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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Noah's 1st Birthday!

we should have asked for this tarp but I was already pre-occupied after the party. Wish Jollibee would give this out :( 
Last Friday was the first birthday of my nephew - Noah. If you follow me on Instagram (ITismeGail) you'd know who he is and the inspiration he's bringing to my family. We celebrated the party in Jollibee Consolacion. It was actually fun than what I have expected it to be, considering that the day didn't really start great.. 
Noah and he's trying hard attitude to walk. Isn't he adorbs? ^^

not so good birthday cake. I could have bought something nicer, but of course..

I just couldn't understand why kids love Jollibee..? everything about him is big! he's size is freaking freaking (sorry for that jargon) his eyes are big, his cheeks are big, his butt is soooo big! yeah he dances well, actually too cute! he knows how to please kids, he's adorable and funny. okay, now I'm speaking like liking Jollibee. LOL. But yeah I guess he's also benta to me now. Oh my kiddo heart.

Noah and fam-bam! Chris, Jasmin, ate Naomi with Jollibee and Hetty

Man! I was sleepless for over 24hours. But I couldn't really feel I was tired, until the day after when I was just sleeping the whole day! LOL. I was such a bum when I was supposed to visit Noah the next day. I slept the whole day and still felt it wasn't enough. 

I wish I could throw another Jollibee party for my pamangkins, anyone of them. The kids enjoyment and laughters are really priceless, I wont get tired easily or wouldn't mind getting tired and it makes me so  happy seeing them having fun. 
And there is me. I couldn't post my #ootd, please see my Instagram post! :)

Sorry for the low quality photos and I am also tired on editing it. LOL #bummer. I am still learning you know! Till next time :)

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