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Monday, August 4, 2014

creepy story

I don't think I would be able to write my dream in detail but what just happened tonight was some kind of a nightmare or false awakening or probably real.

I took my meal break earlier around 1:31AM and as usual I would barge in to our sleeping lounge and sleep for not more than 20minutes (but has been over lately since I started going back to school) . I normally set my alarm for 15minutes so when I wake up I would still have time to eat or make myself some coffee which is by the way not affecting me anymore. 

My phone alarmed at exactly 15minutes and I prefer not to wake up and set it up to snooze after 5minutes more which I normally do. However, I couldn't sleep right although I was still sleepy (more sleepy). And I noticed that the bed I was lying to was moving like someone was trying to climb up the 2nd deck of the bed. Atleast that was what I thought. However, you would know that someone is trying to climb up the 2nd deck because after a couple of seconds most likely that person should have been settled and sleep, but it wasn't the case. The bed was still moving after about 4minutes as per my time on phone. My sleeping position was in prone position while hands both in my chest because it's cold, so basically i couldn't move it. I forcibly turn my head from right to left side so I could view the other bed but then my mind told me that there was a woman that was watching over me. It was just my thinking, I was half-awake I guess but my body froze when I heard myself saying that there was this lady wearing white looking at me.


I wonder if I will not fight that feeling will I die?
If I will not force my hands to get off my chest so I can reach for my phone just at least that as a sign of movement. Will I die?
I know I was awake but not fully for sure. 
I tried hard and faced the fright no matter if that lady would come across me while I was standing up. But nothing happened while I was turning my back against the bed. I glanced once and I knew it there was no one sleeping on the second deck.

I do not know if was just my imagination, nightmare or it was real.

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