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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

I have noticed that I have been constantly listening to music for the past few days, in whatever I do (except of course when I'm at work)  and wherever I am. Yes, it's like music is half of me lately. You know being alone most of the time, so when I put my earphones on, then baam! I am in my own world already :)

Below are my top 5 most played songs on my phone. Yes, just my phone, I am cheap like that. Just a quick explanation though, I am not really into gadgets - anymore. Although my brothers are asking me to get an ipod, itouch and etc., I prefer using my phone. It's like all-in-one right? Anyhow, so let me be like a "BJ" for the day. ( uh, that sounds awkward!) what I mean is Blog-jockey heheh 

Number#1 on my list  wherein I usually get stuck on replay button is the latest (not really) song from 2PM. A.D.T.O.Y. Weird right? But yeah it means - All Day I Think Of You .‎
Why I love the song? The chorus is very singable! (singable?) heheh I do not speak korean nor understand of course but the chorus is just so sexy, so easy, it gets stuck on my ear. Oh Junho is also my favorite 2PM member that's why and he sang the chorus part along with the equally hot Nickhun. I think Junho is the most talented though. Nevermind the rapping on the song because it's just meh. Have you seen the video? YOU-HAVE-TO-SEE-IT! Their dancing is just...! it was freakin.....!! I cant....! LOL yes, my reaction was like that and is when I hear this song :)

Number#2 on my playlist is Rihanna's Do Ya Thang‎
I think this kind of beat is ma thang! Ya knaw whatam sayin? LOL I just so love the melody and the lyrics of the song. Even if personally Rihanna is like..... but her music is just awesome! She's amazing singer actually and I like her like that, forget about those personal stuff going on with her life. So, if you read the lyrics it's about the girl who's madly in love with the chick boy guy. I am relating to the song in the sense that I am madly in love...but thank God not to a chick boy! hehehe

Number#3 is Im Out by Ciara ft. Nicki Minaj‎
I am a fan of both. I love Ciara since Goodies days, she's awesome too right? Her voice is not that strong in Goodies and 1,2 step but this I'm out, I gotta say she's really heard! The rapping skills is not good as Nicki of course but love Ciara's voice in here. Of course Nicki Minaj, my favorite female rapper. Yes, I am a trying hard rapper! LOL I love Nicki's collaboration with artists even with Justin Beiber. Lovin this song because of the melody too and it's like ladies' empowerment, life after break up. I know it's a hommie song but I just love hitting on replay after hearing this. :)

Number#4 I don't know until when will I get tired of this song, but I just really love hearing this vocals from Kim Taeyeon of SNSD's Missing You Like‎/
The emotion is there, the sadness is there, the voice is there, what more? This song is an OST from King 2 Hearts, a Kdrama that starred Lee Seunggi and my girl crush Ha Ji Won. Actually, not being bias with Ha Ji Won but I liked the song before the drama, I listened to the song first before seeing the drama. But I loved the song even more after the drama :) . I have a lot of reasons of liking the song now LOL. 

Number#5. This is actually an old song, but I love the emotions and meaning of the song aside from being a Regine Velasquez fan.‎
Sana'y Laging Ganito was originally sang by Karylle and RVA made her own rendition of the song on Fantasy album. I can totally, as in totally! can relate to the song. Even if Regine didn't sing this song, if maybe I get to hear it sang by someone else then I could still like the song. Of course it is dedicated to my boyfriend! waaah! cheeseballs! pardon me for being cheesy sometimes. LOL but yeah seriously, listen to the song, the lyrics and melody, it is such a lullaby for me and fall in love. :)

So that was my Top 5 Songs for this week. I do not really know if there will be new one's next week. LOL I know that you also have a different kind of tastes in music but I wish you could find time to hear those songs I have posted and let me know what you think. Till next time! :)

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