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Friday, September 27, 2013

TBH ( Samsung Galaxy S4 )

To be honest, I do not want to post any technical jargons here on my blog. I want it to be read in the easiest way possible. Something that people can relate to and perhaps on the same level as mine. If you're smarter than me, then you may really find me silly.

To be honest, I was an IT-student but to be honest, I am not that techie at all. I am pretty out-dated in terms of technology nowadays, I was "better" when I was in college because I had to catch up with my classmates, but seriously? MEH.

To be honest, I find it really hard to read any technical things when I was in college. Reading about gadgets, computers and programs are seriously damaging my conscious. MY BRAIN. 

To be honest, I think this will be the first and last time that I will post about technology - gadgets - unless I get to learn new and interesting finds next time, I think around 5-10years from now. LOL

And to be honest, this post is about my new phone that I got from Globe. It's the Samsung Galaxy S4. To be honest I didn't really care less if I had an outdated cellphone. All I really wanted was as long as I have a signal anywhere I go so people can contact me and I can respond AND I can surf the web which apparently a MUST nowadays. 

So since I do not want to post some nose-bleeding, brain-damaging and techie-jargons, here is the link about the full specifications about Samsung Galaxy S4 which is to be honest one of the best phones in town right now.

About Samsung Galaxy S4

Credits to GSM Arena. :))

Here are my favorite things about Samsung S4, this is aside from having a signal since my provider is now Globe telecom - sobrang lakas!

  • 4G Network LTE (market dependent)
  • Card slot microSD, up to 64 GB
  • Internal 16/32/64 GB storage, 2 GB RAM
  • WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Primary 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, check quality
  • Features Dual Shot, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization, HDR
  • Video Yes, 1080p@30fps, dual-video rec., check quality
  • Secondary Yes, 2 MP,1080p@30fps, dual video call
  • OS Android OS, v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

Need I explain more? I think you know better than me really. LOL

To be honest, this is the best phone I have by far. I have heard that most of the features are really just for gimmicks and some apps are not even fully-developed yet. But to be honest, I do not really care. LOL. I only need a few things and if that few things would satisfy me, then I am totally fine with it. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TOP 5: Songs of the Week

Hello, hello, hello! 

It's me again your BJ for today! LOL, I am still not used to the "BJ" word. Sorry for that silly name. :P
I wasn't sure if I would be able to pick top 5 songs this week but we will go ahead and try. Yes! There are really lots of new songs for the past week (or couple of weeks ago) that are stuck on my MOST PLAYED on my phone. Haven't told you I got a new phone already...aww.. I always got kilig when I see it (not really).

Anyhow, let's move on and start the count-up ( countdown ) hehe

1.) Crooked by G-Dragon - yeah, I will give you the right to tell me I am obsessed with G-Dragon nowadays. LOL. IT'S TRUE I WONT DENY IT. That is because of him promoting since early September and his songs are really stuck on my head every time! Take this song for example, I like listening to this before and after I wake up, when I am on my way to work, when I am in the comfort room and everything else in between. Yes! I am just exaggerating, but really one of my fave songs right now, it's so funky..and it's G-Dragon! LOL

2.) Roar by Katy Perry - I don't know but every time Katy Perry released a song it instantly become my theme song! LOL her songs are always pasok sa banga! It's really singable and can easily be related to my life and all others I am sure! I also got to listen to Black Horse, darn it's sexy! And this song ROAR is like a girl-empowerment which I always like! Have you seen the video? It surely is awesome right? Why wouldn't I like it?

3.) Black by G-Dragon ft. Jennie Kim - I think I have mentioned this before on my previous blog. The melody is already catchy, Jennie's voice is soulful and I just read the lyrics and yeah, it's deeper than I thought. Love the chorus actually, this guy really makes a lot of make-sense songs. Mi loveit! :) 

4.) Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus - okay, I know the video is also not your kind of video...but just listen to the song, it is really nice. I do not normally understand Miley Cyrus, nor never liked her personally but I think her songs are pretty cool. This song is for those people with a broken heart. Char! But really, love the meaning of the song, I do not sing with it with Miley, but I sing it every idle time I have. hahah #LSS

