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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas! :)

I knowww.. I haven't been writing for a loooong time already.. I'm sorry!
Been busy with stuff - well, it's Christmas.. When you get older you tend to be busier on Christmas time. Yes, those bread winner duties and bread winner duties..aside from that it was our company's Year-End party so had to cram myself looking for something to wear. 

I have to admit though that it wasn't as busier as last year, well, I am more busy on buying accessories and make up than raiding boutiques just to look for outfit. Lucky me for having a sister who keeps the stuff she used to have when she was younger. LOL

I did take a lot of selfies okay? But I cannot upload it right I will just upload one and will remove it later on..well replace it. 

This was one of group pictures with the President CEO of our company. Yes he took pictures with us. He's such a humble/strict man. 

As for my outfit I decided to wear something white from the Black and White themed party. Because I thought it was too obvious to wear black and although it's plain and simple I have highlighted my look through my hair and bangs! Yes! Bangs! LOL. It's fun but scary to be honest. Fun because it's something unusual and they never saw me having bangs before. And scary because my hair is not nice - at all - okayyy? Thank you straightening iron! LOLs and my cousin's hands. 

I know bangs looks fab with straight hair but now I am contemplating if I have to curl my hair instead and just iron my bangs..what do you think? haay.. #lakingproblema #sakitsabangs!

Good thing I won the 32-inch LED TV! wohoo! My bangs did not go to waste! LOL. Second time I got TV and I get jitters because I didn't really expect it (yeah right!) LOL

As for the Christmas day itself I just slept. LOL I was working 24th evening so I didn't get to celebrate it with my family although it's my mom's birthday also. Anyhow, will make bawi on New Year's :)

Hope you had fun and still continuing to enjoy this season friends! Happy Holidays! <3

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