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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Haetnim~!

So, before the day ends I'd like to officially blog about our Amazing Yeoja's birthday!!

It is Ha Ji Won's birthday today!

She's celebrating it in Japan with a fanmeet. >how envy I am?< you have no idea!
I wish she could promote EK here in the Philippines, but yeah, GMA is not that rich to bring such a big star from Korea! pft!

Anyhow..June 28th, 2014.
I am a satisfied fan today and I will always remember it. She selected Hyun Bin as his most ideal man through Ideal Man Worldcup. Yes, Koreans have this game wherein one person is compared to one person and you select who you like better until narrowing down to your ideal man. Before,l she chose him as her guy-best-friend! and now she said she likes manly guys and she selected Hyun Bin because he is very manly. LOL.

I wish they could just date already.. okay fine, not date but can they get married already? Like for real!

Am I blogging about her fanmeet? NO. But her birthday okay! LOL

Ha Ji Won unnie! I am your big fan from the Philippines! I wish I could meet you atleast before you get married. I wish I could shake your hand and get a selca (selfie) together! That would be a dream come true like I am reaching a star in my hands. Wait what? Why am I wishing for myself when it is not my birthday? LOL.

Kidding aside, I know Ha Ji Won has inspired thousands of people already and hopefully millions more. She's one of the celebrities I have seen with a sincere heart. Although she'd brag and boast sometimes, but she is actually makes it funny, I think it's not bragging or boasting but more like being naive. She is 36 years old okay, but she looks more like 26! She's 36 already but she acts like a kid behind camera. She giggles a lot, she likes laughing, she likes carefree atmosphere, she loves her fans very much that she created an Instagram account! She lives like a youth on her teens, she is very corny, she doesn't know how to cook, she's single. Okay now, that was very random I know.

I am not sure if guys are blind or they are just really intimidated by you. I would like you to date already unnie! Like after over 10years you should date again and experience being loved by an amazing namja. no pun intended LOL.

But more than anything else I wish you happiness in your heart and mind. The same happiness that you give to your fans when you are around. That is why I wish That Man can make you happy also..lololol. I wish you could also rest well while doing what you love best. Thank you for inspiring us and being there to give us an innocent and wholesome joy! LOL

I don't know until when I will be crushing on you.. but I love you uri Jeon Hae Rim~!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

My stand - BaekYeon Couple

Apparently I did not blog anything about SNSD's Taeyeon being in a relationship with EXO's Baekhyun for 4 months already. Jeez, Kim Taeyeon is like my second bias in SNSD and I am left out blogging about it. Actually there is a reason to blog and say something about it after the scandal, the hiss and buzz from netizens and backlash of Korean people. I have said it before after Yoona's admission of being in a relationship with Seunggi that when SNSD's Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany admit their relationship then there will be a lot of flipping tables and chairs. Although Tiffany's admission to in a relationship with Nichkhun of 2pm (that I didn't blog about too) didn't really have negative buzz because really they have been friends for a long time and people even thought they have always been in a relationship for 4 years lol! But then it is true that SNSD's Taeyeon's admission really had a lot of hates. Not only because Taeyeon is like the most popular female idol of this generation, she is in a relationship with a member of the most popular boy band in Korea right now - EXO that has been into controversy after Kris left (blogged about it :P) Baekhyun. Baekhyun has always been a self-confessed fan of SNSD's Taeyeon even before and a lot of fans were even shipping them but right now that it came true it looks like the reaction has been reversed. Crazy fans!

Let's just no talk about their age difference. Like seriously, even teenagers can date okay! Although I understand that some fans might not accept the relationship but I don't understand why they have to call Baekhyun a traitor on a live show! And then this... For real?! What the hell is happening with the world? 
Do I sound upset?
Because I really am upset about it! It's ridiculous really, why? Can they not date? 

