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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week

This is going to be an unusual list of Top 5 songs for this week. I apparently saw one blog that I followed and it kinda inspired me to post this. Since I got back to school I have realized the wide age-gap I have with my classmates (almost 10 years) and it made me feel that 1.) I am old, 2.) I am at an advantage 3.) the music they like really is corny! LOL. Don't hate me. It's not like I do not enjoy today's music but more like old music are classic. I am pretty sure that if those kids would be able to live in my time they would love the 90's and 20's music more. :)

Perhaps that was the reason why I got into KPOP. I mean it's a different genre and it really shows how passionate their songs can be even if their engrish can make you laugh your ass off. Their melodies are really good, but even KPOP new songs now cannot be considered classic unlike the first years I got into KPOP. Lies by BigBang, Tell Me by Wondergirls and of course Gee by SNSD. :) Now, everything's just meh.

As for local music scene, I grew tired of listening to new songs unlike the old ones I would keep on coming back to. Let's put aside Regine Velasquez's songs because you might say I am a bias. LOL Here are my top 5 go-to songs when I feel like I want to jump back 10years ago.

1.) Parting Time by Rockstar - released on 1993. Okay I was born on 1989 so that made me four years old then. But as I grew up this was like one of my favorite songs when I don't even know the word favorite yet. Although I can barely understand the meaning of the song but I know that until I went to elementary to high school I still like hearing it over and over again. It got revived by Erik Santos and Kyla and although I like this two singers the original performer could still nail the songs for miles. 

2.) Elesi by Eraserheads - released on 1997. I wasn't a boy band junkie but certainly this is a classic by Eraserheads. Who loves E-heads? Me! Me! Me! I dont think anyone would miss out Eheads from my generation. This band was a genius before they got disbanded. My brother keeps on playing this song especially every weekend that our baby boy Noah already know how to sing it...lesi.... :)

3.)  Kisapmata by Rivermaya - released on 1996. Bamboo. <3 If you have Eheads then it's impossible not to have Rivermaya. One of the most influential band of the history of OPM. I really love this song that I practiced this song with the guitar. Bamboo's voice was hella smexy! Especially when he did the narration. dayum! 

4.) So Slow by Freestyle - released on 1999 . Although this got released on 1999 I think I knew this song around 2004 on my high school years. Very nice song especially the bridge part. I can totally remember dedicating it to my ex-boyfriend. LOL

5.) Hinahanap-hanap Kita by Rivermaya - released on 1997. Another smexy hit from Bamboo. Well, actually I have learned that it was Rico Blanco who wrote these songs for Rivermaya and then it was interpreted by Bamboo. One of the most romantic songs and I couldn't even enumerate anymore how many times it has been revived. From Regine V. to Daniel Padilla. :) 

So,what do you think of my list? 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 5 Songs of the Week

I'll just do a quick list for my top 5 songs that I listen to lately 30minutes before I log out. 

1.) Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj 
"as expected with Jessie J vocals didn't disappoint. How can she keeps on singing high notes like that? And then there's a perf combination with Ariana Grande the mini-Mariah C. IMHO, her high notes are just so natural for her. Of course MC is better on whistle register but this little girl has a long way to go if she wont go wrong that is. And of course Nicki Minaj, always a fan of her rapping. Nvm mind the visuals but she be rockin' it Nicki cockin' it".

2.) The Way by Ariana Grande
"love the song. love that there's a nostalgic feel of MC hit. Ariana grande put her own color though by having a youthful feel for the song. It has been my LSS for a couple of weeks now (month I guess) and I never get tired because it really has a singable and light vibe"

3.) Fancy by Iggy Azalea
" I honestly doubted the way she raps because it's totally not like as fluid as Nicki Minaj, and I don't like 2nd rate and I thought she was a second rate but she actually aint. This song and this girl has it's unique way and that is why it's loved by many like me. I like that the song that it doesn't rhyme but the vibe is so upbeat and you cant just stop singing the chorus. (She didn't do the chorus though)"

4.) Empty by Winner 
"As I have mentioned I do not like 2nd rate, and I felt like this group is copying Bigbang. When I downloaded the song a part of me feels like I was a hater but I gave it a try (benefit of the doubt) and yes I was right, I can certainly imagine BigBang singing it. However, this song just grew on me to the point that this is like the greatest KPOP song I have ever heard this year. Non-bias category. LOL. Goodbye by SNSD is still the best for me :)"

5.) Blow by Beyonce'
"yeah this song does have a double meaning and certainly not for kids. After Partition, here comes Queen Bey doing her thing again. It ain't like Rihanna okay, but this is sexier! Love the video for real! I love the sexiness of the song that makes you choke. LOL. Although I like Beyonce's songs lately I wish she wouldn't be too much racy on her next singles, album or release. I am so looking forward with her collab with Nicki Minaj though" :)

Surprisingly, there is only one KPOP song I have been into lately. Atleast "new". I have to give credits to Forever and Complete by SNSD, really inspires me. So, that wraps up my playlist for this week (for the past two weeks or so).

Time check: 5:44AM
that was like almost 15minutes. quick!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Okay, it's love

I don't know if I have mentioned here before that I am currently watching It's Okay, That's Love K-drama with the lead Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin right now and I am very hooked by it. And it's so sad they are only running up to 16 episodes only!


I was kind of skeptical on JIS and GHJ tandem at first because I was very judgmental of GHJ's beauty from SHK's TWTWB. I wasn't even impressed with her acting on Master's Sun to be honest but this have changed 360 degrees. I can see GHJ's hotness on this K-drama. She is really attractive from what she wears, how she talks and delivers. She's jjang~! definitely climbing my bias list up to 2.. not until Park Shin Hye gets back from hiatus. LOL 

Of course Jo In Sung, for me he looks best on TWTWB days but he's very attractive on this K-drama. This another side of him, not the bad boy, totally jerk role he played before on TV. He's very passionate here,very smart, he's touching and very romantic! I could fall for him in an instant! and man~!! he kisses so hot!!! squeeee!!!

