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Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Okay, it's love

I don't know if I have mentioned here before that I am currently watching It's Okay, That's Love K-drama with the lead Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin right now and I am very hooked by it. And it's so sad they are only running up to 16 episodes only!


I was kind of skeptical on JIS and GHJ tandem at first because I was very judgmental of GHJ's beauty from SHK's TWTWB. I wasn't even impressed with her acting on Master's Sun to be honest but this have changed 360 degrees. I can see GHJ's hotness on this K-drama. She is really attractive from what she wears, how she talks and delivers. She's jjang~! definitely climbing my bias list up to 2.. not until Park Shin Hye gets back from hiatus. LOL 

Of course Jo In Sung, for me he looks best on TWTWB days but he's very attractive on this K-drama. This another side of him, not the bad boy, totally jerk role he played before on TV. He's very passionate here,very smart, he's touching and very romantic! I could fall for him in an instant! and man~!! he kisses so hot!!! squeeee!!!

One of the deciding factors for me to watch this Kdrama is because of D.O (from EXO). He's really one of the cutest thing on earth that I have ever seen! LOL but he was also really cute on this drama. He's face when he cries..such a baby! I think he will win as breakthrough artist for this drama. 

Of course Kwangsoo. LOL. I have seen him acting on Innocent Man before but his role as Soo Kwang was really challenging and fun. And So Nyeo his girlfriend is also the same, they came as natural for their respective roles. So Nyeo looks like Suzy and Gong Hyo Jin combined! 

Reasons why I like this drama:

1.) The actors themselves. Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung are just natural actors. They played their roles really well I feel like I have schizo myself and I am playing them on my mind. How can they be so perfect looking as a couple when they have their own love lives in real life? Can I ship them both? Argghh! They have all reached beyond my expectations and I am really enjoying all of their characters.

2.) The plot. It isn't the usual love story like the guy being a jerk and the girl being hopeless romantic, infact it's the other way around. The guy is damn so romantic while the girl has phobia with kiss and sex. Hae Soo is poor but it's not like rich-poor issue, there's actually no issue to be honest except for their diseases. There is no bully leading man but just a hot gorgeous one. LOL #given. So it's really more on accepting your flaws and all, and it's okay to fall in love kind of thing. That is just one of the angles of the story of course but there's really more into it.

3.) The supporting casts. I think I have never enjoyed the supporting casts from previous dramas maybe because there is really no villain on this drama, they all have roles to play that make sense. They interact so naturally with each other as well as if they're also friends off-cam, well, I am sure they are now. They are always fun to watch especially the bickering.

4.) The soundtrack. Really. Most of the songs I have heard are like english songs, there are barely Korean songs played. I've googled and apparently there were couple of Korean songs. But when those english songs are played, it's very easy to hear, very light and heart-hitting for some reason. And it's not common for a korean drama. 

5.) Gong Hyo Jin's outfit. She look really good with whatever she is wearing. And her height really matches with Jo In Sung.

I hope this drama has a satisfying ending. I mean, I'd be really disappointed if they have a so-so ending. I mean the writing and directing is really good okay, never failed me so far so I wish it will be the same till the end. There are two episodes left and I am so looking forward for it. :)

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