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Friday, November 8, 2013

Miss Universe 2013 - tonight!!!!

I have so many drafts to post for blog but I couldn't finish it because it's either it's not the hype anymore or I just get tired because posting a blog without any pictures really is disappointing and nakaka-walang gana. LOL
I know I could have done it at home but I would rather watch K-drama or Movies when I get to watch it at home than posting blogs because I have so many things to do. LOL

So yesterday we really had a big storm. It hit most part of Visayas from East to West! They said it's the strongest cyclone that hit the world this year, and my mom said it was the first after almost 25years. So.. that was really very strong. I will try to post pics..

But, but, but on a lighter note and totally different topic. Tonight is actually the Miss Universe 2013 pageant that will be held in Mosco Russia. This is got to be the most prestigious pageant and most looked-forward to competition.

Philippines' representative Ariella Arida has been making noise here and there for being selected in most benefit shows for MUO (Miss Universe Organization). She has recently been selected as a winner for the Ice Princess and got a kudos for the fierce performance during the pictorial. Although during the Preliminary show on November 4th they say her performance was mediocre, she was still the one of the most applauded candidate. Now, will she be able to to bring home the crown after Margie Moran (Ms. Universe 1973)?

To be honest, even if she is getting high praised I still couldn't see her as the next Miss Universe. I don't know but I do not see it in her. Of course I am no expert, but I just don't see her as the likes of Ximena Navarette (Miss Universe 2010 my fave) and Leila Lopes (Miss Universe 2011) and etc. To be honest I also do not understand her hype, or maybe it's because candidates from Philippines has always been in TOP 5 for the said competition for the past three years and just recently Megan Young just won Miss World 2013 and Mutya Datul winning Miss Supranatural 2013 too. It's not that I do not like her or I have a different bet,  as a matter of fact I am still voting for her (hope it helps) to win the crown. I am still proud filipino after all. :)  But again I still don't see her winning the title. Here are my other bets:

1.) Miss USA - Erin Brady - she's really my number one bet to win the crown. She's just so gorgeous! Her body is to die for and she has a good background too. She has been one of the candidates that is really vying for the crown but just recently she got a lot of bad comments because of her attitude and her rift between Ms. Puerto Rico and Ms. Australia, so it was a bad sign. Aside from that her performance has been inconsistent and of course, Russia doesn't like USA #fact! So, I am kinda lie-lowing on her, although I still admire her beauty.

2.) Miss Venezuela - of course! If you talk about beauty pageants first thing in mind is always Venezuela (like for real) so because of that she's always on the list.

3.) Miss Puerto Rico - she rocked the Long gown competition.

4.) Miss Ukraine - she doesn't really look Miss Universe to me but I find her an attraction, a head-turner, someone something you cannot just ignore. So yeah

5.) Miss Spain - she's next to Miss Philippines being invited with most/major events during MUO activities. So like Miss Philippines, she's also hyped.

I have runner-ups like Miss Australia, Miss Domican Republic, Miss France and Miss Japan too. I kinda like their faces.

I still wish Miss Philippines could be atleast in the top 5 really. But I cannot tell of course. I pray that inspite of the pressure, she would withstand and just enjoy the competition. She really did a good job for the past few days and I am still proud of her. Wishing her best of luck and success!

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