5.) I really have been contemplating what song would be included on most-played list for this week. LOL Had to check my playlist to confirm, so there's this song from Miley "23" again, actually it's from Mike Will Made It and Miley Cyrus is the "featuring" artist. Dunno about that rapper TBH and hell I cared, I just know there's Miley Cyrus on it. It's a party-rap song, makes you groove. The chorus is pretty cool, and I am surprise to find 2 Miley-songs in my list. But I guess I just cant help it. :) 

So there you go, cant wait to discover new songs for this week to post it for my next week's list! Have fun!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SNSD - My Mistake

SNSD - My Mistake Lyrics (English)

Sica - I’m still at the same spot/place
I’m weary from wandering by your side

Seohyun – Even today, as I was wandering
Day has passed again and again.
Now I’m here

Sooyoung – You know. You know that my heart is hurting
Yoona – Watching you laugh/smile makes my heart ache more

It’s my mistake for not making you love me more
It’s my mistake for loving you more than you love me
It’s my mistake for not making you love me as much as I wanted you to.

Taeyeon – How much longer must I cry
As I’m trusting that promise/ I’m only trusting/ believing that promise

Sunny – You lied to me to wait for you
Even my greedy side(for his love) has grown weary/tired

Hyoyeon – You know. You know that my heart is hurting/aching
Tiffany – You can’t just ignore and laugh/smile like that.
It’s my mistake for not making you love me more
It’s my mistake for loving you more than (you love/like me? This is my assumption)
It’s my mistake for not making you love me as much as I wanted you to.

Yuri – I knew I couldn’t have you
Sica – But my heart(my love for you) just kept growing
Taeyeon – It’s my mistake for
Waiting by myself
Regretting by myself
Loving you.
Even though my heart was hurting/aching
It’s my mistake for not letting you go/forgetting you

Taeyeon – I’m such a fool
I knew I would get hurt and couldn’t let go

Seohyun – it’s my mistake
Sunny – Even though it could be all my fault/mistake
That’s ok. As long as you’re there…

Tiffany – Always…
Taeyeon – Please forgive me for being like this.
(forgive the person) Who loved you

SNSD - My Mistake Lyrics (Romanization)

[Jessica] nan ajig jejarijyo
yeojeonhi geudae gyeoteseo
hemaeida jichyeoseo

[Seohyun] oneuldo geudaer maemdolda
haru tto haru heulleo heulleoseo
yeogikkaji ongeojyo

[Sooyoung] almyeonse apeun nae mam almyeonseodo

[Yoona] utneun geudaega nar deo apeuge hajyo

nareur deo saranghage mandeulji mothan
nae jalmosijyo
naega deo saranghaeseo mandeureobeorin
nae jalmosijyo
nae maeummankeum narreur deo
saranghage haji mot haesseotdeon geoyeotjyo
nae jalmosijyo

[Taeyeon]eolmana deo manheun siganeul
nunmureur heullyeo yahanayo
geu yaksokmaneur mideumyeo

[Sunny] gidaryeo dalladeon geojitmal
ije sogatdeon nae yoksimdo
jichyeo beorigo mangeojyo

[Hyoyeon]almyeonseo apeun naemamda almyeonseo
[Tiffany]geureohge moreun cheog useur sun eoptjanhayo

nareur deo saranghage mandeulji mothan
nae jalmosijyo
naega deo saranghaeseo mandeureobeorin
nae jalmosijyo
nae maeummankeum narreur deo
saranghage haji mot haesseotdeon geoyeotjyo
nae jalmosijyo

[Yuri] gajir su eoptneungeor almyeonseo
[Jessica] meotdaero keojin nae maeumi
[Taeyeon] honjaseo gidaridaga
honjaseo huhoehadaga
saranghan geotdo jalmosineyo

[All]apeun jur almyeonseodo itjireur mothan
nae jalmosijyo
[Taeyeon] naega cham babo gatjyo
dachir kkeor almyeonseodo biuji mothan
[Seohyun] nae jalmosijyo
[Sunny] modeun ge nae tasiradeo
geurado gwaenchanhayo
geudaeman itdamyeon
[Tiffany] eonjekkajina
[Taeyeon] ireon nar yongseohaejwoyo
geudaer saranghan nal~

G-Dragon One of a Kind

Kwon Ji Yong - August 18, 1988

Stage name: G-Dragon
Group: BigBang
Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

I never liked BigBang before because aside from being an SM Towner (SM fan) all the members  are not as good looking nor cute like 2PM or Super Junior. I never even watched any of their variety shows because I feel like they are no fun. I was a 2PM fan before alongside SNSD but has been changed because of this guy - G-Dragon.

