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Monday, November 18, 2013

Girl Crush

Girl crush - feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level. 

Girl crush - I can confidently say that I am not the insecure-type of girl. Okay we have to draw the line there. Insecure can be towards the other party or insecure about yourself. I can say I am insecure with myself in terms of "i wish i am this/that" , I am kind of more on not having enough confidence. Although I am slowly coming out of my shell and learned the thought of "i dont care what other people say about me" I still am trying hard to be someone I want to be. That is why I have girl crushes before.. yes! crushes! LOL they serve as my inspiration, physically, emotionally, spiritually, ethically, and all else in between.

I was supposed to post a blog before about my girl crushes but I wasn't able to spare some time. LOL. Actually,  I didn't bother at all because maybe you would laugh at me, but who cares? it's my blog okaaay! So here they are:

1.) My best friend LOL Regina Armi Arnado - she was my first girl crush ---  like my favorite person in the whole wide world when I was young. She was witty, smart and hilarious. I wish I could get her sense of humor and just get to entertain the people I am with. I just dont have that. I also think she was the most favorite kid when we were younger. I think she was my first girl-crush. She's awesome and I am so happy we became friends.

2.) Regine Velasquez - she's  supposed to be #1.  But I cannot really say she is my girl crush but she's more like my idol. She really has the big influence in my life since I was younger. However, she's someone that I cant get enough off even until now. I am so amazed by her character, talent and life so she's like my #1 role model of everything! There were so many things I have learned from her even if she doesn't know me. LOL

3.) Julita Belchez  she was my first year high school Science teacher. I do not know why I like her but I really like how she taught us before? LOL But really, she was selfless, she only has good words for everybody. She's like a mom to us and I really really want to be like her. I would even look for her in school because I just wanna see her everyday and be inspired. She's very religious as well and she would push us on praying every day in her prayer room, so she's also an inspiration.

4.) Gina Malait - she was my communication/customer service trainer. LOL she knows that I really like her okaay! But this woman really has a huge knowledge and taller than her height! kekeke She's very cool and she knows how to live life to the fullest! Actually, I didn't realize that I like her until I got out from training. I think she was one of the pillars of my CTC-life that I can lean on. And I don't know why? LOL kidding. But I really like this woman. Her statements were always pasok sa banga for me, I feel like I was understanding things that my shallow mind wont understand. She's also very pretty and I so love her english accent! haha she was a natural speaker and I want to be like that too. Like my previous teacher Julita Belchez I would also often look for her so I can be inspired working. She's like my crush - like really! wahaha and I don't know why? 

5.) Jennifer Aniston and Lawrence - yes! these two gals are really awesome! I dont know but everytime I see these two on articles/online I would really smile. I feel like they're both good women from the inside and it really reflects their physical appearance and aura.

6.) Daghana na!! whahaha but I think this has gotta be my ultimate girl crush. Someone that I can question my sexuality! wahaha (i hope my boyfriend doesn't get to read this LOL). I love everything about her, he face, body, intelligence, attitude, passion, like everrrryyyytttthhhhiiiinggg!! (LOL NOT REALLY.) I'd give everything just to meet her and see her and be friends with her!!!Yeah I am like that.. she's my ultimate girl crush! everything she does is very amazing..amazing yeoja! LOL you know who she is? it's Ha Ji Won-ssi! :)) She's one of the top actresses in S. Korea, at first glance you wont really see her as very drop dead gorgeous (maybe on some pics ) but once you get to know her or her character you'd surely fall in love with her like I do.. like gaaa! I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I see her. I have this really kilig inside and there are so many things that is just amazing about her :) <3 

to be continued..