I understand that they are public property because being called celebrities and their popularity are owed to the fans but they actually became idols because of their talents and not because of their personal lives that is supposedly ought to be kept and it's not ought to be meddled by the public! You love them fine, you hate them fine! But these fans (haters) should not go down to this level hurting people who just happened to fell in love. What's HUMANITY? Just at least respect them as people who have feelings too and  they are not even perfect! If they chose to be silent about their relationship then it is their life and it's also because they don't want their relationship to be pressured by the public so they can last. Being called names with no basis is extremely unacceptable. How Baekhyun could have been humiliated about being called a traitor? 
How Taeyeon could have cried in the airport and apologizing when there is no reason to be?
I have mentioned before that Taeyeon is a very sentimental and emotional idol. She has always loved fans as well even created an Instagram account for the fans to see what she is doing, heck! Fans should have even be thankful for sharing a piece of her when she doesn't really have to. I remembered the time that she have written a message to J-Sone in concert to say how thankful she is "being loved and how to be loved" by people and she was like half crying. 

This could also threaten the lives of other idols who wanted to date. And might also lead to separation of Baekyeon-couple and to other idols that are dating secretly right now. Maybe depending on who dates with who. But this new scandal right now of Taeyeon and Baekyun is really getting out of hand. I hope SM would do something to protect their artists. sigh.

really sad and feel sorry for Taeyeon :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am..


I hope this will be the last time I will be "complaining" or ranting about my sleeping habit. Last week was a really tiring week for me that I even had to sleep the whole time on Saturday afternoon - Sunday morning, and then Sunday morning till evening. If Rimond has not gone home to pick me up so we can get to church then I wouldn't get up on my bed at all!

How stupid of me to get into this kind of schedule? Here's the breakdown of the time I have every day!

5AM - must get up and prepare for school. 
6AM or earlier I should be leaving for school already (good luck with the rush hour!)
7:30 AM - 1:30 PM - School
by 1:45PM or so I should be on the PUJ on my way home.
I get home around 2:30PM - 3PM 
I try to sleep right away after of course my ritual before hitting the sack.

I wake up at 8:45PM at night to prepare for work.
I should have left home around 9:45PM - 10PM and be at work before 11pm.

11PM - 8AM in the office

by 8:30AM I should leave the office already (righ away~!) 
I get home around 9:30AM - 10AM and sleep
Wake up at 3PM to prepare for school
travel time 3:45PM - 5PM to school and then 5PM - 8PM school
8PM - I should hurry for work since I am scheduled on a 9PM shift (pre my request)
and then 9PM - 6AM -work

6AM - prepare for school from the office and then leave for school around 6:45AM - 7AM
7:30 AM - 1:30 PM - School
by 1:45PM or so I should be on the PUJ on my way home.
I get home around 2:30PM - 3PM 
I try to sleep right away after of course my ritual before hitting the sack.

And then on and on.
If you notice Tuesday - Wednesday and Thursday - Friday are my crucial days because I am awake for 24hrs and will only get to sleep a couple of hours to sleep (6hrs max). I didn't realize this when I was picking my schedule and I was thinking it will be easier but it really isn't especially that I don't live within the city. ugh! it's not new to me or anything but it is really tiring...seriously!

Although I can steal naps when I am in the office or in school during my vacant on MWF class, it wouldn't be enough to suffice my hunger of sleeping. So I need to make bawi on weekends when unfortunately sometimes I have a split rest days in every other week. I will be away for like 3days next week and I doubt it if I can even sleep well. LOL.

Will I be able to make it?
Can I really do this for another four months?
That doesn't include the stress in school and work even.
My schedule really sucks! :'(

Friday, June 20, 2014

Love Story Part 2

I was about to look for an image of a broken heart in Google so I can post it on my Love Story part 2, but when I saw the results I was like...NO! I am not as emotional as I was before and it's maybe because I have gone through a lot that I have gotten used to it. LOL. From family dramas, friendship issues and broken lovelife that everytime I see emotional/problematic posts in Facebook and "emo" pictures make me really cringe! So much for that.. here's my 2nd part of love story.

I can say that I have my fair-share of broken heart and mending it. I was too mind over heart though that it doesn't show but too hard to get over because I would conceal it. No, I don't cry and I cant even remember when was the last time I cried because of it. I have experienced two types of heart breaks so far..hurting someone, and being hurt by someone/situation.