One of the deciding factors for me to watch this Kdrama is because of D.O (from EXO). He's really one of the cutest thing on earth that I have ever seen! LOL but he was also really cute on this drama. He's face when he cries..such a baby! I think he will win as breakthrough artist for this drama. 

Of course Kwangsoo. LOL. I have seen him acting on Innocent Man before but his role as Soo Kwang was really challenging and fun. And So Nyeo his girlfriend is also the same, they came as natural for their respective roles. So Nyeo looks like Suzy and Gong Hyo Jin combined! 

Reasons why I like this drama:

1.) The actors themselves. Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung are just natural actors. They played their roles really well I feel like I have schizo myself and I am playing them on my mind. How can they be so perfect looking as a couple when they have their own love lives in real life? Can I ship them both? Argghh! They have all reached beyond my expectations and I am really enjoying all of their characters.

2.) The plot. It isn't the usual love story like the guy being a jerk and the girl being hopeless romantic, infact it's the other way around. The guy is damn so romantic while the girl has phobia with kiss and sex. Hae Soo is poor but it's not like rich-poor issue, there's actually no issue to be honest except for their diseases. There is no bully leading man but just a hot gorgeous one. LOL #given. So it's really more on accepting your flaws and all, and it's okay to fall in love kind of thing. That is just one of the angles of the story of course but there's really more into it.

3.) The supporting casts. I think I have never enjoyed the supporting casts from previous dramas maybe because there is really no villain on this drama, they all have roles to play that make sense. They interact so naturally with each other as well as if they're also friends off-cam, well, I am sure they are now. They are always fun to watch especially the bickering.

4.) The soundtrack. Really. Most of the songs I have heard are like english songs, there are barely Korean songs played. I've googled and apparently there were couple of Korean songs. But when those english songs are played, it's very easy to hear, very light and heart-hitting for some reason. And it's not common for a korean drama. 

5.) Gong Hyo Jin's outfit. She look really good with whatever she is wearing. And her height really matches with Jo In Sung.

I hope this drama has a satisfying ending. I mean, I'd be really disappointed if they have a so-so ending. I mean the writing and directing is really good okay, never failed me so far so I wish it will be the same till the end. There are two episodes left and I am so looking forward for it. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Break Up? No.

It's really upsetting if someone would seek for your advise, or someone would send you feelers that they need someone to talk to, advice, or someone to listen or consultation about their live loves because something went wrong and they don't have anyone to talk to about it and you were like all ears, attention and provide what you think about it but ends up not taking your advise. 
Most of the love cases are actually ikot-ikot lang. That's why there is a song for it. So far from what I've seen, witness, know it has always been like that. There's this thing called "on-off relationship" or yeah if you know the song Ikot -ikot lang by Sarah G. <ikot ikot lang playing in the background>
As a friend who listens to friend's issues about their lovelives, it would really get annoying if you keep on hearing them say the same issue over an over again, right? and mostly we would recommend to "break up!" because that's the easiest word we could say if you know that your friend is already hurting and issues has been on-going . However,while it's true that "madaling sabihin, mahirap gawin" on the other party's end I think that friends shouldn't suggest the words "break up!" right away.

I understand you are annoyed on hearing issues of your friends, okay? But actually come to think about it the first thing you have actually need to think is that if you are on their shoes, what would you do? Would you want to give up, break up with your  boyfriend/girlfriend right away? NO. right? Unless if you are Beyonce, "I can have another you in a minute" then fine. But even Beyonce wouldn't give up on relationship right away right? 
Secondly, always understand your friends if they are going through something. That's what friend is for. If you don't like hearing about issues over and over again then you are not a true friend. JOKE. Of course that is not the only measure. But for me, it's basically a friend's responsibility to atleast listen, you don't really have to give an advice if you don't have anything to say or suggest. You can just be there and listen, be an absorber and then let it out later. But never talk about their issues behind their backs, it's really a bad thing and you don't want that to happen to you either.
Thirdly, as years go by I have learned that it's not really good to blurt out Break UP right away. I am watching a korean drama right now "It's okay, That's Love" and I am so hook into it but that would be another story. So there's this mention on the 12th episode that says..for every couple, even if they keep on arguing and maybe they don't love each other as before, they decided to keep each other because of the memories they have shared that cannot be replaced. It really made sense to me. I remembered the movie "The Vow" when the mom's leading lady said that "she decided to stay not because of love but because she chose to" because he made her happy that no one would be able to give. Especially for couples who have been together in a long time, memories are built and it's not just on the pictures that you have on your phone that you can delete but it's all on your mind. You cannot take it out. 

Then on, I understand that you cannot really advice to break up with their uyab because that is not very easy. Now I understand why my friends keep on coming back to their ex's, why Selena always get back to Justin  even if he is so much scandalous and .. argh?! Why Angel Locsin had to get back with Lucky, and why your friend couldn't get back to you and tell you they have fixed the issues already. LOL for one, you cannot judge with just one story, unless your are on their shoes. 

Lastly, as a friend do not get upset on whatever decisions they would do. At the end of the day it's always up for them to decide and not yours. You should only understand and not ask why, it's their heart not yours. Yes, you might be hurting for your friend but again it's not  about your feelings but theirs. Same goes for you, anyone can talk to you about your life but most of the time you actually just want someone to listen to you and shrug off anyone's advice right? LOL. no sarcasm intended there. But seriously, my point is. Just be a friend that listens, sometimes that's all what people needs. :)