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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Favorite Websites

I have made mention that I am really a fan of blogsites/websites, whenever I am bored, whenever I'm depressed, or feel like stalking I would just open a new window and then start spazzing from there. I'd like to share to you the websites I usually go to.

1.) FashionPulis - ( ) When midnight strikes I would always open this site for fresh showbiz news, blind items, and everything. This website amazes me really on how IT gets to screencap the updates from celebrities and how IT creates a very mind-effin' blind items. This is one if not my favorite sites that I go to, aside from being entertaining because of the posts and spazzer's comments  the vocabulary you get here would make you nga-nga! LOL

2.) DailyMail/Mail Online - ( ) Yes, this is a UK-based site that I open when I start my shift and every once in a while when I have time. I like this site because aside from awesome stories about Hollywood Celebrities and news around the globe, everything and anything I click here is accessible in the office. LOL. Unlike FashionPulis that when it detects the word "tweet", "instagram", "facebook" on the subject it would block me from viewing it's content. heheh. 

3.) Kryz Uy's Thirstythought - ( ) This is a fashion blog that I open everyday. I get amazed on how this native Cebuana gets to post daily blog inspite of having a busy schedule (close?) LOL. I just happen to stalk her in twitter and instagram so I know. hehe. She's just 23 years old (or 24?) but she does blogging really good. I have to say one of my models in terms of blogging.

4.) AllKpop - ( ) Yes, KPOP it is. I love KPOP (well, actually just a few :) ) This is also the first website I open when I open my should I put it on my #1 list? hahah I also have an account here so I get to comment whenever I want to. But the reason why I cannot put this to my #1 list is because the buttons here doesn't seem to work for me. Even on mobile :( but this is where I get to see updated news about KPOP and K-dramas that I think I am so not tired to read. 

5.) Soompi - ( ) Another KPOP website. Well, this doesn't really gets the freshest feed about KPOP but I freakin' love - Ha Ji Won thread which is of course my Ultimate Female Crush! :) This is where I lurk a lot!

6.) Soshified Style ( ) - Yes, Soshi! :) This website is amazing for researching where the outfits of SNSD members are from. SNSD-style, outfits from head to toe and accessories. Awesome site! 

and hopefully, my blogsite would also be on the list soon when I get to update it everyday. :) 

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