G-dragon originally started in SM but transferred after 4-5 years as a trainee to YG wherein he was pushed and asked to write songs starting by the age 12. He was the youngest song writer in YG that time.
Why his name was changed to Gdragon? I know it's kind of a weird name eh? It was actually derived from his first name Ji (read us G in english) Yong (Korean for Dragon) so GDragon. Awesome? Yes. He thought of it himself. He's so cool like that.

If you noticed, I know a lot about him.. Well, I really want to know him better! haha if only I am not in love with my boyfriend right now I think I will be dreaming about G-Dragon all the time. JK LOL. He makes my heart flutters like no other idols can, he makes me feel giddy, excited, amazed, starstruck, and makes me fall in love every time I see him and I dont really care what he is doing. I have never been a fan of male artists before but G-Dragon is just really different.

Did you know that he is the richest idol in Korea at the age 23? He doesn't have a wealthy family okaay, what made him rich is because aside from writing songs, singer, he would also produce music and were all selling like pancakes.

Did you know that he composed the song Lies by BigBang that was actually their breakthrough to stardom. If not for "Lies" (Gojitmal) BigBang wouldn't be recognized as what they are right now. 

Did you know that he once said that he can write a song in a blink of an eye (Go Show!) . Isn't that awesome?

Currently, he is promoting his second studio album Coup D'Etat with it's carrier single Coup D'Etat. He has three songs actually being promoted right now Coup D'Etat, Black ft. Jennie Kim (YG trainee) / ft. Ferreira Sky, and Crooked. All of these songs won on different music shows that can rarely be done by a solo artist and that is Gdragon! #proudfan of course, he wrote and produced the album so he's making a lot of money in just a month (or less) especially that now...these songs are still charting on music charts.

I honestly don't think any K-idols can do what he does. I may sound bias but seriously, he's just amazing! He may look weird with his fashion statement but in terms of working he is really excelling. Her future girlfriend/wife would be lucky. These are just the things that I like about G-dragon that I find amazing, I will edit this if I ever find something. LOL

Friday, September 20, 2013

Black - Gdragon ft. Jennie Kim

The color of my heart is black
It was burnt to black, just like that
I break glass whenever I feel like
And I look at my bloody hands and think, why am I like this wh
Your smile is shining gold
But the way you speak, feel so cold
As time goes by, you’re becoming more like me
Sometimes I feel like karma is running after me, know
The real name of love is definitely hatred
Hope is the parent of disappointment and despair
Why didn’t I know that the shadow that has casted over my face
Was created from the light called, you
It has been a while since the time between you and I have stopped
Misunderstanding is always the cause of pain
Well I don’t even know myself
So my hope for you to know me is a misunderstanding itself
People smile with an effort, hiding the truth
As if they’re happy
While hiding the lie in the word love
As if it will be forever
The color of my gloomy world is black
The beginning and end change, black and white
People are cunning, sometime become delusional
Really why am I like this, why
Those lips are red, just like red lies
As time goes by, the language between the two
The colors that each one has don’t mesh, yeah
The real name of love is definitely hatred
Hope is the parent of disappointment and despair
Why didn’t I know that the shadow that has casted over my face
Was created from the light called, you
Since I’ve met you agony is the only thing left
Everyday is series of hills of hardships and temptation
Now I sing of breaking up, I tell you
This is my last confession
People smile with an effort, hiding the truth
As if they’re happy
While hiding the lie in the word love
As if it will be forever
Someday when I’m left at the edge of the world alone
I might miss you yeah
Someday when I’m tamed to the edge of sadness
I might regret at the end
I’m going to go back to the way I came from, black
The summer when you and I were hot, it’s been too long
I’m going to go back to the way I came from, black
The summer when you and I were hot, it’s been too long
Fade away fade away fade away fade away
Fade away fade away fade away fade away

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Give me Five!