1.) Hurting someone I'd say is also a heart breaking thing to do, as the song goes "there's no easy way to break somebody's heart". Truth to be told, especially if that person is a close friend there is just not easy way. You have to either get hurt by yourself because you are forcing something that you do not feel, or get hurt because you know that the person is hurting. Rimond was originally a friend - only. About 10 years ago he started courting me but I only see him as a friend that time, although he never put pressure on me before but since he was really a nice guy, very kind, generous, gentleman and too good to be true I just said yes to him after about 3 years of waiting. I loved him as a friend but never a boyfriend. I had my expectations and ideals that time and Rimond was certainly not a fit. I didn't know why. There were so many times that I have mistreated him, abused his patience, totally disregarded him and chose my friends over him. I was mean and I admitted it before and I knew I was hurting him but I didn't hear any complaints instead he would keep on apologizing if we get into a misunderstanding when actually it was just an act so that he could have a reason to break up with me but didn't happen. But since he didn't complain even for a bit and I keep scolding him to get mad at me and he never did/was so I was like "argh~ im such an evil!" I didn't even know what to do with him anymore. It lasted for about 9months and I was hurting in the sense that I was hurting myself because I was with a man I didn't love, tied into something when he was not even possessive and I was hurting because he was such a good man, friend and I know he was hurting too. I was so bad but not that I didn't try. I tried, I had this mindset before that it's him, it should be him. I was so used to him being around, I was so dependent on him when I needed help with everything. But at the end of the day, something was empty. After a year together I have decided to break it up with him because I couldn't take it anymore. And guess what? He didn't give me a hard time. He was like okay...and I was like, seriously? I wasn't sure if he understood me that time, or maybe he found someone else already to easily let me go or maybe he wasn't really that into me. LOL so I didn't ask further, I told him to delete my number (which apparently he memorized), not to communicate with me in any way possible so that it would be easier for both of us to move on when to be honest I thought it was just him that needs to move on. Bad girl!

So that was it, it's not that we didn't communicate at all. We would text each other but rarely but we still call each other with our endearment even if we have broken a part. Wow, that was like a year like that and after a year we were back like lovers. Well, friends with benefits? But NO! NO! NO Sex involved. Geez! What I meant was he was still there when I needed help, when I need someone to talk to, when it rains on my way to work and he would provide me umbrella and borrow money if needed. LOL

I would also talk to him about my 2nd heartbreak. A guy that I really liked, don't you think he was also hurting then?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

love story part 1

Something has inspired me to tell the story about my love life history and I know that it would be pretty long but interesting to reminisce. Not that I am thinking about them with something in mind okay, it's some sort of "I remember the boy, but I don't remember the feeling anymore" LOL. cliche, i remember the feeling but I don't feel it anymore. There. LOL

I can say I was a late bloomer when it comes to love or attraction. I am not the love-at-first-sight-kinda-girl, I have to discover that person's attitude before I get to appreciate their existence. So yes, I am not judgmental either :)

My first crush was way back 4th grade. I know that I like him and I liked him for a verrrry long time LOL. I liked him because he was so smart and he speaks very well. It's funny because whenever we meet in the morning at school, or would talk or even if he answers a question from our teacher I get nervous! My heart would beat really really fast! LOL silly thing I did for him was I talked to someone who also have a crush on him and told that girl that I have a crush on the kid and we we're like "may the best girl win~!" LOL. crazy!

My second crush was my first boyfriend. I was a junior student in high school and we were classmates. I liked him because he was so smart and he speaks very well. LOL spot the similarity from the previous? He was very opinionated, smart in Mathematics that I was and am having a problem with and he was such a sweet talker. I liked him because he was also strict and I think he was the type that would be able to control me when I would throw my tantrums. LOL. He would send me to the jeepney stop and we talked a lot, that I really really like. He would randomly winked at me which was kilig before and awkward now thinking about it. LOL but he was very expressive on what he felt before but he was never emotional/sensitive which apparently the reason why we broke up. We were boyfriend-girlfriend but we never held hands nor kiss, I did hug him once but in a very wholesome way and there was also a reason for it (LSS seminar). I could say he was my first love,yes..and it died. LOL

