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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back to School~!


kya~! 3 days more to go and I am back in school! Yes~! I enrolled again for school, different school, different course, different environment and hopefully it will be a start of something good for me. Do I feel nervous? I really don't know, it hasn't sank in yet.

Some people asked why I chose University of Cebu from San Jose-Recoletos (previous school). Actually, if only SJ is nearer from work then I could have gone and continue there. But then, their BSED is in Basak Campus so it's too far for me. And I have spent so many years travelling far already and I think it's the most strenuous and frustrating thing that I do everyday. Not to mention the fare, but most of all the traffic. Something we really do not have a control over. When I was still in SJ-R I almost always came late in school especially 7AM shift and I didn't have work then, what more now that I work at night? LOL.

Some people also asked why BSED. Why not? I get tired of answering so I'd say Why not? LOL . It's not because this is the easiest and fastest course and cheap probably as my cousin would say..but it's more than that. 

Supposedly, back in High School I thought I would take Education for my college course. I was already seeing myself to be a teacher back then. But I thought it was too mainstream. I'd like to try something new so I picked BS IT, so I would look cool (#notcool). So originally it was BSED and if only I chose BSED then be it in a different school or same, I could have graduated 3years ago. know what happened. (not really :P) 

Aside from that, I have actually came up with a plan of what I want to be in the next 5years or so. No, it's not about marriage okaay! Although I want that marriage to be somewhere on that 4-5years! hehe but I really want to finish school first before settling down. God-willing, if He lets me graduate from BSED I would also want to study a crash-course for ECE (Early Childhood Education, most likely 6months - 2years after 4years of BSED on that way, I am allowed to teach both Prep and High School that I think I like. Hopefully, I can go out of the country and stay there for 1-2years and teach. South Korea seems nice since I am into K-dramas and KPOP for 6years now! But of course it's fine if it's not SKorea. Do you think I can do it? Is it too high?

I am not putting my hopes up but it's better to have a plan than nothing. And I am also taking it one step at a time. Right now, I will have to make sure to be able to complete my studies especially that I know a lot of people are supporting me. Now, that is a different thing to blog about. :) Aja! Fighting!

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