so inlove with her for a very long time...
Dukhun the husband was also ridiculously patient. Yes if I were him I would divorce In nah right away and i dont even care if I love her so much but then again... 😧
One of the lessons I have learned from that movie and yes there were a lot but I'd opt not to say it is that just live life to the fullest. There was a line that although I cannot remember exactly it went on like..
"Do you know what is wrong with Korea  soccer?"
"They just aim to win"
"Exactly..they do not enjoy the game"
Which is true. No matter how ridiculous life can be...we just really have to enjoy the ride. We do not always attack..we also aim to enjoy what has given to us.
A friend told me before that you should not follow you heart when you fall in love because your heart can deceive you. I think I was in that situation before and I couldnt agree more.. it CAN deceive you. But as I grow older and experienced a lot I realized YOU CAN NEVER TEACH YOUR HEART WHERE IT WANTS TO GO.. although you can choose not to follow it but what does it guarantee you?
Ahh so many things I want to say about that. I have to explain why I watched that movie..if you are bothered. was Son Ye of my faves and i dont care about the rest. Lol SYJ received grandslam best actress for the movie..and the love scene was really hot btw and not to mention LOL. I wonder how can they really trick that? I cannot imagine SYJ doing that when she was one of the most innocent faces in Korea. Hehe
Anyway.. so much to say...and before I end this let me greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!😁🎉💥

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