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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 5: Male Korean Crush

Today even if it's our Prelim-week I will be posting my Super Korean celebrity crushiee! LOL for that. Do I have time? I am honestly not sure so let's see if I can complete this post or will just be sitting on drafts. LOL

As you know I have been a fan of Korean POP, dramas and variety shows so I have discovered men who gives butterflies in my tummy every time I see them, or I get kilig, or makalaglag-panty men. LOL and yes, my boyfriend does not mind it. :)

1.) Kwon Ji Yong aka G-dragon - need I say more? Like seriously, even this guy is not all hunky and boy-next-door aura/looks he still got every bit of me. He is just my ideal guy ever! :P he looks like a bad boy friends call him adik, or gay but me 'dun care! I friggin love him even if he's post in IG are weird and I cannot relate. He's just so talented , smart, witty and smexy without even trying! I would  rape him joke...not! :P

2.) Junho of 2PM - I liked him first before Gdragon, but changed after discovering Gdragon of course! LOL. He's also not gwapo but he is really talented, he sings so well, he dances so well, he compose songs, plays the piano and he has good body..not to mention well-defined butt! LOL He's one of the maknae in 2PM but they say after Jay Park left he was worthy or next deserving to be 2PM's leader which has never been confirmed who is.. anyhoo, this guy wont be missing on my list.

3.) Kris of EXO - yes, I still consider him as a member of EXO, he will always be our Galaxy Fan Fan. This guy's a chic that I rarely see. He doesn't have to do anything to be noticed. He is seriously drop-dead-gorgeous! He wasn't the best dancer nor best singer in EXO but he was like the first guy I noticed and remembered from the 12-member group of EXO (except for Kai who always in the center and D.O as the smallest member hehe). He's makalaglag-panty as well. LOL 

4.) Hyun Bin and Lee Seunggi - both tied on my #4 spot. That is because I really cannot choose between the two. LOL Hyun Bin because I really like him on anything especially on Secret Garden and of course my ideal man...for Ha Ji Won. LOL I like that he's very charismatic with people and yet private in real life makes him mysterious. He really has a manly face, manly aura but cannot help but be adorable with his dimple. :) awww.. Same goes with Seunggi. Seunggi is the kind of guy who have grown on me. The more I see him the more I like him. He's also talented and although I didn't like him because of him singing but I like him as a person. He's really an ideal guy for many. He's calm-natured, he's funny, smart/witty, he's respectful and all the good qualities/attitude a guy can have. That is why I was so happy that he is in a relationship with Yoona,they match really well. Aside from that he kinda reminds me of my boyfriend. LOL. Maybe because of the eyes and nose and lips? LOL 

5.) Last on my list is Yoo Jaesuk. LOL you surprised? LOL. Yes, it's Yoo Jaesuk the Nations MC of Korea. It's not because of his looks but this can really feel his sincerity and it overflows so much that all people doesn't have any bad things to say about him. He hosted a lot of shows and you know how much he takes care of people, he isn't an attention whore though. Like Seunggi, I can feel he's also a good-natured man. He is very good on what he does and I am pretty sure he inspires a lot. He's of course funny and smart, pretty sure you wont get bored when you are with him which is also an ideal for me. 

Runners up: 
D.O of EXO because he's cute and he has nice voice.
Won Bin because he is an angel on earth
So Ji Sub because he looks manly and he's personality is also nice, he's still living with his mom and is a mama's boy. LOL

That wraps up my list. If you notice I like a guy who doesn't really have to look perfect but more on personality. He must also be good on what he does and kind, warm guy.. Therefore, my boyfriend is like this. LOL kidding.

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