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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st.

Let me just give a credit to August for being such a nice month. If I have to sum up everything, though it wasn't as I expected it to be but I am thanking God for having it so smooth for me. I have to say that August is one of the most important months of the year for me, not just because it's my birth month but because by the end of August I start to look forward to December which is my favorite month. I just don't know why but there's this very special feel when -BER month starts.. right?

September 1st it is! :) I am a happy bee. 

Today is really not something I was expecting for, because I was thinking of just bumming and be a couch potato all through the day. But good thing I didn't let it happen or else I will be missing on something important to realize about unfortunately, I cannot share :P.

It's the birthday of Jacquelyn's son, he's name is Elijah, he just turned one. :) 

Marlou and Jac met in CallTek where I am working for about 4 years ago? They got married last year and now got this super cutie patootie baby Eli. Thanks for inviting us (Nancy) by the way. :) 
It was held in AAA Diamonds restaurant on a very hot noon! hahah not complaining, it's better than rain :)
The celebration was really simple and intimate but I was super busog!

AAA Diamong Tongs Restaurant is located in Panagdait Mabolo Cebu City, near Sarrosa Hotel across Shell Gasoline station. They have launch buffet for 249Php and 290Php for dinner buffet. 
My very good friend (Nancy) and I came there together and it was kinda awkward because we were the outcast, but of course, knowing me keribels naman! LOL Thanks for being so accommodating though Marlou. LOL.

Here's our tiny pic. hahah if you notice lakas kung maka-summer di ba? so colorful #ootd. haha while both of them seems to be so formality complex! haha ako pa chill chill lang ang outfit. kekeke.

After that Nancy and I went to bond a little by window shopping since it's tingbits this date so winshop nalang heheh. I had fun though we only get to pick less clothes, we chose this really cutie dress where we match like mag-ate's (me being the ate LOL when I'm not!) 
Isn't it cute?

It was fun I wanna do it again! LOL I want to try something unusual next time. haha

So this girl..this girl? hahah this friend of mine Nancy a.k.a Candice has been a friend since my early years in CallTek (notice the early years there! lol) . We were like sisters, BFF and soulmates before. We used to wear same shade of outfit which was weird because it was always unplanned. Though she doesn't understand bisaya very well, she does her best to communicate. She's such a sweet pretty lady. Next week is her birthday by the way! hehehe

So we had so much of catching up to do, we just strolled for like hours not minding the time. But the time was seriously worth it. I wish I can share what we have talked about. But as what she captioned on the pic above, we are so proud that we have gained fans because of our friendship. LOL, parang artista lang di ba? hahah

That's sums up today's laag. Next time ulit, I know it's kinda bitin. LOL

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