My second boyfriend was not my crush and not my friend. He was a friend of a friend. He was totally opposite from my 1st boyfriend. He was silent, shy, not that good academically but he was really good in sports, drawings and very sweet. Sweetness in the sense that he wouldn't say it but would do it. He was a gentleman and very caring. He would initiate holding hands (but we never kissed BTW LOL). I can say that even if he was very gentleman I didn't give in to that, I was hard to get ever since. LOL. He was the first victim of my tantrums, this didn't happen on my first because I really liked that boy from the first. I didn't like this guy at first and just slowly developed in a mature love? Because we had to keep the relationship a secret for a long time while we were away from each other, we had to find means to meet. We never failed on those, somehow, I forgot how we broke up? It may have not ended well really, but we didn't get back because... he is already married now. OKaaay! It was love but no classification. Perhaps I was just really young then and if only we we lasted longer he could have been the one I would end up with. Because he really took well of me. But yeah..

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ha Ji Won - Now In This Place

I am really overwhelmed hearing Ha Ji Won's single right now - Now In This Place.

She actually dedicated the song to those who supported Empress Ki, it was a surprise for the fans since we have not heard Ha Ji Won singing for the longest time. It was 11 years they say and I wasn't a fan then obviously. She sang Oppa before and Home Run as an OST. It is amazing that now she is releasing a single that I am a fan already. 

Here is the english translation:

That flickering shadow, is that you?
Is it too late?
That low voice, I hope it's you breathing
I hope once more

I miss you so much that I look for you
But you stay in my dreams for a bit and go away
I love you
Please, if only I can put your image inside my heart
Your eyes are as cold as the starlight
Now I am finally hurting

The beckoning gesture, is that you?
I put my hopes up high
The voice that looks for me, I hope it's you breathing
I pray

I miss you so much that I look for you
But you stay in my dreams for a bit and go away
I love you
Please, if only I can put your image inside my heart
Your eyes are as cold as the starlight
Now I am finally hurting

If you come into my thorn pierced heart
If we go back to that place once again
I will hold you in my embrace even if it hurts
I will confess with my last sincere heart
I love you
Please, if only I can put your image inside my heart

I won't regret if we go back
I love you, I love you

Now in this place
This place where your love lingers

It was released on the 13th and I am so amazed that it is charting well. Hmm.. I don't want to say this but compared to Park Shin Hye's My Dear that was released days before HJW's it actually debuted at #59 and not moving on Mnet alone and considering she's more popular than HJW since it's PSH's generation now. (She even defeated HJW on Most Popular in Baeksang this year)

yes I am bragging, im sorry for the comparison but I love them both nonetheless. :)#peace

I am just a proud fan of HJW. This new single is really awesome. It pierced in my heart and playing on my mind all day long! Not that I am LSS-ing since I cannot sing Korean, but really playing well.

Unfortunately I cannot append a media on my blog to save some space and I don't wanna have a copyright issue. LOL. I hope you get a chance to hear the song, it's really nice and would just naturally grow in you. No bias really. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back to School~!


kya~! 3 days more to go and I am back in school! Yes~! I enrolled again for school, different school, different course, different environment and hopefully it will be a start of something good for me. Do I feel nervous? I really don't know, it hasn't sank in yet.

Some people asked why I chose University of Cebu from San Jose-Recoletos (previous school). Actually, if only SJ is nearer from work then I could have gone and continue there. But then, their BSED is in Basak Campus so it's too far for me. And I have spent so many years travelling far already and I think it's the most strenuous and frustrating thing that I do everyday. Not to mention the fare, but most of all the traffic. Something we really do not have a control over. When I was still in SJ-R I almost always came late in school especially 7AM shift and I didn't have work then, what more now that I work at night? LOL.

Some people also asked why BSED. Why not? I get tired of answering so I'd say Why not? LOL . It's not because this is the easiest and fastest course and cheap probably as my cousin would say..but it's more than that. 

