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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Haetnim~!

So, before the day ends I'd like to officially blog about our Amazing Yeoja's birthday!!

It is Ha Ji Won's birthday today!

She's celebrating it in Japan with a fanmeet. >how envy I am?< you have no idea!
I wish she could promote EK here in the Philippines, but yeah, GMA is not that rich to bring such a big star from Korea! pft!

Anyhow..June 28th, 2014.
I am a satisfied fan today and I will always remember it. She selected Hyun Bin as his most ideal man through Ideal Man Worldcup. Yes, Koreans have this game wherein one person is compared to one person and you select who you like better until narrowing down to your ideal man. Before,l she chose him as her guy-best-friend! and now she said she likes manly guys and she selected Hyun Bin because he is very manly. LOL.

I wish they could just date already.. okay fine, not date but can they get married already? Like for real!

Am I blogging about her fanmeet? NO. But her birthday okay! LOL

Ha Ji Won unnie! I am your big fan from the Philippines! I wish I could meet you atleast before you get married. I wish I could shake your hand and get a selca (selfie) together! That would be a dream come true like I am reaching a star in my hands. Wait what? Why am I wishing for myself when it is not my birthday? LOL.

Kidding aside, I know Ha Ji Won has inspired thousands of people already and hopefully millions more. She's one of the celebrities I have seen with a sincere heart. Although she'd brag and boast sometimes, but she is actually makes it funny, I think it's not bragging or boasting but more like being naive. She is 36 years old okay, but she looks more like 26! She's 36 already but she acts like a kid behind camera. She giggles a lot, she likes laughing, she likes carefree atmosphere, she loves her fans very much that she created an Instagram account! She lives like a youth on her teens, she is very corny, she doesn't know how to cook, she's single. Okay now, that was very random I know.

I am not sure if guys are blind or they are just really intimidated by you. I would like you to date already unnie! Like after over 10years you should date again and experience being loved by an amazing namja. no pun intended LOL.

But more than anything else I wish you happiness in your heart and mind. The same happiness that you give to your fans when you are around. That is why I wish That Man can make you happy also..lololol. I wish you could also rest well while doing what you love best. Thank you for inspiring us and being there to give us an innocent and wholesome joy! LOL

I don't know until when I will be crushing on you.. but I love you uri Jeon Hae Rim~!!!

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