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Friday, February 28, 2014

Mr. Mr. SNSD Preview

Okay so Feb. 24th, SNSD released their album digitally (Worldwide) with the carrier single Mr. Mr. and then Feb. 26th 2ne1 released their album Crush with the carrier single Come Back Home. I have been watching these two albums on charts and I must say without any bias that 2ne1 is still slaying the chart after 24hours release while SNSD can barely manage to do it for 24hours. Why?

I honestly don't know. 


To be honest and without any bias I really like Mr. Mr. album than Crush - this is a mini album by the way. It composed of 6 songs 1 ballad and the rest are like electro-pop, dance songs mostly.

Why do I like it than Crush?

1.) Mr. Mr. is something new for SNSD. When you hear it the first time you'd never even think that SNSD sang this. It doesn't have a hook lyrics unlike "Gee gee gee gee baby" or "Sowoneul Maraebwa" except maybe for the "Mister..mister" lyrics everything is really different from their previous release. And I like it.

2.) The vocals are awesome. Let's be real, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun are really powerful on this song. They have different tone of voice but they match well on this song perfectly. Taeyeon being the lead singer is very impressive although I really have to watch the live performance (which is still gonna be a week from now - March 6th) and see if they would nail the vocals like in the album.

3.) It's classy. I have mentioned this on Instagram and I must say it's not a cheap kind of song like the previous release. Yes, it's not Gee that took the mass appeal. It wasn't Genie that made all the boys salivating but seriously, Mr. Mr. is a very classy album. 

4.) I have seen SNSD from how they started and I must say this is growth. And I know this is what they want. And that is what I want as a listener too - Maturity. The song is not like I Got A Boy and is better than IGAB. You can feel that they're no longer the girls who sang cutesy steps in Gee and Kissing you.

5.) I like that aside from growth I undestand that what SNSD wants is to try something that people do not expect them to be. When the Mr. Mr. teasers were released people were like "oh, another sexy concept" because that is the trend now. But apparently they didn't go to that route and I guess SNSD will never go to that route. SNSD is aiming to lead. They're the number 1 girl group whether you like it or not. They will try something new and keep on trying something new so that audience would know that KPOP is not JUST about cutesy, sexy, rapping and all.  Even if it's a success or not as long as they would try something new you would know that SNSD have tried that already. They aren't scared. And I bet if this album will not be a success then KPOP will be the same as what it is now. They keep on following the same concepts. Which is more disappointing.

My favorites so far on Mr. Mr. album are:

1.) Goodbye - geez, their vocals is soo good! i could listen to it all day long. the depth of their voices is awesome and my Hyo yeon finally got decent lines on this song. 

2.) BackHug - I love the serenity of the song, and the title itself is really sweet "you cover my heart". I think this would be my long time favorite on the list I have for SNSD's ballads

3.) Mr. Mr of course given that again it's something new and vocals are amazing!

4.) Wait a Minute (OMG) this is really chic classy song. love the chorus, it's playing in my head like Mr. Mr. Although my favorite is Goodbye but this song is really catchy.

I hope people would grow up and also give chance to something that they are not familiar of. And if you do not like the song then please don't hate on the people singing it or the management company. It really doesn't make sense :) 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Save?

I am so sure that I am the wrong person to blog about this but maybe atleast when I get to read it I will be more inspired to - SAVE.

SAVE money - for the past 6 years that I have been working I never did this and am I regretful? Yes and No. 

Yes because I know I could have done it and NO because I know I was able to use my money on important things. Yes because I feel like I could have practically done a lot of things like travel in/out Cebu but NO because I know I was able to help my family for the past 6 years. Yes because I could have bought something useful and worth-keeping that is expensive but NO because I was able to do memories still eating out with friends and helped my brother finish school. But Yes because I could have done all the reasons when on NO's if I was able to save.

I was able to read some blogs and most of the successful people I know and known to other people always say they Save a lot. WHHHYYY CANT I DO IT?

Miss Gina my favorite trainer once told me that the secret is SAVE first and then spend. That's like her motto. She was able to travel a lot of places already because most of the time she save and enjoy her savings later on.

Miss Lizzie my manager once said she regretted that she did not save money at an early age. She could have done so much already. She started saving when she was 26 years old and was highly influenced by her then-boyfriend, now-husband. Before they got married last year they already have their own house and car and prior to getting married they have been to places here inside Philippines already.

Miss Shelley my other manager/friend said that she is really keen into saving. Eversince she never had expenditure that she was guilty of. She was able to develop their own house, letting her friends borrow money from her and able to support her younger brother to finish school. And now,she is still saving even if she's married.

An old friend told me before that I have to save and only let go of the money that you wont be regretful to spend or give or borrow. 

Okay, these people are like older than me and even being paid more than my wage. But still when will I ever start?