I feel the need to blog something today but I do not know what topic to tackle. But I came across a GMA article online and looks interesting - Give Me Five so I decided to give you five things about my life since I also do not have any Top 5 songs of the week this week. hehe  :)

Give Me Five words to describe your life right now:

Give Me Five things to describe Rimond Mondrano (BF):
-mama's boy

Give Me Five things people don’t know about you:
- I have a blog LOL
- I get jealous MOST of the times but friends do not know
- I over analyze things, think too much
- It takes me a while to get over with things, too much attachment with stuff.
- Since I get attached and cannot get over stuff easily, I tend to keep on going back over and over to what it was, I know this is kinda vague and the explanation may need to be placed on a different blog post! lol

Give Me Five things on your bucket list:
- go back to SCHOOL!
- get eye glasses for my blurred vision
- dentist for yearly cleaning 
- live independently and become responsible
- go on vacation

Give Me Five inspirations in life:
- God
- Family
- Friends
- Boyfriend
- people I look up to like Regine V. Alcasid, Ha Ji Won, and so many to mention lol

Give Me Five things you’re looking forward to:
- check my bucket list. lol
- seeing my boyfriend this holiday
- Christmas bonus! LOLs
- travel
- Samsung S4 :) 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Daily Routine.

I just realized that my life is getting boring as I age. LOL maybe it becomes challenging when there is a change on my schedule (work) or if I have an extra schedule in a day. But most of the time it's actually the same ROUTINE.

1. Wake up like 2 hours before my shift time, or if sisipagin, 2 hours and a half before my shift.
2. After a long hours of sleep (approx 5-8hours of sleep), I would just lie down again on our sofa either to watch the news or sleep again.
3. I try to communicate with nature before I go take a bath but if I don't feel like it then I would do some squats and lunges before taking a bath. 10 squats, 20 lunges, 20 squats and etc. 
4. Take a bath. It takes me 20 minutes - 30minutes to take a bath, depends on how many minutes/hours I have left for work. Though my boyfriend said there isn't any much difference. LOL
5. Dress up, eat and brush that should be done in 30minutes too. Sometimes when I find it hard to pick what to wear for work, I minimize my eating time. I think picking the clothes to wear is one of the hardest things that a woman would do in their lives. LOL. But what I do now is that before I go to sleep I would already think/decide what to wear so when I finish shower at night I would just pick the clothes and tada! 
6. After the regime, since it takes 45min - hour travel from our "province" to the City, this is already my panic time. Lately I have been lucky being able to get up early, or get to ride right away so I have no problems on tardiness at work. This is also the time I get to check my feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and text/reply to the people who are trying to reach me, especially my boyfriend. Yeah, I know it's dangerous especially at night and checks my cellphone inside jeepney/taxi but I am trying to be discreet about it. :) 
7. Work, work , work
8. When I log out, I go straight home, check feeds again on my social networking sites and etc.
9. When I get home. I would just meddle around my siblings lives hehe and mama,, eat before preparing for bed.
10. Again, women stuff. Wash up, cleanse and brush teeth and etc.
11. Before I go to sleep, of course I pray..and then call my boyfriend and would spend atleast 5minutes talking about stuff and nonsense.
12. Doze off. and repeat steps.

That's like my normal life on an ordinary day, usual day, I wish I could go back to gym or school. Maybe I wouldn't get too bored anymore. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Noah's 1st Birthday!

we should have asked for this tarp but I was already pre-occupied after the party. Wish Jollibee would give this out :( 
Last Friday was the first birthday of my nephew - Noah. If you follow me on Instagram (ITismeGail) you'd know who he is and the inspiration he's bringing to my family. We celebrated the party in Jollibee Consolacion. It was actually fun than what I have expected it to be, considering that the day didn't really start great.. 
Noah and he's trying hard attitude to walk. Isn't he adorbs? ^^

not so good birthday cake. I could have bought something nicer, but of course..

