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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello Agosto!

I was thinking of what to blogged today because I am kinda bored, and then I remembered that this is actually something to blog about. It's officially August! My birth-month! Last month before Christmas season. LOL

I actually have so many exciting plans within this month and I must say my weekends are fully packed already but not because I will be sleeping all throughout but there are things that I am looking forward to. :)

1.) August 3rd, I am planning to treat my nieces and nephews out to play. Including my dongsengs of course. I'd like to go to La Vie Parissienne with Rimond for a date and I want to take a picture with him on that pink-lit tree! We haven't really been on formal dates because of the expenses and the time, we just go out for church and then dinner at our favorite barbecue place which I might be missing this weekend.

I'd like to go jogging in the morning though of Sunday though to start the August right. I feel really fat and bloated lately and it makes me sad :( 

2.) August 8th - 10th will be busy days 8th is our first ever Acquaintance Party on the 8th, the 9th would probably my day because I had to do something with my hair and then 10th I would be probably cooking at home for my birthday. 

3.) Following week the 15th is the most exciting! I'd be seeing Regine Velasquez!!! Yes, she will have a grand fans day in SM City Cebu on the 15th 3PM. This could be the greatest gift if ever I'd get a picture with her or atleast an autograph! My feels! :) Been a fan for over 10years and this might be the first and last chance I get to see her upclose if ever I get a chance to really stay in front along with Reginian friends. Really crossing my fingers for that. 

The 17th would probably spent with the team for Team Socialization, if I get to see Regine on Friday prior I'd be high while attending the meeting. LOL

4.) I think we will have our midterm on the third week of August but I could be wrong.

5.) The 24th will surely be spent with Rimond, it's his birthday! :)

So yeah, I am not sure if I will be able to attend birthdays here and there because I have a lot of people who's celebrating birthdays this month.

What do you think? ;)

August..please be good to me I beg of you! :)

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