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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Birthday BestGieh!

Today, November the 25th birthday of my best friend since birth Regina! :))

As I have mentioned on my previous post, this girl - girl - has always been my favorite person in the whole wide world. Although yeah I have a couple of favorite people now but she is really one of them. We may have not been able communicating much, or see each other often, she will always have a place in my heart. I think she is also one of the few - and when I say few really few - like 3 people who knows everything about me. Although we do not really have  much updates from each other she will always be my little sister even if she's older than me. LOL.

She has always been one of the people I want to protect in this world, I always see her as a fragile woman. Although she's a smart woman I still see her as clumsy kiddo. You can see this girl who has  an outgoing personality because she loves to laugh, but actually she also likes crying. LOL she's very sensitive and emotional. She's also moody. So she's really like a kid still kekeke. 

We aren't best friends for nothing by the way, we learned from each other too! Funny because I am the kind of person who thinks too much that I am not able to think the inner core of life, she's kind of the other way around. She's very simple and very shallow, she would see things as what it is. Yes, I think we are Yin&Yang, south & north pole all basta opposite sides of the board. But still at the end of the day we're like boyfriend-girlfriend we still agree to each other if one is making a point or the other needs to understand. 

She may think that I do not care or think about her anymore, but the truth is I still think of her like everyday! Why? She taught me that before we cross the street we have to wait for the "walk" signal before we can cross and I see that everyday! She also taught me to love truthfully, no bounds, no judgment. I've seen her fell in love twice - or thrice! LOL and she doesn't have any restrictions, she gives everything (almost) and she told me to just let it go (LOL). And she also taught me to eat first before you drink especially softdrinks, she would tell me to drink it after meal so that you wont get full right away and you get to eat a lot! LOL

Speaking of eating a lot, I know she loves to eat. So my birthday wish for her is to reduce her intake! LOL because we promised to each other that we would go to the beach wearing two piece if she have reduced weight. :( I don't know if she's still planning to fulfill that! :((

Kidding aside, whether we go or not... my wish for her is really to be happy. Happy in all aspects of life, I know she has so many plans and for some reason it's like she's still in a shell wanting to get out so she couldn't enjoy everything freely. I hope she can be happy because she deserves it more than anyone, she has a very loving heart. And I say that is the best part of her. She's very loving that also makes her lovable. 

So for my Best friend Bestgieh, Gieh, Regina, Reggie,
You will always be my best friend. I will never call anyone else as that. Like I said you will always have a space in my heart that no one can fill. I love you so much that I am not even kidding! I miss your face! I miss everything we used to do. But I understand if time wont let us meet. Just remember like alwaaays~! You are still and always my number 1 friend till the end.. <3

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