Recently I started reading Bianca Gonzales's blog and I saw a lot of people there - and mind you SUCCESSFUL people there who always say they are good at saving and look where they are now.. That also includes Bianca herself.

Karen Davila a very successful news anchor said : “I am a very big saver. For some time now, I’ve been saving 80 percent of what I earn.”

Ha Ji Won is also good in saving as a matter of fact she was awarded before for Prime Minister Award for Savings. 

Boy Abunda a successful celebrity as well is known for being a good saver and you can just imagine how much he invested. Even if he is getting a lot of money most of the time he saves it too. 

I know I have a lot of things to buy, a lot of places I wanted to go, and goals to achieve. And even if they say that money is not everything I wish I could also realize that money is almost everything. 

Right now, I am starting to save and hopefully I can keep this promise. I wanted to go places this year. As what they say go to one place that you have never been to once a year and that is my ultimate goal atleast before I could get married. You have to know and budget your expenses. But save first. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 2014 - isn't it amaazing?

So, I know I have not been posting for a long time already. LOL and I actually have a lot of things to say since the last week of January but I just didn't have enough time ( tardy) to finish the drafts that I have. I wish I could break it down for ya. Well, I know I have missed a lot and today I was super inspired by a new blog from one of the most respected hosts in her generation and truly smart Bianca Gonzales. I admit that I am not her fan but her wit and intelligence really is admirable, I wish I could be like her in terms of blogging. LOL. Now I have an official role model in-terms of blogging and I needed that so I can be motivated to blog more.

Few things that I missed and will put it on my top 5 picks instead are the following.

  1. My Top 5 Songs of the Week - I have already made a draft about this but I didn't get to finish it so I will just make a quick 5 picks for you.

  • Ringa Linga by Taeyang, still on top of my playlist for now. It's too alive that I cannot help but dance and sing to it. char!
  • Everytime by Britney Spears - yes I know it's old. But this mellow song is really memorable and calm that can help me relax and think a lot. Forever a Britney Spears fan!
  • Never Gonna Let You go by Sergio Mendes - another new song (LOL) I can really relate to this song by it's lyrics and melody. It is such a classic piece!
  • That Man by Hyun Bin - I do not mind repeating this song over and over again. That husky voice is really sexy and romantic and I keep on thinking about the Amazing Couple that I ship hard.
  • Let it Go by Demi Lovato - the lyrics. Seriously captivates me. I so can relate. :)
2. My Ha Ji Won addiction. LOL I don't know but I am more drawn to her every time and even Hyun Bin! LOL I really want them together and how I wish that time will come soon that they would admit their relationship. LOL. Yes that is my bias side talking.  Aside from that I am so hooked with Empress Ki lately that for some reason I never got bored and I do not want it to finish! LOL Before I hated Mondays because I have to go back to work but nowadays I am looking forward for Mondays because it's the airing of Empress Ki and I get to read spoilers on Soompi forum so I would know what would happen and would prepare my heart for the sadness and excitement on next episodes. Yeah. I am a cheater like that :P

3. I was supposed to blog about this on February 1st when SNSD and 2ne1 confirmed their comeback supposedly within this week. SM made an announcement first about SNSD's comeback. Supposedly February 19th which is today, is the release of the "Mr. Mr"'s MV and then the full album will come out on February 24th. So, YG confirmed that 2ne1 has the same date for the album to come out but will be released on midnight the 24th. How wise SM was because they have pushed back the come back of SNSD due to "corrupted MV file" which of course very meh excuse just to go head to head with 2ne1. Because of course, they should be thinking if SNSD will come back first then when 2ne1's come back take place the SNSD will get ousted from the charts, although we do not know how long but will surely be ousted knowing 2ne1 are digital monsters too! So, SM has yet to confirm when it will be released and go head to head whenever that is. That will be amazing right? :O

4. Valentines day. I lost my cellphone on February 14th. Like it broke my heart but then God was so good because within 24hours it got returned to me. This was actually posted on FB and I talk about it for every day for three days! LOL people kept on asking me how I did find my phone when it was like 1/10 people would be able to get their phone back from being lost/stolen.  So I was like very hyped and told everybody how I got it back, nevermind how I lost it. That was like one of the amazing events that I have in my life knowing how much attached I am with my phone. LOL. So, this is one of the most unforgettable experiences that I have ever. It taught me how to trust and have more faith in God (because I felt like that was a test), always be cautious and careful of your belongings and always be thankful! :) 

5. I feel so loved this month. Haha. That's kinda lame right? But seriously, from God finding my cellphone. From my parents that has been so supportive with everything even if they do not want me to but they are slowly trusting me enough with my lovelife and professional life. And friends that has been showing so much care for me. Especially when I lost my phone. LOL I know they know who they are. :) 

Thank you Lord. Thank you for the blessings, gift of life and the people I am surrounded with.