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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Daily Routine.

I just realized that my life is getting boring as I age. LOL maybe it becomes challenging when there is a change on my schedule (work) or if I have an extra schedule in a day. But most of the time it's actually the same ROUTINE.

1. Wake up like 2 hours before my shift time, or if sisipagin, 2 hours and a half before my shift.
2. After a long hours of sleep (approx 5-8hours of sleep), I would just lie down again on our sofa either to watch the news or sleep again.
3. I try to communicate with nature before I go take a bath but if I don't feel like it then I would do some squats and lunges before taking a bath. 10 squats, 20 lunges, 20 squats and etc. 
4. Take a bath. It takes me 20 minutes - 30minutes to take a bath, depends on how many minutes/hours I have left for work. Though my boyfriend said there isn't any much difference. LOL
5. Dress up, eat and brush that should be done in 30minutes too. Sometimes when I find it hard to pick what to wear for work, I minimize my eating time. I think picking the clothes to wear is one of the hardest things that a woman would do in their lives. LOL. But what I do now is that before I go to sleep I would already think/decide what to wear so when I finish shower at night I would just pick the clothes and tada! 
6. After the regime, since it takes 45min - hour travel from our "province" to the City, this is already my panic time. Lately I have been lucky being able to get up early, or get to ride right away so I have no problems on tardiness at work. This is also the time I get to check my feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and text/reply to the people who are trying to reach me, especially my boyfriend. Yeah, I know it's dangerous especially at night and checks my cellphone inside jeepney/taxi but I am trying to be discreet about it. :) 
7. Work, work , work
8. When I log out, I go straight home, check feeds again on my social networking sites and etc.
9. When I get home. I would just meddle around my siblings lives hehe and mama,, eat before preparing for bed.
10. Again, women stuff. Wash up, cleanse and brush teeth and etc.
11. Before I go to sleep, of course I pray..and then call my boyfriend and would spend atleast 5minutes talking about stuff and nonsense.
12. Doze off. and repeat steps.

That's like my normal life on an ordinary day, usual day, I wish I could go back to gym or school. Maybe I wouldn't get too bored anymore. 

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