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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week

I haven't been able to post my playlist, top 5 for a while now because I am kind of confuse what should I post. I have so many things in my mind right now that might be worthy of sharing but ended up not sharing it anymore because I get tired of tiring too. Anyhow, just a little break from serious issues posted recently here are my top 5 picks for the song of the week :) 

1.) Partition by Beyonce - No this is not something new anymore. LOL. I was just kind of interested with it's lyrics and the beat. I like it fast and bass down low , lol that was a different song. hehe. SO yeah I have found out the lyrics of the song and was and provocative. I got even curious what happened to Monica Lewinsky because of that song. LOL. So it was like that. The song and the beat is actually nice to hear dont know if it's just me, because it's Beyonce. I honestly think that Beyonce will always be nailing them sexy songs but she doesn't really have to do this anymore. She has proven to be the best solo performer (as for me) so far, so this racy song is really something. LOL

2.) I also like hearing Ha Ji Won's Now In This Place - bias aside the song is really emotional.  I feel like Ha Ji Won was half crying recording the song. The depth of the song and it's lyrics really required a lot of feelings/emotions and I guess that is where HJW is good at. Her alto voice nailed it and although her falsetto (she's not a professional singer okaay~) is really not bad and again it was very emotional. She shared this song as Seung Nyang per se, and though fans were like debating for whom? If it was for the Emperor or the King of Goryeo although I could say from the lyrics it is for Emperor Taehwan. #nohating. I mean it was really meant for him after he died in Empress Ki's arms and confessing to him that she loved him but died right after. </3

3.) All of Me by John Legend - probably one of the romantic songs I have been hearing these days. I feel like that song was meant for me. LOL. That is why I had Rimond listened to it so he could sing it to me in the future LOL. whatever! I didn't really like the song at first but after hearing it a lot of times it kinda grew in me and especially I have learned that this was composed especially for his wife. awww.. really sweet song. :) 

4.) Growl by EXO - just when I have learned / knew all the members of favorite member - Kris got separated from the group. Now I am finally feeling the sadness that he left. Although he's jack of all trades but he is actually an edge of the group as well, he's tall, friggin good looking and can speak different languages - especially english. But I am not going to talk about that. I really like this song. Just the beat and I don't care about the meaning really. LOL. I just feel like it's a feel-good song. Good vocals and good choreography hehe

5.) Surprisingly the last would be Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop. Yeah, really silly. I was planning to do this as an energizer in one of my subjects (Math LOL) but unfortunately was late. :( I just though the song was really catchy and fun. Choreography is hilarious but cute. It's like an LSS to me already. LOL

Well, that's for the song of the week! :) Will you recommend new songs for me to listen? :) 

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