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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

love story part 1

Something has inspired me to tell the story about my love life history and I know that it would be pretty long but interesting to reminisce. Not that I am thinking about them with something in mind okay, it's some sort of "I remember the boy, but I don't remember the feeling anymore" LOL. cliche, i remember the feeling but I don't feel it anymore. There. LOL

I can say I was a late bloomer when it comes to love or attraction. I am not the love-at-first-sight-kinda-girl, I have to discover that person's attitude before I get to appreciate their existence. So yes, I am not judgmental either :)

My first crush was way back 4th grade. I know that I like him and I liked him for a verrrry long time LOL. I liked him because he was so smart and he speaks very well. It's funny because whenever we meet in the morning at school, or would talk or even if he answers a question from our teacher I get nervous! My heart would beat really really fast! LOL silly thing I did for him was I talked to someone who also have a crush on him and told that girl that I have a crush on the kid and we we're like "may the best girl win~!" LOL. crazy!

My second crush was my first boyfriend. I was a junior student in high school and we were classmates. I liked him because he was so smart and he speaks very well. LOL spot the similarity from the previous? He was very opinionated, smart in Mathematics that I was and am having a problem with and he was such a sweet talker. I liked him because he was also strict and I think he was the type that would be able to control me when I would throw my tantrums. LOL. He would send me to the jeepney stop and we talked a lot, that I really really like. He would randomly winked at me which was kilig before and awkward now thinking about it. LOL but he was very expressive on what he felt before but he was never emotional/sensitive which apparently the reason why we broke up. We were boyfriend-girlfriend but we never held hands nor kiss, I did hug him once but in a very wholesome way and there was also a reason for it (LSS seminar). I could say he was my first love,yes..and it died. LOL

My second boyfriend was not my crush and not my friend. He was a friend of a friend. He was totally opposite from my 1st boyfriend. He was silent, shy, not that good academically but he was really good in sports, drawings and very sweet. Sweetness in the sense that he wouldn't say it but would do it. He was a gentleman and very caring. He would initiate holding hands (but we never kissed BTW LOL). I can say that even if he was very gentleman I didn't give in to that, I was hard to get ever since. LOL. He was the first victim of my tantrums, this didn't happen on my first because I really liked that boy from the first. I didn't like this guy at first and just slowly developed in a mature love? Because we had to keep the relationship a secret for a long time while we were away from each other, we had to find means to meet. We never failed on those, somehow, I forgot how we broke up? It may have not ended well really, but we didn't get back because... he is already married now. OKaaay! It was love but no classification. Perhaps I was just really young then and if only we we lasted longer he could have been the one I would end up with. Because he really took well of me. But yeah..

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