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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Save?

I am so sure that I am the wrong person to blog about this but maybe atleast when I get to read it I will be more inspired to - SAVE.

SAVE money - for the past 6 years that I have been working I never did this and am I regretful? Yes and No. 

Yes because I know I could have done it and NO because I know I was able to use my money on important things. Yes because I feel like I could have practically done a lot of things like travel in/out Cebu but NO because I know I was able to help my family for the past 6 years. Yes because I could have bought something useful and worth-keeping that is expensive but NO because I was able to do memories still eating out with friends and helped my brother finish school. But Yes because I could have done all the reasons when on NO's if I was able to save.

I was able to read some blogs and most of the successful people I know and known to other people always say they Save a lot. WHHHYYY CANT I DO IT?

Miss Gina my favorite trainer once told me that the secret is SAVE first and then spend. That's like her motto. She was able to travel a lot of places already because most of the time she save and enjoy her savings later on.

Miss Lizzie my manager once said she regretted that she did not save money at an early age. She could have done so much already. She started saving when she was 26 years old and was highly influenced by her then-boyfriend, now-husband. Before they got married last year they already have their own house and car and prior to getting married they have been to places here inside Philippines already.

Miss Shelley my other manager/friend said that she is really keen into saving. Eversince she never had expenditure that she was guilty of. She was able to develop their own house, letting her friends borrow money from her and able to support her younger brother to finish school. And now,she is still saving even if she's married.

An old friend told me before that I have to save and only let go of the money that you wont be regretful to spend or give or borrow. 

Okay, these people are like older than me and even being paid more than my wage. But still when will I ever start?

Recently I started reading Bianca Gonzales's blog and I saw a lot of people there - and mind you SUCCESSFUL people there who always say they are good at saving and look where they are now.. That also includes Bianca herself.

Karen Davila a very successful news anchor said : “I am a very big saver. For some time now, I’ve been saving 80 percent of what I earn.”

Ha Ji Won is also good in saving as a matter of fact she was awarded before for Prime Minister Award for Savings. 

Boy Abunda a successful celebrity as well is known for being a good saver and you can just imagine how much he invested. Even if he is getting a lot of money most of the time he saves it too. 

I know I have a lot of things to buy, a lot of places I wanted to go, and goals to achieve. And even if they say that money is not everything I wish I could also realize that money is almost everything. 

Right now, I am starting to save and hopefully I can keep this promise. I wanted to go places this year. As what they say go to one place that you have never been to once a year and that is my ultimate goal atleast before I could get married. You have to know and budget your expenses. But save first. 

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