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Monday, September 2, 2013

I have less friends in FB. So Wut?

I was supposed to blog about The Voice PH Live Battle but then I realized it will kinda be too long and the hype wont be that much anymore so I cannot pour out all the right things I wanna say. hehe

But while I was on a meal break I realized of a topic that can easily be related to and something short since there's nothing really happened that I can share. So, anyhow, a colleague ( CO ) told me that our former colleague (FC) is getting married this October. So I didn't get the cut for the invite, and I doubt I will, I don't think we were that close anyway. Speaking of not being close, FC's fiance' also added me on FB sometime in January and I didn't accept it because we're not close too. :) So CO told me that I am too mean for not accepting his friend request and now they are going to get married and I am not invited then the more I wouldn't accept it! (joke!) I mean the more I realized we are not really close. 

I also realized I only have a few friends in FB, I think it didn't go beyond 400 friends for the past six years that I have created the account. Does that make me unfriendly and snob? No. It is always my prerogative right? And yeah maybe I'm a little snob but to be honest, I don't really want to accept friend request that I do not know personally, the more if we are not connected. See what I mean? I bet you doing the same. 

When Facebook was not "in" the social media yet, we know Friendster was the super IN right? And that was all about a lot of friends, getting good and many testimonials, and pa-bonggahan nang page! LOL, I still remember those years and I cant help but smile. :)

But of course, Friendster got shut down (and I was not able to recover my pics) because I found it a hassle to do so, and I thought it was just a hoax until it got shut down for real! LOL. Well, actually, before Friendster got shut down I was already on Facebook. We were just a few who first had it, until it got a lot of people registered and our Internet Connection was still free inside the office. I know Facebook was way too boring from Friendster the fact that you can customize your page. But for some reason Facebook has this really "professional" look and "feel" that I really really like. It has also a good kind of security/privacy so I realized, what's the sense of having those if you will just be a friend to someone you do not know or really know?

That's when I realized I wont be accepting people requests if I do not know them, or if we do not have any connections. Though right now it varies on my judgment but most of the time I do not accept them. So there, I feel like I am being defensive for having less friends in Facebook...but nah! IDC.

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