I just couldn't understand why kids love Jollibee..? everything about him is big! he's size is freaking freaking (sorry for that jargon) his eyes are big, his cheeks are big, his butt is soooo big! yeah he dances well, actually too cute! he knows how to please kids, he's adorable and funny. okay, now I'm speaking like liking Jollibee. LOL. But yeah I guess he's also benta to me now. Oh my kiddo heart.

Noah and fam-bam! Chris, Jasmin, ate Naomi with Jollibee and Hetty

Man! I was sleepless for over 24hours. But I couldn't really feel I was tired, until the day after when I was just sleeping the whole day! LOL. I was such a bum when I was supposed to visit Noah the next day. I slept the whole day and still felt it wasn't enough. 

I wish I could throw another Jollibee party for my pamangkins, anyone of them. The kids enjoyment and laughters are really priceless, I wont get tired easily or wouldn't mind getting tired and it makes me so  happy seeing them having fun. 
And there is me. I couldn't post my #ootd, please see my Instagram post! :)

Sorry for the low quality photos and I am also tired on editing it. LOL #bummer. I am still learning you know! Till next time :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

LOL, it's funny that I have a lot of drafts on my blog because I was supposed to be blogging everyday but I never get to finish it. Hopefully this one goes through. LOL

It's the time of my Top 5 songs of the week again when I am trying to be your BJ (blog jock okay!!) ! LOL Well, not really got stuck on replay but it just boost up my energy when I hear these songs.

Number one on my list is - Our Love by Regine Velasquez from Drawn album. This is actually an old song, and was released 1998 so most likely I wasn't a fan yet. I love the song because I feel in love? Ewww! Cheeseballs! LOL but yeah, for real. From the lyrics itself:
Darlin' our love one loveThat never fades awayOur loveThis love will light the worldAll dayI feel like it's a feel good song, and so adequate for me right now since I am apart from my boyfriend. It's nor our theme song okaaay! But I just love how it fills and explains how I feel lately.
Second on my list is Express 999 by SNSD. This song was included on their I Got a Boy album release early this year..super early like January 1, 2013! LOL. I love the melody of the song, it has different tempo and I feel like you can dance to whatever simple steps into the song. This has gotta be one of my favorite songs in the album, of course it doesn't have a meaning since I don't understand it's lyrics. LOL
Third would be Do You Love Me by 2ne1. This is kinda a party-themed song/dance. The first time I've heard it was the first time I saw the video and the video was awesome! I think not the ordinary korean video. And I also like the dance steps that they have put on the dance, the song  was kind of something that you would like the first time you've heard it but it would just grow old on you. But it's one of my favorite as of the moment. :) 
Number four song is Coup d'Etat by Gdragon. Kwon JiYong is here again, bringing the funky not so ordinary music. This guy is seriously awesome! I only got to hear it on Monday, song was released early this month. He's really fearless and really an artist! I haven't heard of the full album yet, I have heard Black ft. Jennie Kim and there's also a version ft. Sky Ferreira. Both are good but I like Sky's version better since it's easy to the ear and very light. Going back to Coup d'Etat, it's so Gdragon song, upbeat, disco, and boy! his voice is really sexy for me! I also dont know but I am really hooked up to his songs.
The last song should be Into The New World by SNSD. Geez! I wonder why didn't I include this song from the last week's? tsk. I am such a big fan of this song, I believe you have noticed that it sounded like the name of my blog right? No? Well, that is where I got the title of this blog from. This has gotta be the favorite song of all time from SNSD. I never get tired of it even if it has been like 6 years old. This is also a feel good music, love listening to this song every time I work out/gym. So on Monday and Tuesday I went on hiking or walking (LOL) and this was the first song I listen to. It's like everyday is a bright new day song and I love waking up to this song. It's like a booster song to keep me going. Inspiring? YES!
Yay! finally was able to finish this blog! LOLTill next time y'all! :))

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

I have noticed that I have been constantly listening to music for the past few days, in whatever I do (except of course when I'm at work)  and wherever I am. Yes, it's like music is half of me lately. You know being alone most of the time, so when I put my earphones on, then baam! I am in my own world already :)

