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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Confessions 101: I was a singer

I have a little confession to make. LOL and I think this is going to be my first time to tell a story. LOL 
I think there are only a few people who knows that I sing, well "I can sing" is even an understatement because to be honest I am a singer - I was a singer - I think LOL.

I can easily remember when I was so young, about 4 years-old, the first song I got to memorize was Bawal na Gamot.(LOL) My parents would let me stand on the table and then let me sing in front of their friends (another LOL) for real! I am not even kidding and you can ask my parents about it :P
And then when I was in 4th or 5th grade I started singing ABBA songs, it was Multiplex before and my parents would let me sing those with microphone. You can ask me any ABBA songs and I think I can sing with it well. LOL. Going back from my elementary years, my neighbors would really hear me in the morning till noon singing those ABBA songs but I have yet to realize that I wanted to be a was just like a past time to me although my neighbors would encourage me to join amateur singing contests already. But I was just clueless about it.

I was a member of school choir from 4th to 6th grade and we used to compete with other schools as well for any occasions. I still didn't think of myself to become a singer on those early years although I was being serious with being a choir member before and I could remember my classmates would get envy when I would be called out to practice because I was exempted from class. LOL

At the latter part of my primary years, one of my cousins who knew I could sing but didn't take it seriously, asked me to sing On The Wings of Love by Regine Velasquez and he thought I could hit those notes very well (sorry for not-so being humble :P). That was  when I started being serious about singing because he kept on pushing me. I couldn't even remember how I knew the song, I just knew the melody of the song and didn't even know how to read the word "inseparable". And then this cousin would even pushed me to guest on a baranggay program but did not materialize because I didn't have Minus-one tape and the Karaoke CD we were using wouldn't work. I was really fine with it but at that time I knew I had the aim to buy my first minus-one album. I  bought the R2K album - cassette tape version first . If you do not know R2K was one of Regine Velasquez's best selling albums of all time - if not the best. I would sing with it until I came to love Regine Velasquez which was actually the beginning of my addiction, frustration and aim to be a singer. 
I knew I could sing, and the encouragement from my cousins were really overwhelming, they would let me sing in family events and occasions, they call me "pambato" in singing. So I was like maybe that was my destiny..maybe being singing was for me...

To be Continued....

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