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About Me

Itnie Jane Flores 

She's a 24 year-old new "blogger" from Cebu City. 
She doesn't really like calling herself a "blogger" but since this blog in obviously on blogspot, she was forced to. She's a struggling "blogger" and a fan of blogsites, she was inspired blogging because of those blogs and because of personal experiences that she thought worthy of sharing.

She is a TSR in a BPO company, and has been working hard for the past 6 years. She got promoted as a Team Leader after three years of service. 

She describes herself as a direct follower of God, meaning, though she has a religion she prefers direct communication with God. 

She believes she is a sweet daughter, a bummer in the house, a couch potato and finds pleasure on Sunday family bonding. She loves it when her Mama would cook on Sundays for the family. She likes it when her Tatay would buy fruits for her. She super loves being close to her siblings and feels like a younger sister to her younger brothers.
She is a trying-hard girlfriend. She doesn't believe in a Long Distance Relationship and ended up being in an LDR. She has been a for-God-knows-how-long in a relationship. 
She is a loyal, sensitive, and a trying-hard frank friend. She can be nice and mean, simple and rough, silent and loud with friends. She treasures stuff from friends especially letters. 

To be continued..

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