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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top 5: Songs of the Week

This is going to be an unusual list of Top 5 songs for this week. I apparently saw one blog that I followed and it kinda inspired me to post this. Since I got back to school I have realized the wide age-gap I have with my classmates (almost 10 years) and it made me feel that 1.) I am old, 2.) I am at an advantage 3.) the music they like really is corny! LOL. Don't hate me. It's not like I do not enjoy today's music but more like old music are classic. I am pretty sure that if those kids would be able to live in my time they would love the 90's and 20's music more. :)

Perhaps that was the reason why I got into KPOP. I mean it's a different genre and it really shows how passionate their songs can be even if their engrish can make you laugh your ass off. Their melodies are really good, but even KPOP new songs now cannot be considered classic unlike the first years I got into KPOP. Lies by BigBang, Tell Me by Wondergirls and of course Gee by SNSD. :) Now, everything's just meh.

As for local music scene, I grew tired of listening to new songs unlike the old ones I would keep on coming back to. Let's put aside Regine Velasquez's songs because you might say I am a bias. LOL Here are my top 5 go-to songs when I feel like I want to jump back 10years ago.

1.) Parting Time by Rockstar - released on 1993. Okay I was born on 1989 so that made me four years old then. But as I grew up this was like one of my favorite songs when I don't even know the word favorite yet. Although I can barely understand the meaning of the song but I know that until I went to elementary to high school I still like hearing it over and over again. It got revived by Erik Santos and Kyla and although I like this two singers the original performer could still nail the songs for miles. 

2.) Elesi by Eraserheads - released on 1997. I wasn't a boy band junkie but certainly this is a classic by Eraserheads. Who loves E-heads? Me! Me! Me! I dont think anyone would miss out Eheads from my generation. This band was a genius before they got disbanded. My brother keeps on playing this song especially every weekend that our baby boy Noah already know how to sing it...lesi.... :)

3.)  Kisapmata by Rivermaya - released on 1996. Bamboo. <3 If you have Eheads then it's impossible not to have Rivermaya. One of the most influential band of the history of OPM. I really love this song that I practiced this song with the guitar. Bamboo's voice was hella smexy! Especially when he did the narration. dayum! 

4.) So Slow by Freestyle - released on 1999 . Although this got released on 1999 I think I knew this song around 2004 on my high school years. Very nice song especially the bridge part. I can totally remember dedicating it to my ex-boyfriend. LOL

5.) Hinahanap-hanap Kita by Rivermaya - released on 1997. Another smexy hit from Bamboo. Well, actually I have learned that it was Rico Blanco who wrote these songs for Rivermaya and then it was interpreted by Bamboo. One of the most romantic songs and I couldn't even enumerate anymore how many times it has been revived. From Regine V. to Daniel Padilla. :) 

So,what do you think of my list? 

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