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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Top 5: Songs of the Week

Haven't been able to post my new list of most-played music lately. There were just so many problems in our country that I couldn't take and it also affected my mood. Well, for the past few weeks there hasn't been any changes until I have realized that last week and maybe this week included these are my top 5 on playlists.

1.) SMS by Miley Cyrus feat. Britney Spears - okay, I never really get to understand the lyrics first but the melody is something that grew on me. I do not know if I am liking Miley's songs now or just the innate fan of Britney inside of me. I love Britney's collaborations really..from S&M of Rihanna and then this. :) Although there are so many scandals about Britney not singing her tracks I still believe that this girl knows how to sing..okaaay!! and she sings really well.

2.) Enough by Julie Ann San Jose - this song really reminds me of Leave by Jojo which was my favorite song when I was in 4th year High School. LOL. The melody and the thought really are the same. I know I am getting sick of it but it just keeps on playing on my player and I couldn't even skip it. LOL

3.) Dear Mom by SNSD - I have always love SNSD's RnB songs. There harmony is really perfect although they have different tones individually. And then there's this song, this was actually released on 2009 during Genie-era. Even if I do not understand the meaning of the song but I can really feel the sincerity of the song and just really touching.

4.) Ringa Linga by Taeyang - as soon as I have heard of this song I already knew that it has a Gdragon-like song on it. And then guess what? It was really Gdragon who wrote this song. Although this is very mellow that what Gdragon sings, I like this song because it was written by Gdragon! Kidding. I like this song because I didn't really think Taeyang can do something like this...and seriously! Taeyang is hot when I saw it's dance video. The lyrics is also very addicting so it's easy to sing with.

5.) Forever by SNSD - this also keeps on getting on the my playlist. Not that I don't like it because as I have mentioned I love SNSD's slow songs. This is like a song for friendship and love, it's very heart-warming and even if I cannot sing it perfectly I can still find myself humming to it's melody :) #LSSalways

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