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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week/Month

Instead of posting something emotional today because I am so tired, family issues, insecurities and more I will be posting my top 5 songs of this week instead. This basically makes me pump-up from being sleepy when I am at work or travelling. These songs are not new but can be seasonal and something really different from my norm. LOL

1.) Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop - yes, I know it's weird. LOL I didn't like this group neither found it cute the first time I have heard it. However, the song is really singable and could play in your mind because of the repeated lyrics and easy choreography. My brother said that it was cute, okay.. So when I get sleepy in my cube I would just play this song and participate like doing the fanchant and jump at the same time. You should try it also, although you don't understand the lyrics, it's chorus would basically get you in to your foot and just start jumping :) 

2.) The Way by Ariana Grande - I first heard/known this song when Tiffany of SNSD sang this live on Fashion King and it was okaay~ Recently when I went to Manila my friend's friend sang this song and I realized it was also an easy song and basically makes you feel the love - in love. What also got me hook up to this song aside from it's message was Ariana Grande's voice/music. So much remind me of Mariah Carey's classic songs. Although of course MC's better because it's clean and clear, AG's more like youthful sound into it. 

3.)  Partition by Beyonce' - I think I have said this before but I want to memorize it's challenging lyrics that is why I keep playing it. LOL. This song is very sexy, racy-perhaps. Beyonce is dayum sexy with this song. I even had to read through the lyrics and meaning of the song because I really like it :P. So yeah, I think this has been on for like a month now. 

4.) My Boy by Sistar 19 - I am kind of bitter with SISTAR before and not that I like them now but when they were starting I seriously didn't like them for bringing sexy concept in KPOP. I'd prefer cute than sexy concept in KPOP, I don't know I think KPOP for me will always be wholesome for me. Aside from that, hate that Hyorin is not pretty and overrated with her singing, fine she sings well but sometimes it's hard to listen to it. I also don't get why people like Bora, she doesn't have amazing body like Hyorin okaay. But then you cannot deny.. this song is really nice. I cannot deny that also even if I don't like them. LOL. Although I kinda like Bora already, she's sexy and cute and her rapping skills is nice too. Thing is most of their songs (SISTAR) are nice too. I like Alone the most and then this Ma Boy, it sort of grew on me. So although didn't really change my preference of liking them (I am not a hater kaay!) then I would still keep it on my playlist.

5.) Growl by EXO - yes, this has been on for a long time. I am still not sick of it, yeah! I still watch their live performances (where Kris was still a member). I frikin love this song that I even made it as my ring tone on my phone. LOL. I really like it's upbeat, hippy, RnB melody and vocals. Their choreography is <3

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