Below are my top 5 most played songs on my phone. Yes, just my phone, I am cheap like that. Just a quick explanation though, I am not really into gadgets - anymore. Although my brothers are asking me to get an ipod, itouch and etc., I prefer using my phone. It's like all-in-one right? Anyhow, so let me be like a "BJ" for the day. ( uh, that sounds awkward!) what I mean is Blog-jockey heheh 

Number#1 on my list  wherein I usually get stuck on replay button is the latest (not really) song from 2PM. A.D.T.O.Y. Weird right? But yeah it means - All Day I Think Of You .‎
Why I love the song? The chorus is very singable! (singable?) heheh I do not speak korean nor understand of course but the chorus is just so sexy, so easy, it gets stuck on my ear. Oh Junho is also my favorite 2PM member that's why and he sang the chorus part along with the equally hot Nickhun. I think Junho is the most talented though. Nevermind the rapping on the song because it's just meh. Have you seen the video? YOU-HAVE-TO-SEE-IT! Their dancing is just...! it was freakin.....!! I cant....! LOL yes, my reaction was like that and is when I hear this song :)

Number#2 on my playlist is Rihanna's Do Ya Thang‎
I think this kind of beat is ma thang! Ya knaw whatam sayin? LOL I just so love the melody and the lyrics of the song. Even if personally Rihanna is like..... but her music is just awesome! She's amazing singer actually and I like her like that, forget about those personal stuff going on with her life. So, if you read the lyrics it's about the girl who's madly in love with the chick boy guy. I am relating to the song in the sense that I am madly in love...but thank God not to a chick boy! hehehe

Number#3 is Im Out by Ciara ft. Nicki Minaj‎
I am a fan of both. I love Ciara since Goodies days, she's awesome too right? Her voice is not that strong in Goodies and 1,2 step but this I'm out, I gotta say she's really heard! The rapping skills is not good as Nicki of course but love Ciara's voice in here. Of course Nicki Minaj, my favorite female rapper. Yes, I am a trying hard rapper! LOL I love Nicki's collaboration with artists even with Justin Beiber. Lovin this song because of the melody too and it's like ladies' empowerment, life after break up. I know it's a hommie song but I just love hitting on replay after hearing this. :)

Number#4 I don't know until when will I get tired of this song, but I just really love hearing this vocals from Kim Taeyeon of SNSD's Missing You Like‎/
The emotion is there, the sadness is there, the voice is there, what more? This song is an OST from King 2 Hearts, a Kdrama that starred Lee Seunggi and my girl crush Ha Ji Won. Actually, not being bias with Ha Ji Won but I liked the song before the drama, I listened to the song first before seeing the drama. But I loved the song even more after the drama :) . I have a lot of reasons of liking the song now LOL. 

Number#5. This is actually an old song, but I love the emotions and meaning of the song aside from being a Regine Velasquez fan.‎
Sana'y Laging Ganito was originally sang by Karylle and RVA made her own rendition of the song on Fantasy album. I can totally, as in totally! can relate to the song. Even if Regine didn't sing this song, if maybe I get to hear it sang by someone else then I could still like the song. Of course it is dedicated to my boyfriend! waaah! cheeseballs! pardon me for being cheesy sometimes. LOL but yeah seriously, listen to the song, the lyrics and melody, it is such a lullaby for me and fall in love. :)

So that was my Top 5 Songs for this week. I do not really know if there will be new one's next week. LOL I know that you also have a different kind of tastes in music but I wish you could find time to hear those songs I have posted and let me know what you think. Till next time! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

I have less friends in FB. So Wut?

I was supposed to blog about The Voice PH Live Battle but then I realized it will kinda be too long and the hype wont be that much anymore so I cannot pour out all the right things I wanna say. hehe

But while I was on a meal break I realized of a topic that can easily be related to and something short since there's nothing really happened that I can share. So, anyhow, a colleague ( CO ) told me that our former colleague (FC) is getting married this October. So I didn't get the cut for the invite, and I doubt I will, I don't think we were that close anyway. Speaking of not being close, FC's fiance' also added me on FB sometime in January and I didn't accept it because we're not close too. :) So CO told me that I am too mean for not accepting his friend request and now they are going to get married and I am not invited then the more I wouldn't accept it! (joke!) I mean the more I realized we are not really close. 

