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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Give me Five!

I feel the need to blog something today but I do not know what topic to tackle. But I came across a GMA article online and looks interesting - Give Me Five so I decided to give you five things about my life since I also do not have any Top 5 songs of the week this week. hehe  :)

Give Me Five words to describe your life right now:

Give Me Five things to describe Rimond Mondrano (BF):
-mama's boy

Give Me Five things people don’t know about you:
- I have a blog LOL
- I get jealous MOST of the times but friends do not know
- I over analyze things, think too much
- It takes me a while to get over with things, too much attachment with stuff.
- Since I get attached and cannot get over stuff easily, I tend to keep on going back over and over to what it was, I know this is kinda vague and the explanation may need to be placed on a different blog post! lol

Give Me Five things on your bucket list:
- go back to SCHOOL!
- get eye glasses for my blurred vision
- dentist for yearly cleaning 
- live independently and become responsible
- go on vacation

Give Me Five inspirations in life:
- God
- Family
- Friends
- Boyfriend
- people I look up to like Regine V. Alcasid, Ha Ji Won, and so many to mention lol

Give Me Five things you’re looking forward to:
- check my bucket list. lol
- seeing my boyfriend this holiday
- Christmas bonus! LOLs
- travel
- Samsung S4 :) 

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