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Saturday, July 26, 2014

SNSD members

I was thinking of something to blog about today since it's not busy. LOL but i realized that this is gotta be one of the interesting topics I could post. I am not sure if you know that I am a big fan of SNSD - Girls Generation. Now that most of the girls are dating right now, one can say that someone is ready to settle down considering their age, you know they cannot be an idol member forever. Nearing their 7th year anniversary I would like to explain why I like GG than any other girl groups by stating what I like about them. (to be edited with pictures)

1.) Kim Taeyeon - I want to be Kim Taeyeon or SNSD's kid leader. Known to be a dorky leader and nicknamed as Byuntae or pervert in english, but it's not because of that why I wanted to be like her. LOL. Taeyeon has one of the best voices in KPop. Although I still consider her as the best. She is one of the most popular member of SNSD because of her personality. This girl is really unselfish. She is never an attention-whore. As a leader, she is that kind who just stay on the side and let other members shine and do whatever they do and support them. She has been humble to say how much she needed the other members because she can stand in her own feet when apparently she is actually doing good doing solo being the idol labeled as OST queen. I want to possess her abilities, although she is kind of emotional but that only means she is sensitive on someone else's feelings because she also feels the same. 

2.) Lee Sunny - Sunny stands by her name Sunny. She's very sunny and bright, she's the aegyo queen. Although she's like the center in the sense that she isn't the best singer nor the best dancer in the group she excels well in variety shows and radio. However, what I like about her although she is the niece of Lee Sooman, SM's founder, she never put that in her head. She has always been humble too. She's even being bullied by Hyo yeon sometimes and no complaints. She's also very brave. Remember how she went over to Taeyeon who was dragged by a stalker on stage? She's like super-sunny! She protects the member well and tell them that it's okay..

3.) Jung Jessica - Jessica is really one of the interesting members of SNSD. She looks really chic and cold-looking that is why she is called "ice-princess". However, seeing her on "Krystal and Jessica" show she is actually opposite from her facial expressions. She looks really warm, friendly, she is very caring to her sister that I find really sweet! She is also childish, she laughs easily and she eats a lot! LOL. I want me to be like her. Also aside from that she really has a great fashion, yes I'd say greater than Tiffany. 

4.) Hwang Tiffany - She could be one of my favorite members however she can sometimes be annoying camera-whoring or sometimes attention-whore. She talks a lot and really loud for sure, however, no one can deny that this girl is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! She looks matured but she's really cute, adorable and attractive for me. But it's not that I like about her, this girl is very sweet and thoughtful. She is being called Manager Hwang because she is very protective with all other  Soshi members. She is also possessive and she gets jealous when one members gets too sweet with other people which I find really cute. I think she's a very honest person and caring per se' that is why I like her.

5.) Kim Hyo yeon - as you know she's favorite member. Aside from her dancing skills I totally admire her personality. After being called "ugly" by other people long time ago, after being underrated member, after having few lines on every song, she never gave up on being an SNSD member. Although she cheats whenever Soshi members whenever they are playing and sometimes can be a bully (but really funny) she loves her members very much. I can sight a lot of examples how 1. would be when she said in Strong Heart before that she was thinking of quitting the group because she felt like she's different from SNSD but she didn't because she loved her members and she likes performing with them. 2.) when she was asked if she was every jealous of other members popularity and she said No, and that she's happy with the member's success and so much more. Thing is although she is lacking in many ways, she was never insecure. She also knows how to  live her life, I think she's the most outgoing member. She's also the mood maker, no way SNSD will be bored with her. I wish she could be given more lines on their songs coz she really sounds fine.

6.) Kwon Yuri - aside from being sexy as hell without even trying, this girl is very talented. She dances well, she used to be an MC on Music Core before along with Tiffany, she wrote My Mistake which was one of my favorite ballad songs from SNSD, she sings well too although sometimes it needs control but her tone is good, and recently been into acting. Tell me what else she couldn't do? She's like jack of all trades although she's best in being sexy. I also like her for being tomboyish and having 4-D personality which is kinda like me. I talk to myself often and would just go crazy out of the blue and Yuri is also like this that is why I like her above a lot of things :)

7.) Choi Soo Young - I find SY unattractive when I started watching GG. Although she really looked Filipino to me but never liked her before. Until The Boys era where she flips her hair on her part, was really chic! Above all that what I like about her is that she's very outspoken, she talks really well. I think she never ran out of words, I think she's the spokesperson in SNSD that is why she became a host. She also is very funny and witty that I like. SNSD should be proud of her :)

8.) Im Yoona - of course! Our Yoong dear! No one can deny how pretty Yoona is. She is cute and adorable personality. Although she is the center of the group she was never pretentious. Yeah she act all pretty on stage which is of course what it should be but on variety shows you would see a different side of her, super funny, tomboyish, never conscious about how she looks like..probably because she knows she's pretty. Although she is the center she is also not selfish or attention seeker. She was the first member who got exposed and became popular but she had a big role on making SNSD what they are today. She's never selfish. 

9.) Seo Joo-hyun or Seohyun - our maknae! This young lady is totally different from any other kids these days. She has consistently pretty since debut and very talented. She plays intruments, she is also an MC, she acts a bit and she dances well apart from being one of the main vocals of the group. What I like about her the most is being by the book. She follows rules, she lives her life modesty, with all honesty, on the right path and she influences her unnies on doing so. She talks well although she admitted she is also stubborn at times. But she's really someone to look up to from teens and young adult nowadays. If all people would be like her then this world could be probably a better place..or boring. LOL

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