Supposedly, back in High School I thought I would take Education for my college course. I was already seeing myself to be a teacher back then. But I thought it was too mainstream. I'd like to try something new so I picked BS IT, so I would look cool (#notcool). So originally it was BSED and if only I chose BSED then be it in a different school or same, I could have graduated 3years ago. know what happened. (not really :P) 

Aside from that, I have actually came up with a plan of what I want to be in the next 5years or so. No, it's not about marriage okaay! Although I want that marriage to be somewhere on that 4-5years! hehe but I really want to finish school first before settling down. God-willing, if He lets me graduate from BSED I would also want to study a crash-course for ECE (Early Childhood Education, most likely 6months - 2years after 4years of BSED on that way, I am allowed to teach both Prep and High School that I think I like. Hopefully, I can go out of the country and stay there for 1-2years and teach. South Korea seems nice since I am into K-dramas and KPOP for 6years now! But of course it's fine if it's not SKorea. Do you think I can do it? Is it too high?

I am not putting my hopes up but it's better to have a plan than nothing. And I am also taking it one step at a time. Right now, I will have to make sure to be able to complete my studies especially that I know a lot of people are supporting me. Now, that is a different thing to blog about. :) Aja! Fighting!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Introspection (Introspective) New Word

in·tro·spec·tion noun \ˌin-trə-ˈspek-shən\
: the process of examining your own thoughts or feelings

I have learned this new word for today. And made me realize that I am then an introspective person. LOL. I tend to think more of my actions, before and after. I often reflect a lot as well if a person would talk to me about something or if I see something that I can think about. The positive thing about being introspective is we get to be sensitive with someone's feelings, not to hurt or if we know we have hurt someone. The negative thing about it? hmm.. I think....thinking a lot. If we think a lot..we worry a lot even if it's not something we should be worried of. amazeballs!

May - June Kdramas

As you know I have been a fan of K-dramas for a couple of years now - maybe over 6 years now. And I'd have to say my life would be really boring without these K-dramas that I am following.

Right now, I am watching Doctor Stranger and You're All Surrounded.Both in SBS and it has a touch of romantic-comedy-thriller. Doctor Stranger is shown every Monday and Tuesday whole You're All Surrounded every Wednesday and Thursday. I get to watch it during my rest days (Saturday and Sunday) so that I can get great english subs of the drama. 

Doctor Stranger is a story of Park Hoon a genius Doctor from North Korea who accidentally became a doctor in Myuwoo University to save money and get his first love - Jae Hee. Jae Hee a North Korean woman whom Park Hoon thought died but found out alive and became a North korean spy. This star Lee Jong Suk from I Hear Your Voice, No Breathing that I actually first saw in Secret Garden. Never thought he would be able to act like Park Hoon. He is really awesome. Doctor Stranger is also casted along with Park Hae Jin as Doctor Han Jae Joon as his rival doctor, Kang Sora as Doctor Oh Sohyun (love triangle, square actually) and Doctor Han/Jae Hee played by Jin Seyeon. This drama really get my blood excited because of the thrill and the loveline. I love the actors playing here and the story itself. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of twists and turns on this drama. I doubt on watching this drama before because I didn't really like Lee Jong Suk's acting but this drama changed what I thought of him before. I like Kang Sora in Sunny though and Park Hae Jin in My Love from Another Star but have yet to see Jin Seyeon before.

You're All Surrounded is then again another action-thriller-romance-comedy drama in SBS. This one I'd be bias because it stars Lee Seunggi that we have all missed for 2 years. 2years skipping Gu Family Book counting from King 2 Hearts. LOL 
YAS(You're All Surrounded) is a story of a rookie police Kim Ji Yong aka Eun Dae Gu and his revenge to Detective Seo. Eun Dae Gu's mom was killed when he was 15years old to save him. Eun Dae Gu blamed Detective Seo because of it, and you should watch to find out why. 

I am really excited as to where the drama is leading. I have high expectation about these drama, I just wish it wouldn't go downhill on the latter part of the story. Oh well, looks like SBS has been doing a lot of thriller drama these year from God's Gift - 14days. So let's see how it goes.