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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

G-Dragon One of a Kind

Kwon Ji Yong - August 18, 1988

Stage name: G-Dragon
Group: BigBang
Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

I never liked BigBang before because aside from being an SM Towner (SM fan) all the members  are not as good looking nor cute like 2PM or Super Junior. I never even watched any of their variety shows because I feel like they are no fun. I was a 2PM fan before alongside SNSD but has been changed because of this guy - G-Dragon.

G-dragon originally started in SM but transferred after 4-5 years as a trainee to YG wherein he was pushed and asked to write songs starting by the age 12. He was the youngest song writer in YG that time.
Why his name was changed to Gdragon? I know it's kind of a weird name eh? It was actually derived from his first name Ji (read us G in english) Yong (Korean for Dragon) so GDragon. Awesome? Yes. He thought of it himself. He's so cool like that.

If you noticed, I know a lot about him.. Well, I really want to know him better! haha if only I am not in love with my boyfriend right now I think I will be dreaming about G-Dragon all the time. JK LOL. He makes my heart flutters like no other idols can, he makes me feel giddy, excited, amazed, starstruck, and makes me fall in love every time I see him and I dont really care what he is doing. I have never been a fan of male artists before but G-Dragon is just really different.

Did you know that he is the richest idol in Korea at the age 23? He doesn't have a wealthy family okaay, what made him rich is because aside from writing songs, singer, he would also produce music and were all selling like pancakes.

Did you know that he composed the song Lies by BigBang that was actually their breakthrough to stardom. If not for "Lies" (Gojitmal) BigBang wouldn't be recognized as what they are right now. 

Did you know that he once said that he can write a song in a blink of an eye (Go Show!) . Isn't that awesome?

Currently, he is promoting his second studio album Coup D'Etat with it's carrier single Coup D'Etat. He has three songs actually being promoted right now Coup D'Etat, Black ft. Jennie Kim (YG trainee) / ft. Ferreira Sky, and Crooked. All of these songs won on different music shows that can rarely be done by a solo artist and that is Gdragon! #proudfan of course, he wrote and produced the album so he's making a lot of money in just a month (or less) especially that now...these songs are still charting on music charts.

I honestly don't think any K-idols can do what he does. I may sound bias but seriously, he's just amazing! He may look weird with his fashion statement but in terms of working he is really excelling. Her future girlfriend/wife would be lucky. These are just the things that I like about G-dragon that I find amazing, I will edit this if I ever find something. LOL

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