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Friday, February 28, 2014

Mr. Mr. SNSD Preview

Okay so Feb. 24th, SNSD released their album digitally (Worldwide) with the carrier single Mr. Mr. and then Feb. 26th 2ne1 released their album Crush with the carrier single Come Back Home. I have been watching these two albums on charts and I must say without any bias that 2ne1 is still slaying the chart after 24hours release while SNSD can barely manage to do it for 24hours. Why?

I honestly don't know. 


To be honest and without any bias I really like Mr. Mr. album than Crush - this is a mini album by the way. It composed of 6 songs 1 ballad and the rest are like electro-pop, dance songs mostly.

Why do I like it than Crush?

1.) Mr. Mr. is something new for SNSD. When you hear it the first time you'd never even think that SNSD sang this. It doesn't have a hook lyrics unlike "Gee gee gee gee baby" or "Sowoneul Maraebwa" except maybe for the "Mister..mister" lyrics everything is really different from their previous release. And I like it.

2.) The vocals are awesome. Let's be real, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun are really powerful on this song. They have different tone of voice but they match well on this song perfectly. Taeyeon being the lead singer is very impressive although I really have to watch the live performance (which is still gonna be a week from now - March 6th) and see if they would nail the vocals like in the album.

3.) It's classy. I have mentioned this on Instagram and I must say it's not a cheap kind of song like the previous release. Yes, it's not Gee that took the mass appeal. It wasn't Genie that made all the boys salivating but seriously, Mr. Mr. is a very classy album. 

4.) I have seen SNSD from how they started and I must say this is growth. And I know this is what they want. And that is what I want as a listener too - Maturity. The song is not like I Got A Boy and is better than IGAB. You can feel that they're no longer the girls who sang cutesy steps in Gee and Kissing you.

5.) I like that aside from growth I undestand that what SNSD wants is to try something that people do not expect them to be. When the Mr. Mr. teasers were released people were like "oh, another sexy concept" because that is the trend now. But apparently they didn't go to that route and I guess SNSD will never go to that route. SNSD is aiming to lead. They're the number 1 girl group whether you like it or not. They will try something new and keep on trying something new so that audience would know that KPOP is not JUST about cutesy, sexy, rapping and all.  Even if it's a success or not as long as they would try something new you would know that SNSD have tried that already. They aren't scared. And I bet if this album will not be a success then KPOP will be the same as what it is now. They keep on following the same concepts. Which is more disappointing.

My favorites so far on Mr. Mr. album are:

1.) Goodbye - geez, their vocals is soo good! i could listen to it all day long. the depth of their voices is awesome and my Hyo yeon finally got decent lines on this song. 

2.) BackHug - I love the serenity of the song, and the title itself is really sweet "you cover my heart". I think this would be my long time favorite on the list I have for SNSD's ballads

3.) Mr. Mr of course given that again it's something new and vocals are amazing!

4.) Wait a Minute (OMG) this is really chic classy song. love the chorus, it's playing in my head like Mr. Mr. Although my favorite is Goodbye but this song is really catchy.

I hope people would grow up and also give chance to something that they are not familiar of. And if you do not like the song then please don't hate on the people singing it or the management company. It really doesn't make sense :) 

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