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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 5 Songs of the Week

I'll just do a quick list for my top 5 songs that I listen to lately 30minutes before I log out. 

1.) Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj 
"as expected with Jessie J vocals didn't disappoint. How can she keeps on singing high notes like that? And then there's a perf combination with Ariana Grande the mini-Mariah C. IMHO, her high notes are just so natural for her. Of course MC is better on whistle register but this little girl has a long way to go if she wont go wrong that is. And of course Nicki Minaj, always a fan of her rapping. Nvm mind the visuals but she be rockin' it Nicki cockin' it".

2.) The Way by Ariana Grande
"love the song. love that there's a nostalgic feel of MC hit. Ariana grande put her own color though by having a youthful feel for the song. It has been my LSS for a couple of weeks now (month I guess) and I never get tired because it really has a singable and light vibe"

3.) Fancy by Iggy Azalea
" I honestly doubted the way she raps because it's totally not like as fluid as Nicki Minaj, and I don't like 2nd rate and I thought she was a second rate but she actually aint. This song and this girl has it's unique way and that is why it's loved by many like me. I like that the song that it doesn't rhyme but the vibe is so upbeat and you cant just stop singing the chorus. (She didn't do the chorus though)"

4.) Empty by Winner 
"As I have mentioned I do not like 2nd rate, and I felt like this group is copying Bigbang. When I downloaded the song a part of me feels like I was a hater but I gave it a try (benefit of the doubt) and yes I was right, I can certainly imagine BigBang singing it. However, this song just grew on me to the point that this is like the greatest KPOP song I have ever heard this year. Non-bias category. LOL. Goodbye by SNSD is still the best for me :)"

5.) Blow by Beyonce'
"yeah this song does have a double meaning and certainly not for kids. After Partition, here comes Queen Bey doing her thing again. It ain't like Rihanna okay, but this is sexier! Love the video for real! I love the sexiness of the song that makes you choke. LOL. Although I like Beyonce's songs lately I wish she wouldn't be too much racy on her next singles, album or release. I am so looking forward with her collab with Nicki Minaj though" :)

Surprisingly, there is only one KPOP song I have been into lately. Atleast "new". I have to give credits to Forever and Complete by SNSD, really inspires me. So, that wraps up my playlist for this week (for the past two weeks or so).

Time check: 5:44AM
that was like almost 15minutes. quick!

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