I also realized I only have a few friends in FB, I think it didn't go beyond 400 friends for the past six years that I have created the account. Does that make me unfriendly and snob? No. It is always my prerogative right? And yeah maybe I'm a little snob but to be honest, I don't really want to accept friend request that I do not know personally, the more if we are not connected. See what I mean? I bet you doing the same. 

When Facebook was not "in" the social media yet, we know Friendster was the super IN right? And that was all about a lot of friends, getting good and many testimonials, and pa-bonggahan nang page! LOL, I still remember those years and I cant help but smile. :)

But of course, Friendster got shut down (and I was not able to recover my pics) because I found it a hassle to do so, and I thought it was just a hoax until it got shut down for real! LOL. Well, actually, before Friendster got shut down I was already on Facebook. We were just a few who first had it, until it got a lot of people registered and our Internet Connection was still free inside the office. I know Facebook was way too boring from Friendster the fact that you can customize your page. But for some reason Facebook has this really "professional" look and "feel" that I really really like. It has also a good kind of security/privacy so I realized, what's the sense of having those if you will just be a friend to someone you do not know or really know?

That's when I realized I wont be accepting people requests if I do not know them, or if we do not have any connections. Though right now it varies on my judgment but most of the time I do not accept them. So there, I feel like I am being defensive for having less friends in Facebook...but nah! IDC.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st.

Let me just give a credit to August for being such a nice month. If I have to sum up everything, though it wasn't as I expected it to be but I am thanking God for having it so smooth for me. I have to say that August is one of the most important months of the year for me, not just because it's my birth month but because by the end of August I start to look forward to December which is my favorite month. I just don't know why but there's this very special feel when -BER month starts.. right?

September 1st it is! :) I am a happy bee. 

Today is really not something I was expecting for, because I was thinking of just bumming and be a couch potato all through the day. But good thing I didn't let it happen or else I will be missing on something important to realize about unfortunately, I cannot share :P.

It's the birthday of Jacquelyn's son, he's name is Elijah, he just turned one. :) 

Marlou and Jac met in CallTek where I am working for about 4 years ago? They got married last year and now got this super cutie patootie baby Eli. Thanks for inviting us (Nancy) by the way. :) 
It was held in AAA Diamonds restaurant on a very hot noon! hahah not complaining, it's better than rain :)
The celebration was really simple and intimate but I was super busog!

AAA Diamong Tongs Restaurant is located in Panagdait Mabolo Cebu City, near Sarrosa Hotel across Shell Gasoline station. They have launch buffet for 249Php and 290Php for dinner buffet. 
My very good friend (Nancy) and I came there together and it was kinda awkward because we were the outcast, but of course, knowing me keribels naman! LOL Thanks for being so accommodating though Marlou. LOL.

Here's our tiny pic. hahah if you notice lakas kung maka-summer di ba? so colorful #ootd. haha while both of them seems to be so formality complex! haha ako pa chill chill lang ang outfit. kekeke.

After that Nancy and I went to bond a little by window shopping since it's tingbits this date so winshop nalang heheh. I had fun though we only get to pick less clothes, we chose this really cutie dress where we match like mag-ate's (me being the ate LOL when I'm not!) 
Isn't it cute?

It was fun I wanna do it again! LOL I want to try something unusual next time. haha

So this girl..this girl? hahah this friend of mine Nancy a.k.a Candice has been a friend since my early years in CallTek (notice the early years there! lol) . We were like sisters, BFF and soulmates before. We used to wear same shade of outfit which was weird because it was always unplanned. Though she doesn't understand bisaya very well, she does her best to communicate. She's such a sweet pretty lady. Next week is her birthday by the way! hehehe

So we had so much of catching up to do, we just strolled for like hours not minding the time. But the time was seriously worth it. I wish I can share what we have talked about. But as what she captioned on the pic above, we are so proud that we have gained fans because of our friendship. LOL, parang artista lang di ba? hahah

That's sums up today's laag. Next time ulit, I know it's kinda bitin. LOL