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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TOP 5: Songs of the Week

Hello, hello, hello! 

It's me again your BJ for today! LOL, I am still not used to the "BJ" word. Sorry for that silly name. :P
I wasn't sure if I would be able to pick top 5 songs this week but we will go ahead and try. Yes! There are really lots of new songs for the past week (or couple of weeks ago) that are stuck on my MOST PLAYED on my phone. Haven't told you I got a new phone already...aww.. I always got kilig when I see it (not really).

Anyhow, let's move on and start the count-up ( countdown ) hehe

1.) Crooked by G-Dragon - yeah, I will give you the right to tell me I am obsessed with G-Dragon nowadays. LOL. IT'S TRUE I WONT DENY IT. That is because of him promoting since early September and his songs are really stuck on my head every time! Take this song for example, I like listening to this before and after I wake up, when I am on my way to work, when I am in the comfort room and everything else in between. Yes! I am just exaggerating, but really one of my fave songs right now, it's so funky..and it's G-Dragon! LOL

2.) Roar by Katy Perry - I don't know but every time Katy Perry released a song it instantly become my theme song! LOL her songs are always pasok sa banga! It's really singable and can easily be related to my life and all others I am sure! I also got to listen to Black Horse, darn it's sexy! And this song ROAR is like a girl-empowerment which I always like! Have you seen the video? It surely is awesome right? Why wouldn't I like it?

3.) Black by G-Dragon ft. Jennie Kim - I think I have mentioned this before on my previous blog. The melody is already catchy, Jennie's voice is soulful and I just read the lyrics and yeah, it's deeper than I thought. Love the chorus actually, this guy really makes a lot of make-sense songs. Mi loveit! :) 

4.) Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus - okay, I know the video is also not your kind of video...but just listen to the song, it is really nice. I do not normally understand Miley Cyrus, nor never liked her personally but I think her songs are pretty cool. This song is for those people with a broken heart. Char! But really, love the meaning of the song, I do not sing with it with Miley, but I sing it every idle time I have. hahah #LSS

5.) I really have been contemplating what song would be included on most-played list for this week. LOL Had to check my playlist to confirm, so there's this song from Miley "23" again, actually it's from Mike Will Made It and Miley Cyrus is the "featuring" artist. Dunno about that rapper TBH and hell I cared, I just know there's Miley Cyrus on it. It's a party-rap song, makes you groove. The chorus is pretty cool, and I am surprise to find 2 Miley-songs in my list. But I guess I just cant help it. :) 

So there you go, cant wait to discover new songs for this week to post it for my next week's list! Have fun!

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