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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

LOL, it's funny that I have a lot of drafts on my blog because I was supposed to be blogging everyday but I never get to finish it. Hopefully this one goes through. LOL

It's the time of my Top 5 songs of the week again when I am trying to be your BJ (blog jock okay!!) ! LOL Well, not really got stuck on replay but it just boost up my energy when I hear these songs.

Number one on my list is - Our Love by Regine Velasquez from Drawn album. This is actually an old song, and was released 1998 so most likely I wasn't a fan yet. I love the song because I feel in love? Ewww! Cheeseballs! LOL but yeah, for real. From the lyrics itself:
Darlin' our love one loveThat never fades awayOur loveThis love will light the worldAll dayI feel like it's a feel good song, and so adequate for me right now since I am apart from my boyfriend. It's nor our theme song okaaay! But I just love how it fills and explains how I feel lately.
Second on my list is Express 999 by SNSD. This song was included on their I Got a Boy album release early this year..super early like January 1, 2013! LOL. I love the melody of the song, it has different tempo and I feel like you can dance to whatever simple steps into the song. This has gotta be one of my favorite songs in the album, of course it doesn't have a meaning since I don't understand it's lyrics. LOL
Third would be Do You Love Me by 2ne1. This is kinda a party-themed song/dance. The first time I've heard it was the first time I saw the video and the video was awesome! I think not the ordinary korean video. And I also like the dance steps that they have put on the dance, the song  was kind of something that you would like the first time you've heard it but it would just grow old on you. But it's one of my favorite as of the moment. :) 
Number four song is Coup d'Etat by Gdragon. Kwon JiYong is here again, bringing the funky not so ordinary music. This guy is seriously awesome! I only got to hear it on Monday, song was released early this month. He's really fearless and really an artist! I haven't heard of the full album yet, I have heard Black ft. Jennie Kim and there's also a version ft. Sky Ferreira. Both are good but I like Sky's version better since it's easy to the ear and very light. Going back to Coup d'Etat, it's so Gdragon song, upbeat, disco, and boy! his voice is really sexy for me! I also dont know but I am really hooked up to his songs.
The last song should be Into The New World by SNSD. Geez! I wonder why didn't I include this song from the last week's? tsk. I am such a big fan of this song, I believe you have noticed that it sounded like the name of my blog right? No? Well, that is where I got the title of this blog from. This has gotta be the favorite song of all time from SNSD. I never get tired of it even if it has been like 6 years old. This is also a feel good music, love listening to this song every time I work out/gym. So on Monday and Tuesday I went on hiking or walking (LOL) and this was the first song I listen to. It's like everyday is a bright new day song and I love waking up to this song. It's like a booster song to keep me going. Inspiring? YES!
Yay! finally was able to finish this blog! LOLTill next time y'all! :))

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